Like with any other big new launch, the release of Dynasty Origins: Conquest marks the beginning of a race to become the best player on the server. And in this case, the road to becoming the best is much easier to walk when getting a good start, which is the purpose of this guide. 

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

In this article, you’ll find a few useful beginner tips and tricks to help you get started on the right track in this game. Moreover, you will also find a few Dynasty Origins: Conquest promo codes that you can redeem in-game for numerous prizes that, combined, are worth over 3,000 Ingots, which is more than USD $50 in rewards, so you definitely won’t want to miss them.

Let’s begin.

How to Level Up Fast

If you’re a veteran player of the genre, you might not be surprised to know that the best way to progress in Dynasty Origins: Conquest, is simply by working on the main story missions. In other words, if you’re just starting, your highest priority should be to challenge these levels as they will give tons of experience for your heroes, as well as for your account, and will also help you unlock certain features like other game modes, additional deployment slots for units, and more. 

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

There will come a point when you’ll unlock daily quests (after reaching player level 12). At this point, while it’s still important to challenge and work through the story missions, your priority every day should be to complete your daily tasks, as these will give the most experience and rewards for comparatively little work.

Engaging in these two aspects (story missions and daily quests) will level you up relatively quickly. However, there will come a time when you’ll run into a massive difficulty wall in the main campaign, and this is where Dynasty Origins gets interesting and a bit complicated, as you’ll have to focus more on unlocking the best characters in the game, upgrading them to unleash their potential, and arrange them in optimal formations so that they can get the upper hand in the field.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

This brings us to our next point…

Obtaining and Upgrading Heroes

Like in many other gacha games, your heroes in Dynasty Origins: Conquest are the lifeblood of your team. It’s these characters who will march to the field and fight in your name. These units are also the ones who lead your armies of soldiers against the enemy forces and will bring back the spoils of their victories. To this end, each hero has a specific type of soldier unit associated with them, which you can check and upgrade from the hero menu, in the “Captaincy” tab.

You can obtain new heroes, mainly, from the gacha recruit feature that you unlock early on. Though you’ll need to pay in tokens called Talent Orders, which you can earn by completing missions and playing the game, or by purchasing them with Ingots, the game’s premium currency. The drawback of the system is, like in any other similar game, that you never know what you’re going to get from the gacha. This is the main reason why so many players opt to reroll in Dynasty Origins; in order to get a few good characters from the very beginning.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

Nevertheless, even if you manage to summon powerful units for your team, you’ll still need to upgrade them if you want to unleash their full potential. Luckily, upgrading is quite straightforward, and can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Level Up: Use feats obtained through combat to increase a character’s level and boost their stats.
  • Captaincy: Use coins to upgrade a hero’s soldier units, boosting their stats in various ways.
  • Advance: Equip characters with various types of gear to enhance their stats. Once all the equipment slots have been filled, players can sacrifice this gear to upgrade the character permanently to the next color rank, increasing their stats and unlocking new skills.
  • Star Up: Using the corresponding character fragments, you can increase a unit’s star level, enhancing their stats and unlocking powerful passive bonuses.
  • Skill: Once new skills are unlocked by advancing a character, you can upgrade their unlocked skills from this menu.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

Even though having the right characters on your team is pivotal to your success in this game, you also need to upgrade them as much as possible. After all, even S-Tier powerhouses are utterly worthless at level 1 and without their pertinent upgrades.

Character Classes

While we already gave our top picks for best characters in Dynasty Origins: Conquest in our tier list, it’s very important that you know about the basic classes in this game. In this manner, whenever characters get nerfed or buffed, and the meta changes accordingly, you’re able to adapt and keep creating powerful teams, despite the possibly outdated information that you might find online.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

There are six different character classes in this game, which will heavily influence their role in combat:

  • Guardians: Represented by a yellow shield icon. These heroes automatically gain a shield equal to 25% of their HP at the beginning of the battle. 
  • Infantry: Represented by a red sword icon. Infantry units gain an attack bonus whenever two or more of them attack at the same time.
  • Light Cavalry: Represented by the blue horse icon. These characters specialize in flanking the enemy’s back ranks and gain a whopping 40% boost to their crit rate when attacking archers or supports.
  • Heavy Cavalry: Represented by the blue horseshoe icon. These units charge headfirst into battle, dealing a massive blow equal to 400% of their ATK as the first attack. This can only happen once per battle.
  • Archers: Represented by the green bow icon. These units hang around in the back and shower their enemies with arrows, gaining a 5% ATK boost for every 100 units of distance to their target.
  • Supports: Represented by the purple fan icon. These units are more passive and gain a 30% reduction to magic damage at all times.

Knowing what each class can do can help tremendously in figuring out the best formations for your current lineup of heroes. These passive bonuses, combined with your heroes’ active abilities, will make up the backbone of your army. In this sense, creating synergized teams is the key to victory in Dynasty Origins.

Team Formation Basics

Now that we know a little bit about unlocking and upgrading heroes, as well as the different hero classes, we can give a brief overview on how to actually form your team so that it’s ready to face any challenges.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

Considering the different class bonuses, this gives us an idea of how to deploy your units in a way that they can easily engage any enemy with good chances of winning. For instance, Infantry and Guardians thrive in the frontlines, which is why they will always be in the first rows of your formation. And in the case of the Infantry, since they get bonuses from attacking in tandem with other melee units, setting them besides these allies will give them an important ATK boost.

No team is ever complete without a good Light Cavalry unit, especially if the enemy has powerful archers in their back rows. A good Light Cavalry can slip through the enemy defenses and flank the Archers, dealing massive damage and possibly limiting their damage potential. However, the best way to use your Light Cavalry is by placing them in the flanks where they will have no enemies directly in front of them, which will allow them to target their back rows directly. On the flip side, if the enemy has all their flanks covered, then you might be better off with a strong Heavy Cavalry unit in your team instead.

Archers and Supports are more straightforward as you can simply place them in the back, behind your Infantry and Guardians, and let them do their thing. If your team is focused on ranged damage with powerful Archer units, however, you might want to cover your entire front row to prevent them from getting flanked by enemy Light Cavalry.

Use These Dynasty Origins Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

While learning about the ins and outs of your heroes and soldiers will be pivotal to your success down the line, getting a good start with numerous freebies and awesome rewards will also come in handy and will help to both add new characters to your roster, as well as to upgrade the ones you already have.

With that being said, here are a few Dynasty Origins: Conquest promo codes that you can redeem in-game for tons of awesome rewards.

  • welcomedoc: Advanced Recruit x1, Essence Token x1.
  • doccommunity: Advanced Recruit x2.
  • docfbcode: Advanced Recruit x1, Basic Recruit x10, 88 Ingots.
  • docrelease: 300 Ingots.
  • feedbackdoc: Advanced Recruit x1.
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  • discordcode: Advanced Recruit x1, Essence Token x1.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tips, Tricks, and Promo Codes to Get a Good Start

Advanced Recruit tokens are always a welcome reward, as each of these lets us perform single advanced recruitment in this game. And if you’re planning on rerolling in Dynasty Origins, these promo codes will nab you an easy seven Advanced Recruit tokens which, combined with the other three you get from the pre-registration rewards, will let you purchase a free 10x pull, which gives you a guaranteed 2 or 3-star hero.

And that’s all you need to know before getting started in Dynasty Origins: Conquest. Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks for beginners in the comments below!