Combat power (CP) in Dragon Trail: Hunter World plays a central role in the progression of the various types of content available in the game. Having a higher combat power isn’t just a point of pride but also a prerequisite for most game features because it allows players to see whether their character can clear or defeat certain enemies and dungeons at their current level. That’s why players are obligated to keep raising their CP to the point where they don’t have to worry about high-level content.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

There are multiple ways to raise combat power, but not all of them are made apparent to new players because they may be more familiar with the more traditional ways to power up their hero. Players that want to know more about how to raise their combat power may want to check out our Hero Guide first to learn more about the parts of their character that make them relevant in-game. Now, let’s look at how players can raise their combat power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World.


Leveling is the most basic way to upgrade combat power since it’s the easiest way to get stats, especially in the early game. As you may already know, combat power is the average value of your character’s base and bonus stats, so whenever those values increases, the hero’s CP goes up whenever those values increase. Leveling up is the best way to increase your CP but slows down tremendously once you get to the higher stages of the game because gaining experience becomes slower, and you’ll only get a few levels every now and then.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Dragon Trail: Hunter World offers many ways for players to farm experience and level up faster with questing, clearing dungeons, beating bosses, and even simply relying on the idle rewards feature. Players should make it a point to try and level up as much as possible to get a massive surge of combat power early on and participate in other content in the game that has a minimum level requirement. Players can also participate in the leaderboards by being the highest-leveled player on the server.


The second fastest way to raise your combat power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World is gearing your hero up by getting the best equipment in the game. Hero equipment is probably the most challenging item to farm in this game because it requires players to defeat high-level monsters and bosses for a chance to drop good items. Those sources also have a limited number of attempts per day, so players can’t simply leave their game on auto-play for hours and hope they get the complete set.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Players don’t need to worry about gearing during the early stages of the game because the equipment they get phases out quickly as they level up. When gearing up, players simply need to look at the quality and stat distribution of an item to determine if it’s good or not, but the game generally showcases which items will offer bonuses or will downgrade your stats. Don’t base an item’s strength on its rarity because the primary factor that players need to look at is item level.

Raising Your Pets

We’ve emphasized time and again that pets play a central part in Dragon Trail: Hunter World, so if you’re looking to raise your CP, you’ll need to put a lot of focus on leveling up your pets. The game allows players to deploy up to two pets at once, and those pets do a significant amount of your overall damage, depending on their level. Leveling up your pets is only one way to improve their power, so if you’re looking to get a ton of CP from these little creatures, you’ll have to maximize your usage of pets.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Pets come in different rarities, with SSR being the highest one that you can get. Naturally, you’ll want both of your active pets to be SSR because they have the strongest base stats and faster growth than the lower rarity ones. You’ll also need to evolve these pets to be even stronger and be worth even more combat power. The game offers many ways for players to acquire pets, so it shouldn’t be a problem to acquire two SSRs even if you’re a free player.

Upgrading Cosmetics

Upgrading cosmetics is a minor way to get more combat power in the game. Cosmetics such as wings, mounts, and titles give a small yet relevant amount of CP that can make the difference if players are dedicated in power them up. Unlike pets, you don’t need to randomly acquire these since you can either just get them as rewards or purchase them in bundles using real money. This also means that premium players will always have the option to get ahead of players who are unwilling to spend.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Cosmetics use unique resources for upgrades, so players will need to farm these items when looking to upgrade their CP. These items can be acquired through a number of ways depending on what you’re upgrading, but the most common methods are by completing dungeons. For titles, you won’t need to upgrade them but unlocking them isn’t exactly an easy task, so that’ll take a lot of time and effort as well.

Finishing Main Quests

Finishing main quests is the final method that we recommend for players who are looking to farm combat power. This method doesn’t give much, but it has consistent gains that players may be interested in because they stack very well into the late game. Main quests are a central part of the game, so it’s an unavoidable way for players to get CP.

How to Raise Combat Power in Dragon Trail: Hunter World

Completing main quests is also helpful in other ways to get combat power, such as leveling up and gearing, because the rewards that you get here, such as experience and gear are fairly good if you keep it up. The only problem is that the main quest stops you if you don’t meet a certain level requirement, so you’ll need to wait until you reach that point again before continuing.