Dragon City is a really enjoyable game that tests the players’ capabilities in both managing a city filled with various dragons and using them in battle to claim the number 1 spot as the greatest dragon master in history. To do all of these things, players need to understand the advanced concepts on how to get their accounts ahead of the competition. Some tips and tricks will definitely go a long way when trying to race against other players for the title of dragon master.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

These tips and tricks are extremely basic concepts but are difficult to execute because players have misconceptions about them. Some players intentionally hold out on doing things because they either don’t think that it’s worth doing or that there are better ways to complete these actions. Let’s discover some of the tips and tricks that will help all of us become better players at the game without the need to spend real money on the game throughout the time we play it.

Don’t Be Afraid To Spend Gems

Spending gems is probably the hardest thing that a player can do. Since gems are considered premium currency, a lot of players are hesitant to spend the very little amount that they have on stuff in the game. Unfortunately, holding out on gems slows down the rate at which players reach their goals. Players shouldn’t be afraid to spend their gems because it will help them in the future to become better at the game and eventually catch up against even players who can afford to spend real money.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

Gems are earned from events or by completing missions in the game. Eventually, players will earn a ton of gems to buy even the most expensive stuff in the shop. Even though we said you shouldn’t be afraid to spend gems, that doesn’t mean you should spend it on random stuff. A great way to spend gems is to skip hatching or breeding times. You can also save up to unlock caged dragons that you find lying around on the map since they are definitely worth their price.

Upgrading the Hatchery

Dragon City gives the players one hatchery and one breeding ground at the beginning of the game. Players will eventually unlock an extra breeding ground later on but upgrading the hatchery to increase the number of eggs that they can hatch at the same time should be an early priority for players. This allows players to quickly fill their kingdom up with dragons to produce more gold or to get the chance to hatch a dragon that’s Epic quality or higher.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

Dragon eggs don’t just come from breeding. Sometimes, the game rewards players by giving them dragon eggs that they can immediately hatch after completing the requirement. Players may also buy some dragon eggs at the shop. This essentially means that your hatchery will constantly be occupied with hatching eggs and there will never be a time when the player experiences having an empty hatchery. Upgrading it will give you more space to hatch more than one egg.

Unlock Dragon Towers

The major floating islands usually contain Dragon Towers which players can unlock by sending a group of four dragons on an adventure. Once the player unlocks the Dragon Tower, they will be able to use the dragon’s abilities which will help the player significantly in their gameplay. For example, Midarian’s Tower allows the player to boost their city’s gold production significantly for the next 4 hours which will guarantee the player to earn a ton of gold during the time.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

When unlocking Dragon Towers, players will have to send 4 or more dragons on adventures. In these adventures, players will be asked to send dragons that have an affinity with a certain set of elements. The success rate of these missions depends on how many of your dragons match ALL of the required elements. This means that dragons who have two or more matching affinity with the adventure requirement will have a significantly better chance to complete the mission 100%.

Keep Challenging the Arena

As mentioned in our Dragon City PvP Arena Guide, competing in the arena is one of the highlights of playing this game. However, challenging the arena isn’t only for the sake of reaching the top. There are other rewards for joining the arena such as collecting Elemental Tokens which are used to upgrade your Habitats further. Upgrading your habitats using these tokens can take a while of farming so you might want to grind just as often in the arena.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

For avid PvP enthusiasts, challenging the arena regularly should be their priority. The biggest problem that players might face is that their dragons take a while to regenerate their health before they can use it again. It is during these moments when players should have more than 3 dragons that are battle-ready so that they won’t get hindered when climbing to the top. Don’t worry too much about the challenge limit cuz you won’t exhaust that limitation often when playing the game.

Put Up With Advertisements

A lot of the most tedious tasks in the game are locked behind 30-second advertisements. Let’s face it, no one really likes the idea of watching ads but the fact that the stuff you get from sacrificing 30 seconds of your time is awesome makes it worth the wait. Besides, players don’t really have to watch the ad when you can spend that time scrolling through social media or watching your favorite shows on TV while you let the ad run muted in the background.

Dragon City Tips & Tricks For a Great Start

On the Dragon TV option, players will have a daily reward for watching a certain amount of advertisements. These rewards can range from gems to resources which are all really important to earn in Dragon City. Players that are using BlueStacks definitely won’t have a problem running as many ads as they want since they can always leave it on in the background while they fiddle around with other parts of their PC without the slightest care in the world.