Dragon Storm Fantasy Gold Farming – Using BlueStacks to Generate Gold Automatically

Dragon Storm Fantasy Gold Farming – Using...

When you’re playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC, you’ll notice that your progression is constantly blockaded by your combat power. Specifically, some challenges and dungeons will simply be too tough for you, or will outright be unavailable, if you don’t meet the power requirements. However, in order to power up your character in this MMORPG, you’ll need to perform constant upgrades, some of which can require absurd amounts of gold.

While we’ve already explained how to go about progressing in this game, in general, we want to focus today exclusively on how to make gold. Luckily, in our experience, we found that there’s a very simple, yet grindy, way of farming this resource.

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Farming Story Dungeons Once They Unlock

As you make your way through the story in Dragon Storm Fantasy, you’ll notice that, on some occasions, you’ll see a ripple effect on the screen, followed by your character fighting a bunch of enemies prior to reaching a boss opponent. The ripple effect is meant to represent your character entering an instanced dungeon. This is quite an awesome aspect in this game since you can seamlessly enter dungeons without having to look them up on a menu at first, preserving our sense of immersion while progressing through the game’s events.

However, every time you complete one of these instanced dungeons, you’ll see your character progress through another node in the Story Dungeons menu. Moreover, some of these stages can be farmed up to 5 times every day to reap additional rewards from completing them. You can always tell which stages can be farmed by taking a look at their icon on the map menu. If their flag is red and bigger than the rest, it means you can access them several times every day for extra rewards, including ample amounts of the coveted gold resource.

If you have the opportunity, you should always use your Raid Scrolls to expedite your farming in these dungeons. With these items, you can challenge any of these story dungeons automatically without spending time on them, while instantly reaping 100% of the rewards. However, Raid Scrolls are somewhat of a luxury in DSF, which are better left off for those tough dungeons that take effort to beat in order to quickly score some extra rewards.

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Nevertheless, whenever you’re looking to farm some extra gold, your best bet will always be to farm your daily dungeons until you’ve used up all your daily allowances. In the case of dungeons that give good rewards, you could even consider paying 10 Rubies to refresh your allowances for those specific dungeons, which lets you run them an additional five times per refresh. Depending on your VIP level, you can refresh your dungeon allowances several times per day.

Automating the Grind With BlueStacks

As we mentioned just now, the best way to farm Story Dungeons is by using Raid Scrolls. These items not only allow you to receive the full rewards of any stage, but also to do so without wasting any time on auto-battling the hordes of monsters within. Furthermore, for those stages with tougher bosses, you can actually spare yourself from the probability of failure due to carelessness when you fail to dodge a lethal AoE. However, when it comes to actually farming manually, without spending Raid Scrolls, you’ll have to put in the legwork and complete the levels without relying on any skips or items, or automation, for the matter.

Or do you?

We’ve already discussed how BlueStacks can help you to automate certain levels and dungeons, as well as to help you claim your daily rewards with a single press of a button. Feel free to read that article if you haven’t already. However, we want to expand upon that idea today by adding a way in which our BlueStacks Macros can help to farm gold in Dragon Storm Fantasy.

It’s simple, really. While you can make macros for automating specific stages, you can also create others for navigating the map menu and entering other stages. In this sense, you can not only automate the action in the dungeon itself, but also everything in between, including re-entering the dungeon until all your daily allowances are used up, and moving onto the next dungeon. Rinse, repeat, and you can farm all your daily story dungeons by pressing a single button on your keyboard to run the macro, and then sit back while BlueStacks does the rest.

The way this works is the following:

  1. Open the story dungeon map menu, and start the Macro Recorder.
  2. With the recorder running, choose the first dungeon you want to activate.
  3. Click on “Continuous Challenge” to enter the dungeon and have your character automatically re-enter the dungeon as long as you have allowances left.
  4. Let your character complete all his allowances for the current dungeon.

At this point, you can stop the recorder, give your macro a name, and leave it as is. However, if you want to automate multiple dungeons within one same macro, you’ll need to continue recording:

  1. Once you’ve finished all your allowances for the current dungeon, exit to the map and enter the next story dungeon.
  2. Once again, remember to click on “Continuous Challenge” to have your character clear the level and re-enter automatically until all allowances are used up.
  3. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for as many dungeons as you want to continue adding to the macro. Keep in mind that the longer the macro, the higher the chances of something going wrong during execution on future occasions. We recommend not overdoing it and sticking to two dungeons per macro.

Once your macro is ready, stop the recorder, and give it a name. For clarity’s sake, we recommend naming your macro according to the dungeons it’s supposed to automate. For instance, we named our first macro “1-3 to 1-6” since it’s meant to automate both these dungeons.

Your creativity is the limit when it comes to creating useful macros for automating the grind in Dragon Storm Fantasy. While most challenges in this MMORPG can give gold, your best bet for farming this resource consistently is by using up your daily allowances of the story dungeons. Luckily, with the method we just explained in this guide, you can farm all the gold you’ll ever need in this game by pressing a button on your keyboard and letting BlueStacks handle the rest.

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