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Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Daily Activity Guide

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Dailies are a staple of the MMMORPG genre. Whether you’re talking console, PC, or mobile games, these quests define, to a fair extent, what it means to play such a game. They help set a healthy routine to bestow upon the player anything from gold and experience to rare rewards that stack up handsomely. In a manner of speaking, these tasks are a reflection of the repeated motions we go through our every day lives, whether it’s drinking a generous cup of tea in the morning or reading a book in the evening.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

As you might have expected, Dragon Storm Fantasy also includes this genre-specific feature. In fact, the devs give you plenty of opportunities to acquire a ton of goodies. All you have to do is be consistent. While this may not seem like a big deal to begin with, the dreariness of doing the same thing over and over again will soon be apparent. And when that doesn’t get to you, a busy day when you don’t have time to log in most certainly will.

Below is a list of DSF’s must-do activities so that you can prioritize the time you have for this game on a daily basis. To find out how to automate these, feel free to check out our guide to playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on BlueStacks:

1. Devil’s Crossing

Once you leave the trial levels behind and push beyond 110, the Devil’s Crossing will be your primary source of experience for levelling up. You get one free chance every day, so make sure to make the most out of it by inspiring your character 5 times, as well as by using an experience potion.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

There’s no real difficulty here, so you can easily let your character auto-farm. After clearing it, don’t forget to collect your rewards from the daily activity window. The latter hands out even more juicy experience. If you don’t mind spending some money, a higher VIP level will give you extra attempts at the DC. We’re not going to go down that path, though. Not yet.

2. Divine Dragons, Mount, and Wings Dungeon

The Divine Dragons instance gives Silvers of Divinity, as well as Dragon frost shards, both of which can be used to upgrade your mythical creature. Given how strong these dragon aspects are, we would advise you never miss any attempt at the DD. Similarly, the Mount and Wings dungeons will hand out respective rewards to upgrade your trustworthy steed, as well as your beautiful wings.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

All of these will contribute to your overall power, so if you think they’re merely aesthetic, think again. Sometimes, all you need is a couple thousand more power to be able to complete the next story stage or treasure vault.

3. Story Dungeon and Bounty Quest

For a bit more experience, but also some coins and plain whetstones you can use to enhance your gear, the story dungeon awaits. Although there’s no limit here, you will be challenged by ever-increasing power requirements.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

At level 185, you’ll unlock yet another significant way of levelling up. Unlike the Devil’s Crossing, the Bounty Quest will also give you raid scrolls, whetstones, and silvers of divinity.

4. Purchase Stamina and Gift Flower

A one-time purchase of stamina at a discounted price is offered in the ruby shop every day. We advise you take it, since the former is extremely useful. Flowers, on the other hand, are more of a courtesy you pay to your friends until you reach the required level for marriage. As such, you should make sure to prioritize those friends who are active and willing to return the favor, as this will earn you more rewards in the future and perhaps even a long-standing in-game partner.

Play Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

5. Equipment Upgrade

It’s a given that you’ll be upgrading your gear consistently, since this is one of the best ways to improve your character. Just two enhances every day will earn you 20 activity points.

6. Treasure Vault

From all the instances we’ve mentioned so far, the Vault is the one that’s most likely to drop new companions, wings, ultimate dragon glyphs, and rare equipment to boot. Needles to say, the plunders here are well worth the little effort required to complete one of these. The downside is that you get only 10 activity points from it.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

7. Arena

No MMORPG would be complete without some PvP action. At level 130, which is easily achievable after less than a full day of play, you’ll be able to challenge other players head to head. The more successful you are, the higher your standings, the better the rewards. The plunders include valuable titles, wing coupons, and marks of honor. If you’re a fan of testing your mettle against other individuals, you’ll love the cross-realm battles between thousands of characters.

8. Elite Dungeon

It will take some time to reach the required level for this instance, but the grind will give you access to a dungeon that drops ultimate equipment in addition to generous amounts of coins and experience. Aside from the latter, cards and upgrade materials for cards are also possible drops.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

9. Goblin Hoard

If you find that you’re low on coins, which you will definitely be if you’re f2p, the Goblin Hoard can help you close the gap. We can never have enough gold to do everything we set out to do. In particular, you’ll find that upgrading skills can be quite expensive after a certain point, so don’t miss out on this daily entry. Aside from currency, your character will also be rewarded with gems and experience.

10. Grimoire Dungeon.

Last, but definitely not least on the list of must-do daily activities in DSF is the Grimoire. If you want to level up your cute fairy companion, you can complete this instance all day for as long as you want. To pass to the next level, all you need to do is obtain three stars on the current one.

Dragon Storm Fantasy: Daily Activity Guide

Each successful level will give you plain grimoires, companion coupons, and magical fruit, all of which are necessary for advancing your nifty little buddy.

The best part about these daily activities is that they will increase your activity points. At certain milestones (50, 100, and 150), you can collect even better rewards in the form of stamina, rubies, and an active chest that will contain a valuable piece of gear. Although it might seem that this to-do list is quite lengthy, we assure you that, once you get used to DSF, you’ll be thankful that there’s a sure-fire way to obtain experience and upgrade mats on a daily basis.

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