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Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

The combat and fighting in MMORPGs like Dragon Storm Fantasy can sometimes be a bit hit or miss. On the one hand, it features huge fights against massive hordes of foes that, most of the time, you’ll have to handle singlehandedly. However, these monsters are usually wimps on their own, and if they manage to beat you, it’s due to their sheer numbers and not because of their individual strength. Nevertheless, once in a while, you’ll come across powerful boss enemies that, while sporting a wider variety of attacks than their regular counterparts, can also deal tons of damage with even their basic swings.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

When it comes to fighting these powerful enemies, it takes more than just activating auto-combat and letting your character defeat them on his own. In fact, if you leave the fighting to the AI on these occasions, there’s a good chance that you’ll be defeated since the auto-combat only engages every enemy head-on and doesn’t dodge AoEs or other powerful attacks. For this reason, your best bet for fighting boss foes is to turn off auto-combat and take matters into your own hands, which is why we wrote this guide.

In the next few paragraphs, you will find five of our best combat tips and tricks for Dragon Storm Fantasy, which you can use for defeating any and every foe in the game.

Chaining Attacks Generates Powerful Buffs

While defending and dodging AoE attacks is important for staying alive, there’s a point to be made for staying on the offense at all times, as well. Specifically, as you attack your enemy and string larger combos together, you will begin to receive combat buffs that further increase your damage output. However, these buffs only last for as long as you continue the offense and expire if you drop your combo.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

The best players in Dragon Storm Fantasy will know when to dodge and move, which is made easier by playing it on PC with BlueStacks, but they will also know when to press the attack and further increase their damage bonus from unleashing large combos. This is something you will learn as you keep fighting and progressing through the game, as well as by fighting the same bosses over and over. There will eventually come a time where you will know exactly when to attack and when to dodge, in order to stay safe while keeping the pressure up at all times.

In other words, if you don’t need to dodge, you should ALWAYS be attacking the enemy.

Don’t Rely on Auto-Combat Too Much

And speaking of attacking, when it comes to defeating foes and grinding in Dragon Storm Fantasy, all it takes is activating auto-combat and letting your character flex a little at the puny monsters attacking him. This applies for most fights in this MMORPG, except when you’re severely outmatched, or for when you need to fight against tough boss enemies that can kill you with a few hits. In these cases, you will need to turn off the auto-combat and assume manual control in order to properly dodge and exploit weaknesses.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Fighting against tough enemies is the only occasion when you should forget about mounting a powerful offense and instead focus on dodging, defending, and staying alive. To this end, we recommend turning auto-combat off and staying on your toes at all times.

Use BlueStacks’ Superior Controls For Improved Combat Performance

The previous two tips we shared above rely mostly on your ability to identify incoming attacks and reacting promptly by getting out of harm’s way, while keeping up the pressure with powerful counterattacks, which are actions that require precise timing and execution. However, staying alive in Dragon Storm Fantasy is made difficult due to the game’s native touchscreen controls that rely on virtual joysticks and buttons to perform any action in this game.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

These controls are imprecise and clunky and not conducive to the flowy combat that this game attempts to create. However, if you play Dragon Storm Fantasy on BlueStacks, you’ll have access to our Keymapping Tool, through which you can create personalized control schemes to improve your performance in any game, including this MMORPG.

Play Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC

Luckily, when it comes to using intuitive and useful control schemes, we have already provided one for you by default, which covers all combat actions, and even some quality of life features, such as activating auto-navigate and opening certain menus. In theory, you can use this tool to completely streamline your experience with Dragon Storm Fantasy. From opening every single menu to controlling every aspect of the combat in this game, your creativity is the limit to how much you can achieve in terms of playability and comfort using the BlueStacks Keymapping Tool.

Use Your Dragon Transformation for Those Clutch Moments

There will come moments during certain fights where, no matter what you do, you’re going to sustain heavy damage or be overwhelmed by oncoming hordes of enemies. Luckily, as the fight goes on and you continue to attack the enemy, your dragon gauge, represented by the dragon icon beside your combat controls, will slowly charge up. Once this indicator is charged, you can click on it to unleash your currently-equipped dragon form and wreak havoc on every single enemy on the stage.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

After the initial transformation animation has passed, you will be in control of your dragon, which has access to a wide variety of devastating attacks. Your dragon can absolutely demolish your enemies with powerful skills. However, once the timer expires, you’ll be back to your base form using your character. In this sense, make sure to use all your dragon skills and defeat as many enemies as you can.

Keep Your Gear and Skills Upgraded at All Times

This one is more a reminder than an actual combat tip as, even if you have the best strategies and combat skills, you won’t achieve anything in Dragon Storm Fantasy if you can’t deal enough damage to defeat your enemies before they kill you. Because of this, you’ll always want to keep your character powered up by improving his gear, skills, and invest resources in all the other aspects that can contribute to his strength and performance in combat. Don’t even try to challenge a tough dungeon if you have upgrades pending; it’s always better to take the time to power up before pressing on.

Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC – The Best Combat Tips and Tricks

We’ve already covered in detail how to go about upgrading and improving your character in our character improvement guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy, so feel free to read that one if you want to learn more about this aspect. In fact, every time you need to challenge a tough dungeon or boss, you can use the guide as a checklist to make sure you’re completely upgraded before attempting it.

Surviving and winning battles in Dragon Storm Fantasy is a combination of good reflexes, the ability to execute precise moves and attacks and, above all, having the necessary tools for having a pleasant gaming experience. Luckily, BlueStacks has all the bases covered as we have both our emulator that can offer you a plethora of tools to improve your performance in any game, as well as a blog where you can find tons of information and updates on the most popular titles in the market.

What are you waiting for? Download Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks and get your game on!

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