Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a game that will suck you into an immersive world that lets you do so many things that you enjoyed in other games. This game is created by combining all the fun features that you can find in other titles into an MMORPG where you can enjoy it by yourself or with other people that you can socialize with. However, the number of features can also prove to be a disadvantage for players who are not familiar with the genre and get overwhelmed with the number of buttons on the screen.

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Even if the game’s UI looks messy and overcrowded, players can still enjoy it by focusing on the gameplay. In that regard, we prepared a few tips and tricks in Dragon Trail: Hunter World to help players get the best possible start that they can when they play this game so that they will be able to compete with even the most advanced players in the game. We’ve also prepared some specialized guides about this game, so you can check those out if you’re interested in learning more about this title. 

Collecting Idle Rewards

Idle rewards are the primary source of gold and experience in the game and can also give players essential items like gear. The idle rewards can be found when the players go to the Drill tab, where they can get loot based on how long they leave it idle and the highest stage they climbed in the drill system. Since the idle rewards system has a max capacity, players should collect it once or twice a day to get all of the rewards that they can use to upgrade their characters.

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Since idle rewards scale according to your progress in the Drill game mode, players are encouraged to try and push the higher levels until their current combat power can no longer beat the stage. This way, they’ll be able to get rewards that match their strength, and the loot they’ll get can be usable instead of simply being useless trash. Don’t collect rewards too often because it’s better to leave it offline longer so that the chances of getting rare items increase.

Devour Equipment

Devouring equipment is a very underrated option that players do simply to make space in their inventory. In our Combat Power Guide, we explained the importance of this value and how players can increase it quickly. Devouring equipment is one of the methods to do this since every time you consume a gear piece, it improves your hero CP. If you want to learn more about CP, take a look at our Combat Power Guide to learn how you can efficiently increase it.

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Players shouldn’t worry about which items they can devour. Any item that doesn’t say it directly improves your power level, even if it’s orange or red quality items, should be devoured. In fact, those items give more value as compared to lower value items, so it’s recommended that you devour as many of those items as possible. Of course, always check if those items can be used as material for gear crafting instead before you devour them because those can give more combat power than devouring. 

Completing Dailies

Completing dailies is a task that most players are expected to do in any mobile game. Dailies include quests, dungeons, bosses, and log-in rewards with a daily reset that gives players rewards that they’ll need to upgrade their hero. The game has a lot of daily content, so players can spend hours playing the game by completing all of those tasks if they’re looking to maximize the rewards they get from playing the game to get ahead of the other players on the server.

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

For players who don’t have the time to do all the daily content in Dragon Trail: Hunter World, they can settle simply to complete daily quests and do the dungeons. Dungeons are essential because those are the game modes that drop necessary resources usually needed to upgrade things like pets, wings, and gear. Daily quests can be a bit of a pain since they’re not exactly fun to play, but if you simply leave it on auto-questing mode, you’ll be able to complete them quickly.

Saving Your Summons!

In any game with a gacha system, we always recommend that the player save their gems until they can get a 10-summon because it allows them to have an increased chance of getting an SSR or higher unit. Dragon Trail: Hunter World allows players to summon pets, which are essential to the game, using the gacha system. That’s why we recommend that you save your summons until you have enough for the max amount to have a better chance of getting the best pets. 

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

The game increases the chances for players to get SSR units every time they summon ten at once. Once the player has completed a certain number of summons, they’ll get an ensured chance to summon an SSR unit from specific elemental affinities. While the following is pure speculation, we’ve noticed that the chance to get an SSR unit from two consecutive 10-summons significantly decreases. 

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is a common tip that we always recommend to players because it always has its benefits for players. Aside from participating in the social aspect of the game, guilds offer additional content that allows players to earn more rewards that they’ll need to upgrade their heroes. Guilds have many benefits that players should consider even if they like playing the game solo and don’t like relying on other people when they’re playing.

Tips & Tricks to Champion Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Guilds are a fun way to play any game because it allows multiple players to coordinate events. Dragon Trail: Hunter World may not have that many players right now, so if you’re looking to make your guild, this might also prove to be successful to an extent as long as you manage it correctly. You might even attract some top players to join your guild as long as you’re active.