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Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List – Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Collecting champions is one of the most appealing factors of gacha RPGs like Dragon Champions. There’s just a certain thrill about unlocking a rare hero that is so exhilarating, and which keeps players coming back for more. Heck, we’re guilty of this as well as we can barely contain our excitement when we finally unlocked those Orochi characters in King of Fighters ALLSTAR, or when we got Kiki as our first summoning in Saint Seiya Awakening.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Dragon Champions is one of the newest high-profile gacha games on the market, released just a couple of months ago in September. It’s also one of dev AppQuantum’s first forays into the mobile gaming market, as well as a very good first attempt at this considering the presentation, graphics, and performance. When we first played Dragon Champions on PC with BlueStacks, we were absolutely stunned by how smooth the game runs, especially since it comes configured to run at  60 FPS by default.

However, performance aside, the game is a solid RPG that anyone can sink many hours into, especially if looking to unlock the best characters in the game. Luckily, the game is still fresh and doesn’t have an exceedingly large selection of characters which, hopefully, can make it easier to summon good teams. With that in mind, let’s dive into our list of best characters in Dragon Champions.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

If you’re looking for the best of the best in this gacha RPG, then you’ll want to summon these bad boys (and gals).

A Note on Leadership Skills

Before starting on the list, however, we want to stress the importance of Leadership Skills in Dragon Champions. These perks are exclusive to a number of heroes and, when set as leaders in your group, can provide unique buffs to the entire squad. While the heroes with these skills can sometimes not be as strong as others, these skills can make up for their shortcomings by significantly increasing the power of the entire team.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Every time you unlock a new hero, make sure to check if they have a Leadership Skill that can benefit you more than the one provided by your default starting leader, Darian. However, keep in mind that these skills activate only when the corresponding champion has reached a certain gear level, which might take a bit depending on your current progression within the game.

Hera – Great Single-Target DPS and Utility

Our first entry in the list is none other than Hera, a feline warrior wielding dual axes that is an absolute beast (pun intended) in the field. With the ability to combo and increase the damage of her finisher skills, as well as to provide dodge buffs to the group, she’s a powerful asset to any team. Furthermore, she can also turn herself and her allies invisible, greatly increasing your survivability.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Hera thrives in a team of “Pride” characters thanks to her leadership skill, Submission Holds. When leading a group, she provides a 5% bonus to every Pride character, as well as an additional buff depending on the heroes’ type. For example, Pride Defenders get a 1-turn Taunt at the beginning of the battle, while Pride Healers and Tacticians start the battle with invisibility.

Hardorc – Multitude of Buffs and Support

This guitar-wielding Orc is rocking out and can bestow his allies with lots of buffs as well as inflict negative effects on his foes. These status effects include the ability to Cheat Death, as well as silencing foes for a turn. Furthermore, his passive ability has a 30% chance to remove a random negative on any ally at the start of Hardorc’s turn. While this character isn’t quite as strong as the others on this list, his support potential is massive and lends itself to interesting team setups.

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Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Nightiel – Offensive Support

While Hardorc is an ideal character for supporting a team defensively in Dragon Champions, Nightiel is the opposite as her abilities help to boost your team’s offensive potential. Starting with her Midnight Glow ability, which applies Damage Increase to both herself and an ally. Furthermore, as you upgrade this skill, she can apply the buff to more teammates. At max level, it not only affects the entire team, but it also reduces its initial cooldown by 1 turn, allowing you to buff your squad sooner than normal.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

Nightiel also has a powerful leadership skill that affects every Elf on your team, increasing their accuracy, and also allowing them to heal their HP when defeating an enemy, as well as on every critical attack.

Kin Li – A Powerful Self-Healing Tank

While we’ve mentioned heroes with great supportive and offensive capabilities, so far, we haven’t talked about the tanks in Dragon Champions. Kin Li is one of such characters that, thanks to his powerful taunt and unyielding resilience due to his passive regen, is a very tough nut to crack. Not only that, but he also has a leadership skill that increases the HP of all allied Pandas by 10%, allowing interesting team combos that rely on turtling and outlasting the enemy.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

In terms of skills, Kin Li can taunt the team for 2 turns with his Five-on-One skill, which also provides a massive buff to his maximum health, while dispelling 2 buffs, and granting him a temporary boost to his dodge stat. With this skill, not only does he become one of the sturdiest characters in Dragon Champions, but he can also dish out the hurt with his Jade Wave and Blade of Fury skills. The latter, especially, has a lot of damage potential since its critical hits deal 25% more damage than normal.

Xantara – Strong Party-Wide Heals

This character might just be the best healer in Dragon Champions. She has not only one, but two skills to restore HP to the team, as well as an additional ability to heal herself. Her strongest restorative solution is Sacrifice, which takes 25% of her health, but heals the entire group for a whopping 200% of her magic damage. Furthermore, with Kiss of Death, she can deal a strong 120% damage to an enemy, and heal herself for the full amount of damage done.

Dragon Champions on PC Hero Tier List - Unlock the Best Characters in the Game

These skills, combined with her passive Demonic Metabolism, through which she can randomly decrease the cooldown of her other abilities, make her into a valuable addition to any team.

These are 5 of the strongest heroes in Dragon Champions, to date. For many players, the champions mentioned on this list are considered SS, which means that they’re the best in the current patch. If you want to be the strongest, you should aim to add at least one or two of these. Nevertheless, feel free to share your interesting setups and strategies in the comments below. Like many others, we’re just getting started with the game and would appreciate the tips!

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