Resources in Dragon City play a big role in the development of your progress, but are usually difficult to come by in the early stages of the game. Both food and gold are the primary resources that players need to farm to perform necessary functions which are needed to make in-game progress. There are a lot of new players who are unfamiliar with how to increase their production,so we’ll be tackling that in this BlueStacks’ guide to farming food and gold in Dragon City.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

Gold and food are resources that require a bit of setup to get in Dragon City. Players will undoubtedly experience shortages of these two resources at some point because of the incredible demand that the game’s mechanics ask from you. Luckily, there are efficient ways to boost your production early on so that you won’t have to experience having to run out of these resources, especially during those critical times that you really need them to upgrade or purchase something.

Importance of Gold in Dragon City

Gold is the most important resource in Dragon City because it’s used for a variety of things. Everything that players need to do to improve stuff in the game is purchased using gold. These include dragon eggs, building upgrades, planting seeds, clearing junk, and even expanding your territory. Without a steady supply of gold, everything about your dragon city will fall apart or move forward really slowly because there’s no way to keep up with the needs of your city.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

Dragon City only has one non-premium source of consistent gold in the game and that is through your dragons. Dragons produce gold passively by staying inside a habitat as long as they’re not doing other actions like breeding or going on adventures. Just having dragons isn’t enough to earn you enough gold to keep up with everything that the game needs you to spend on. Here are some ways you can boost your gold production in Dragon City.

  1. Increasing Habitats

The best way to get a lot of gold is to fill habitats with dragons until you max out the capacity. Once your habitat is maxed out, that shouldn’t be the end. Building more habitats should be your priority until you run out of space. Players shouldn’t worry about duplicating multiple habitat elements since you can always use a lot of space when you start breeding for higher rarity dragons.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

A good way to get rich easily is to build a lot of Terra and Flame habitats since they are extremely cheap and have the easiest dragons to breed. You can also breed multiple Terra or Flame dragons or buy the basic eggs since they don’t take a while to breed. Keep in  mind that this is temporary and will be replaced later on in the game.

  1. Raising Dragons

Stuffing in dragons inside habitats isn’t the end of ramping up the amount of gold that players can earn from having these creatures. Raising your dragons properly will multiply the amount of gold that the player earns from having them. Leveling up is the most basic way to increase gold production that your dragon will contribute to your dragon city.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

Dragon’s gold production depends on their level but more importantly – their rarity. Common dragons have the worst gold production in the game so aiming to get Rare and above dragons should be a priority. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid using common dragons as fillers while you still don’t have some higher rarity ones. Your priority should always be filling up your habitats before you think about stuff like rarity and levels.

  1. Selling Eggs/Dragons

Players should continuously breed dragons and build new habitats or upgrade old ones to accommodate the rising number of eggs that are going to hatch. However, when the time comes when the player is unable to accommodate any more dragons either because there’s no more space or they don’t have the required resources to upgrade a habitat, it’s time to consider selling dragons or eggs.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

When selling dragons or eggs, players should always aim to sell common ones first. The lesser the rarity the lower the sell price for the dragon but that’s not the main reason why you should do this. As mentioned previously, higher rarity dragons produce more gold so it’s a better investment to keep them than common ones. It’s better to keep duplicates of Rare and above dragons than keep common dragons that don’t produce as much gold.

Best Way to Farm Food

Food is the next important resource in the game which only has one major use in the game – feeding dragons. Leveling up dragons requires players to feed them a certain amount of crop until their experience bar is filled. The higher the dragon’s level, the higher the requirement for the food will rise as well.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

To determine which seeds are best to increase your food production, you should review how often you log into the game. You should always choose seeds that match your login frequency so that you maximize your production. If you’re using BlueStacks, you can use the Macro Feature to automatically farm crops by choosing the cheapest option of seed in the farm and setting your macro to collect it and regrow it every time it finishes production.

Joining Events

Events open up special game modes in Dragon City. The best part about events is that it gives players a ton of rewards simply by joining in on the fun. Some of these rewards can range from free Heroic dragon eggs to resources like gold and food. This is probably the best way that players can get a ton of resources early in the game with the least effort.

BlueStacks Guide to Farming Food and Gold in Dragon City

Players should always join events because of the big rewards that the game gives out. Choosing which event to join depends on what rewards are given out after completion. It’s always a good idea to spend half of your time playing events so that you can earn some really nice things as you play through.