Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and...

Dragon Storm Fantasy brings together two of the things we love the most: dragons and RPGs. As we mentioned in our game review, DSF has a number of unique selling points despite its many similarities with other mobile MMOs. If you’re one of those gamers with a weakness for a good story that has great voice acting to boot, you’ll definitely enjoy this release from GOAT Games. We know we have.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

Despite the auto-combat feature, progressing through this game world won’t be that easy. As you might expect, you’ll get a good initial boost of experience until you reach level 140, but then it’s all going downhill. To make this transition as smooth as possible for you, we’ve prepared a special guide to levelling. In addition, you’ll need to know how to keep improving your character since much of the content requires you to have reached a certain power number in order to gain entry and defeat it.

Choose Your Champion

Nothing is more important than choosing the right avatar for your Dragon Storm Fantasy playthrough. We see this as a defining moment that will very much impact how much you enjoy playing the game because completing end-game content will require some effort on your part. Thus, before you click play, make sure to pay close attention to the three currently playable classes:

The Warrior

Out of the three available choices, the Warrior is the one who is capable of surviving and defending their allies the best. Although they do lack control and attack speed, they’re a force to be reckoned in PvP. Normally, we’d have chosen their path, but we thought we’d like to inflict some serious damage this time around.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

The Ranger

While the Ranger’s attack potential is only slightly better than that of the Warrior, they also have incredibly high attack speed to boot. This makes for a significant increase in damage-per-second from the previous class. If you enjoy killing your foes from a distance before they even get a chance to unsheathe their weapons, you’ll definitely enjoy being an archer. Their defense and survival are not nearly good enough to warrant placing them in any frontline, PvP or PvE, so they will suffer if there’s nobody ahead to soak up the damage.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

The Mage

Mages are the definition of a glass cannon. They have the highest damage output in the game, but they’re also the easiest to kill. To compensate for their lackluster defense, this class has a fair amount of crowd control at their disposal. The problems arise when enemies get up and personal and there’s nowhere to hide.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

As you may have noticed, there is no support/healing class in DSF. We tend to disagree with this decision in terms of game design because we feel it alienates a significant portion of gamers who enjoy being the backbone of a strong party.

Increasing Your Power Step-by-Step

If you’ve been playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on BlueStacks for as little as 1 hour, then you know that progressing through the story often means meeting a number of power pre-requisites. Once you’ve chosen your favorite class, it’s high time you learn how to constantly improve them. This is an essential part of the game, as it will enable you to stay relevant in the current meta, join a powerful guild, and access new content.

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Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

Here is a list of all the things you can do to improve your power in DSF:

Upgrading Your Gear and Improving Your Skills

These two aspects provide some of the most noteworthy boosts to your strength. Although you can let the game automatically enhance your gear, we recommend you do it yourself and only work with equipment that is orange quality or higher. Technically, you shouldn’t need too much power to get out of the tutorial stage, which means that preserving those initial Whetstones will pay off in spades.

A neat aspect about gear improvement is that higher enhancement levels come with a cool aura effect. The more advanced your armor, the shinier you’ll glow.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

Upgrading Your Mount, Companion, and Divine Dragon

They may not seem as important as the first category, but we assure you that each of these buddies offers a significant contribution to your overall combat power. If you’ve played any mobile MMO, then you’re likely familiar with this odd mechanic that doesn’t really appear in PC or console-based RPGs.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

One of the coolest aspects of DSF is being able to transform into a havoc-wreaking divine dragon during your encounters. As a Ranger, our default one is Frosty, but we will eventually be able to create and become any of the other 7 ones currently available in game.

Levelling Your Wings

Much like all good things, acquiring your beautiful wings takes a while (around level 175). However, when you do, everything will look much cooler. As is the case with dragons, you’ll be able to evolve your wings and change their appearance the more you progress through the game. Right now, the Bloodthirsty Dragon Wings give us no less than 38k power. And this is without upgrading them to their full capacity.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC: Class and Character Improvement Guide

It may sound like all of this is complicated stuff, but the upgrade arrow on the left of your skill bar will usually tell you when there’s something you can do in terms of improving either of these aspects of your character. The problems arise when you don’t have the necessary materials to do so and you’re not getting them from your current daily routine. To fix this, all you need to do is take a glance over our list of must-do daily activities for DSF.

If you play Dragon Storm Fantasy on BlueStacks, you’ll be able to greatly speed up your levelling, not to mention become a PvP master in those epic, cross-realm battles. We’re no more than a couple of days in and we’ve dinged level 200. It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge to beat the game, but you have to be familiar with its mechanics in order to reach your character’s full potential.

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