Did you ever want to run around the world, killing monsters with the aid of your dragon buddies, including actually summoning huge dragons to the field to obliterate your enemies? Well, in Dragon Storm Fantasy, you can stop daydreaming and make your wishes reality. True to its name, this title has you exploring the world and helping people in order to level and power up your character, with the ultimate goal of protecting the world from darkness.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

However, as a mobile MMORPG, there’s quite a lot of content to be found in Dragon Storm Fantasy, most of which isn’t immediately apparent or readily explained to you, and this is where this guide comes in. If you’re a beginner or a newcomer to this game, then you’re surely as lost as we were, and would probably benefit a lot from understanding the basic mechanics of this title. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find a quick rundown of everything you need to know in order to get started in Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC.

Getting Started

Before you hop into the game itself, you’ll first get to view the opening cinematic, which lays down the groundwork for the game’s plot, if you can call it that. The story in Dragon Storm Fantasy is as cliché as it can be, with the tired trope of battling the forces of evil and saving the world. The developers clearly didn’t want to focus on the narrative, and instead put all their effort into the gameplay and mechanics, which can be fun if done correctly. In the case of this MMORPG, you get to play immediately after viewing the aforementioned cutscene, and choosing your class.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

Speaking of which, your class is quite important in this game as it’ll determine the your general play style throughout the entirety of your adventures. While the decision isn’t as complex in Dragon Storm Fantasy as in other MMORPGs, given that there are no dedicated tanks, healers, and support. Instead, all classes have powerful DPS potential, and the best way to stay alive is by using your own wits and getting out of the way when the enemy is unleashing their most powerful attacks.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

So, when it comes to choosing your class, you have to ask yourself one simple question: In which way do I want to destroy my enemies? If you want to slice them up using powerful sword moves, you have to go with the Warrior. Meanwhile, if controlling the elements and destroying them wielding powerful spells is your thing, then the Mage is your best bet. Lastly, if you want to pelt your enemies with arrows and turn them into pincushions, then your obvious recourse is the Ranger.

Play Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

There’s, of course, much more to your class than what we shared here. Feel free to take a look at our Character guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy if you want to learn a bit more about what each class can do.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

Upon choosing your class, you’ll be launched into a tutorial battle using a powered-up version fo your character. You’ll have access to all your skills and will be equipped with powerful weapons and armor. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the controls. If you’re playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll notice that all your moves and skills are bound to your keyboard, so that you can enjoy this game with improved controls.

Progressing Through the Main Story

Sadly, right after you finish the tutorial boss battle, you’ll be completely stripped of your weapons, armor, skills, and powers. In other words, you’ll have to start from square one, which is fine since we get to experience our character powering up before our very eyes.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

As soon as you start, you’ll want to progress through the main story. Luckily, Dragon Storm Fantasy has tons of automation in place so that you can press a few buttons and let the game do the heavy lifting for you. In this regard, this game resembles somewhat an idle game since most of the grinding and dialog can be automated. By clicking on the currently active mission in the quest list on the top left, your character will not only auto-navigate to the quest objective but will also perform all necessary actions automatically. This includes talking to NPCs and auto-advancing conversations, killing the necessary number of quest monsters, and so on.

Relying on the auto-navigation is, hands down, the best way to progress in Dragon Storm Fantasy. If you play this MMORPG on BlueStacks, activating this feature is as easy as pressing a button on your keyboard which, by default, is bound to the Tab key.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

Claiming Freebies to Expedite Your Adventure

When it comes to powering up your character in Dragon Storm Fantasy, there are only a few shortcuts. For the most part, however, you’ll have to grind through dungeons, complete challenges, and participate in many different game modes. We already wrote a guide on some of the most important daily activities in this MMORPG, so feel free to take a look if you want to learn more.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

However, while you’ll definitely need to put in the hours when it comes to powering up in this game, there are some freebies you can claim to make your adventure easier, including a powerful mount and some rubies for downloading the game’s files. Shortly after beginning the game, you’ll be prompted to download necessary game files to your device, and in return, you will be rewarded with a new mount and a few rubies for your trouble. Since you’re playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on BlueStacks, you’re likely using a dedicated internet connection so there are literally no drawbacks of downloading these files to claim your rewards, and we strongly suggest you do so.

Similarly, you can also claim special prizes when you reach certain milestones in the game, including increasing your level, logging in for a set number of days, completing achievements, or enhancing your gear, among many others. Make sure to visit every single menu in the game so that you can find out where to get important prizes for completing milestones. Furthermore, don’t forget to actually return and claim them once you reach the milestones since these rewards are not claimed automatically.

Beginner’s Guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

All in all, Dragon Storm Fantasy is one of the most straightforward MMORPGs we’ve played in a while. While it lacks the depth and number of mechanics as other titles such as Dragon Raja or Black Desert Mobile, it definitely has its own charm as a game that you can simply jump into, activate auto-battle, and turn your brain off as you watch your character wreak havoc on its own. However, when it comes to the tougher challenges, this game doesn’t pull any punches, which is why you need a good headstart.

Luckily, you’ll have everything you need to get started in Dragon Storm Fantasy in this. Be sure to check out our blog for more guides on this cool fantasy MMORPG!

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