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Dragon Champions on PC – Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Dragon Champions is an awesome mobile RPG with a turn-based battle system that borrows gameplay elements from some of the most popular titles in the platform, including hits like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. However, like the latter, this game also has a tough learning curve in the form of difficult fights and game modes, which you have to prepare for if you want to progress.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Luckily, there are simple ways to ready your team for these battles, which we aim to share in this guide. If you’re looking to optimize your team in Dragon Champions, make sure to follow these three basic tips:

The Ideal Team Composition

The idea behind the combat in Dragon Champions, as well as in many other mobile RPGs, is to build your teams and squads in a way that would allow you to streamline the combat, and make use of the auto-battle system in order to automate most of the combat. With a good team, you can simply activate auto-combat, minimize the game, and let your team deal with the enemy on their own, without the need for manually-inputting commands. Sure, while you’ll probably need to assume manual control at times, especially in the Arena, your team should be able to clear levels, for the most part, unsupervised.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

To this end, you must build powerful teams with great synergies to supplement their weaknesses and magnify their strengths. While your choice of champions will definitely vary according to your play style, with varying degrees of success, there’s usually a standard composition when it comes to creating acceptable groups.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Your standard team composition will consist of a tank character, a healer or support, and three DPS heroes. The tank should, in most cases, act as the leader of the group as their leadership skills often bestow important defensive buffs to their entire groups. Furthermore, they can also taunt to capture the enemy’s attention and keep your squishy characters safe, as well as provide all sorts of defensive benefits to the group. All things considered, your tank is an important part of any team composition.

Your DPS characters, for obvious reasons, will vary considerably from player to player. Though there’s almost always a meta composition of DPS heroes (Protip: most of them revolve around Solius at the time of writing). There are no real recommendations we want to give here since we always encourage experimentation. Nevertheless, feel free to share your best picks for DPS combinations in Dragon Champions in the comments below!

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Lastly, your healer will either be the character who keeps the group alive, which is the most common function of the role, or the hero who will cover their weaknesses or magnify their strengths. This is because, while most healers excel at restoring HP, some of them can grant powerful buffs. In this sense, you can choose whether to include a dedicated healer in your group, or a character that’s more of a support than an actual medic.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Popularity as an Indicator of Viability

In your hero menu, you’ll visualize all the champions you’ve unlocked, so far, as well as all the characters still left for unlocking in the game. When you click on a portrait, you’ll find a detailed view of every character in Dragon Champions, including their stats, skills, and how to unlock them. However, one stat, in particular, stands out among the rest, popularity.

Play Dragon Champions on PC

While most stats usually help to indicate a character’s specialization (whether it’s a tank, a healer, or a DPS), the popularity parameter doesn’t actually have any bearing on its performance in combat. However, as in many other mobile RPGs, there’s a meta in Dragon Champions that revolves around certain characters. For this reason, the said heroes are used much more than other, less optimal, characters.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

The popularity parameter helps us to determine the viability of each character within the current meta, as it’s an indicator of how many people are currently using them. In this sense, if a character has a very high popularity, you can bet that it’s one of the most meta heroes in the current patch.

To reiterate, the popularity stat doesn’t directly affect a character’s usefulness or skills, but it does help you to see which ones are the most popular, and which ones you should be working towards unlocking. Solius is the strongest character in the game, at the time of writing, and his whopping 90% popularity is a good indicator of this. Feel free to check out our list of some of the best heroes in Dragon Champions. While they don’t have the best popularity, we feel they’re somewhat overlooked and could work wonders, in good hands.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Battle Mode: Manual Versus Automatic

As we mentioned above, the idea of choosing a good team in Dragon Champions is so you’re able to automate most of the grind in the game. This means activating auto-battle for most, if not all your battles. However, there’s an important drawback when it comes to using this feature in the game, which is mostly that the AI is not very intelligent and doesn’t prioritize attacking dangerous enemies, nor does it utilize the abilities at the proper moments. In other words, the team automatically focuses on a single enemy, until the enemy is dead, and then moves on to the next target. Furthermore, they use skills as soon as they come off cooldown, and not particularly when they’re going to cause maximum effect.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

Manual mode, on the other hand, is just as its name implies; you get to choose every single action that your characters perform, exactly when you need them. For many reasons, this is the best way to play Dragon Champion if you’re thinking of challenging tough stages or, say, when you’re fighting in the Arena since you’ll probably need to make difficult decisions on every turn. In these game modes, the difference between life and death is a single character skill, so you better make sure you’re making the best decisions instead of leaving them to the AI.

In short, a good team of characters can help you get really far in Dragon Champions, especially if you rely on auto-battle for the most part. However, you’ll need to switch to manual mode every now and then for the toughest fights. Regardless of your preferred style, a powerful roster of characters will always come in handy, as long as you can command them appropriately.

Dragon Champions on PC - Tips and Tricks for Team Composition and Battling

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