Dragon City has a very competitive arena system where players challenge each other in epic dragon battles to determine who deserves a place at the top of the ladder. Similar to games like Pokemon, Dragon City uses a turn-based creature vs. creature combat-system that is affected by parameters such as elemental affinity and stats. Aside from that, there are a lot of things that players need to learn so that they have a fighting chance to face off against the cream of the crop.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

The arena is probably the highlight of playing Dragon City because it shows the amount of effort that a player puts into raising their dragons. It takes a lot of time, patience, and resources to raise even one perfect dragon that makes the cut for your team, so prepare to buckle up for the journey. If you don’t know how to increase your resource production, check out our Dragon City Farming Guide. Let’s check out what things players need to learn in this Arena PvP Guide to improve their win rate!

The Arena

The Arena is the main game mode where players compete against other players using teams of three dragons. Every time a player wins against another player, they earn trophies which are used to determine their standings on the ranked ladder. The more trophies a player has, the closer they are to becoming the ultimate Dragon City Master that sits in rank 1 spot. Just the thought of being the best may inspire even the most casual player motivated to work harder in the game.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

Players also lose trophies every time they lose a fight or another person beats them in the arena. Choosing the right opponent is one of the keys to climbing quickly in this game mode. Players may want to choose opponents that have dragons of a lower level, rarity, and ranking so that they’ll have a better chance of winning. However, there will inevitably be times when the opponents you get matched up with are simply better, so don’t waste resources like gems to skip any further.

Building the Right Team

The only real way to make it to the top of the rankings is to build the strongest team in the game. Players with the superior team ultimately win the game – no matter what the situation – with strategy being the other critical factor in winning. The game has 1500+ dragons to choose from, so it’s understandably difficult to choose the right pieces to build the ultimate team.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

Building the right team isn’t simply about putting in the strongest-looking dragons from your collection into the team. Players also need to consider the matchup and their own in-game knowledge. This means that players will also need to raise multiple dragons so that they can rotate the pieces of their team as necessary to fit the situation.

  1. Elemental Diversity

Elemental affinity is a big factor in determining the direction of a match. Players with superior elemental typing will usually clear out dragons quickly because they deal double the damage against other players or resist the other dragon’s strongest attacks. When it comes to building the right team, having elemental diversity is important because it rounds out your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

Diversity means that your team should have different element types where each dragon’s primary element is completely different from one another. Probably one of the biggest issues in this game is that there are too many elementals, creating a problem where it becomes difficult to keep track of which elements are strong or weak against the others. With a bit of research, players should learn about them in no time at all.

  1. Base Stats

Base stats are also critical towards defeating opponents. For example, speed determines which dragon gets the first attack; this can be the deal-breaker in a life-or-death situation. Other stats like health and damage play a big part in the back and forth of dragon combat. Of course, players want to use the dragons with the best base stats so that they’ll have the best chances of winning.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

There are a few things that affect base stats. The first one is level, which is achieved by feeding your dragon and leveling up the Dragon Roost. Next up, we have rarity, which is innate to the dragon and can’t be changed. This means that players will just have to breed new dragons every day. Finally, rankings, which are earned by defeating other dragons in the arena.

  1. Combat Order

The last part about building a strong team is arranging your dragons in the order of who gets to fight first. This is done by reading the elemental matchup and determining which dragon is more likely to strike first in a fight by scouting their stats. When the player is attacking, they have all the advantage since they can choose which dragon strikes first to attack the other player’s units with minimal risk.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

The difficult part is determining how to arrange your dragons defensively. Players will always have the advantage when attacking, so no matter who you place in your defense, you will immediately be placed in a tough spot. In this case, just make sure to have good elemental diversity and place your dragons with the highest stats in the lineup so that you don’t lose too many trophies during combat unnecessarily.

Choosing the Strongest Dragon Moves

Dragon moves are what win games in Dragon City. Unlike other games, Dragon City doesn’t make use of status moves that boost or debuff dragons’ stats, nor does it make use of status conditions like poison, stun, sleep, etc. However, dragon moves have elemental affinity so basically choosing a move that is advantageous against the opposing dragon will guarantee that you win against them in combat.

Dragon City - Arena PvP Guide

In cases where neither dragon has moves that are stronger than the other, there is one way to determine which move will most likely deal the most damage. Usually, dragon moves that match the primary element affinity of the dragon will deal bonus damage (similar to STAB in Pokemon). If you’re unsure which move to use to maximize damage, just use your primary attack element to finish them off quickly.