Back in our Dynasty Legends beginner’s guide, we talked about the importance of not only unlocking powerful officers for your army, but also to upgrade them appropriately in order to optimize their performance. After all, even the best officers are utterly useless if they’re at their base levels. However, the difficult part about everything related to the officers in this game is actually unlocking them. And while lots of these characters can be obtained simply from playing through the main story, others can require specific conditions to unlock.

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

Nevertheless, with over forty officers to unlock, knowing which ones to look for can be particularly challenging. Because of this, we’ve decided to create a list with the top five officers in Dynasty Legends, in order to give you an idea of what to work towards.

Ma Chao (SR)

A highly agile officer that wields a lance deftly and specializes in fast combo attacks that can tear enemies to shreds. However, despite his vast damage output, Ma Chao is actually a very good support officer since he can effectively buff the entire team while unleashing his strongest skills. Some of his passive buffs include increasing the damage done to enemy officers by the entire team, as well as an extra damage boost to enemy generals from allied Shu officers.

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

While Ma Chao is very, very powerful on his own thanks to all the damage buffs he can get. He obviously shines more in teams with other Shu officers.

Xiao Qiao (SR)

Similar to Ma Chao, Xiao Qiao specializes in providing significant damage buffs to the entire team, but this time they apply only to allied Wu officers. However, on top of this damage boost, this officer also deploys a variety of defensive bonuses when fighting in the field. In this sense, Xiao Qiao is a safer choice for a more defensive play style, though she doesn’t have quite the damage potential of others on this list.

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

Her unique offering of AoE skills, coupled with her Unrivaled Champion combo bonus, however, makes her an excellent officer for quickly mowing down hordes of enemies.

Diaochan (SR)

A highly offensive officer with tons of damage boosts, as well as a skill set that lets her tear enemy generals to shreds with unerring efficiency. Diaochan is an absolute powerhouse, though she lacks the support effects of the previous two, except for the fact that she can boost the damage of allied male officers. Nevertheless, her massive damage output makes her an ideal candidate for any team.

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

And in case that’s not enough, Diaochan can heal all allied officers whenever she uses one of her skills, which increases her value as a team player somewhat.

Zhou Yu (SSR)

Right off the bat, as an SSR officer, Zhao Yu instantly has better stats than the previous entries on this list. Nevertheless, this doesn’t make him inherently superior. In fact, Zhao Yu’s kit is very balanced, offering a good ratio of offensive and defensive attributes, which makes him a solid staple for any team. However, if we had to mention something that this officer excels at, it’d definitely be his AoE and control effects, which let him dominate the battlefield at any given moment.

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

His Haunted Seer passive also makes it so that his Parry skill has no cooldown, potentially giving him amazing defensive potential, which is excellent for fighting against the toughest and most aggressive enemy generals. 

Lu Xun (SSR)

Arguably the strongest character in terms of damage output on this list. Lu Xun has it all, both crushing attacks as well as important support effects that can not only heal all allied officers, but also provide a strong damage buff to all his comrades. Nevertheless, his combat kit is straightforward and easy to understand; he can simply wreck everything that stands in his path using a combination of fire attacks and powerful swings of his sword

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

Of all the characters mentioned so far, Lu Xun is probably the one you’ll want on your team the most, though you first need to clear stage 8-2 in order to unlock him, so it’ll probably be a while before you can use him. Still, once you DO unlock him, you’ll want to add him to your team and leave him there forever. He’s just THAT good.

UR Honorable Mentions

Though they’re obviously the hardest officers to unlock and obtain in the entire game, you’ll eventually come across a few UR characters during your journey, at least if you play enough Dynasty Legends. If you get the chance, you should keep an eye out for UR characters such as:

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

  • Jia Xu (Crafty): Powerful support kit, including invincibility effects, healing, and energy restoration, combined with debuffs and a variety of status effects, both beneficial and harmful. 
  • Zhang Chunhua (Heroic): Unparalleled AoE and control effects, coupled with tons of damage to bleeding enemies. These properties are complemented nicely by tons of useful buffs for Wei officers, including critical hit rate, extra HP, and a lifesteal effect. 

The Top 5 Officers in Dynasty Legends: Warriors Unite

There are four different UR officers in the game at the time of writing this article. However, the two we’ve mentioned in this brief section are arguably the best in their respective categories. If you ever get the chance to unlock one, try to find one of these two.

It’s worth pointing out that, while there are SSR and UR rarity characters in Dynasty Legends, they can be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to obtain through normal means. Luckily, as you can see from the list above, some of the best characters in the game are SR rarity. By properly upgrading and outfitting these heroes, you can essentially breeze through the entire game, without having to spend time nor money on unlocking the rarest officers.