Dynasty Origins: Conquest throws us once again into a world filled with Eastern lore, where players can engage in exciting real-time strategy and card-based battles, while also exploring a vast world with many different stages and things to see. And when not actively participating in combat, players can hang around their own city, preparing for upcoming fights, and meeting and recruiting new characters to their teams. And this latter aspect, in particular, is where this game truly gets interesting as there are many different characters to find and obtain.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

Despite being quite different from the other titles in the franchise, Dynasty Origins: Conquest is still a gacha game, which means that most of your characters will come from randomized rolls. In other words, you never know what you’re going to get, which can significantly complicate matters if you’re hunting for a specific unit for your team. This is why most players try to reroll in this game, in hopes of unlocking the best characters in the game from the very beginning and getting a headstart on the story missions.

Nevertheless, if you’re thinking of rerolling, then you need to know which characters to roll for. This is where this guide comes in. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find our own Dynasty Origins: Conquest tier list with the best characters in the game.

The next time you’re rerolling in Dynasty Origins, keep an eye out for these bad boys and girls:

S-Tier Characters

As is usual with our tier lists, we’ve divided the tiers into four different categories. The S-tier represents those characters that are the absolute best at what they do. These units can often carry your entire team without having to rely on any support or synergies. In other words, they’re basically one-man armies and are the most desirable units to look for when rerolling.

  • Huang Gai

When it comes to defensive powerhouses, you really can’t get any better than Huang Gai. This powerful warrior shines brightly on the frontlines due to the innate resistances that grant him tons of HP as well as very sturdy defenses. Not only that, but he can also actively heal himself for a percentage of his HP every few seconds while in combat, making him even harder to take down. If you’re looking for the best tank in the game, then you’ve found him right here.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

  • Meng Huo

Another great defensive option, though not as sturdy as Huang Gai. However, what Meng Huo lacks in sheer resistance and HP, he more than makes up for it by being able to provide powerful buffs to all allied beasts in the field, as well as by being able to summon his own War Bear to the battle. And while this unit can definitely stand on its own, he fares much better when paired with beasts, as well as with his ally, Zhu Rong.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

A-Tier Characters

Like the above tier, these units are very strong and useful to have. However, in order to get their full potential, they often rely on other units and synergies, which makes them a bit weaker than their S-Tier counterparts. Nevertheless, they’re also very desirable and powerful, and are good targets for initial summonings, in case your luck doesn’t give you any S-tier units.

  • Zhu Rong

This character earns a spot on this list not only because she goes very well with Meng Huo, but also because she’s quite strong on her own, as well as due to the fact that you get her for free when playing through the tutorial. She excels at dealing burst damage to large groups of enemies, as well as for being a good counter to some of the other best characters in the game, thanks to her passive that greatly increases her damage when attacking male heroes.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

  • Sun Shangxiang

With strong self buffs and powerful burst AoE damage, Sun Shangxiang is another great addition to any team. Furthermore, she gains a significant attack boost when paired with Liu Bei, which you should always have available considering that you get the latter for free when you start the game. 

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

B-Tier Characters

These are your average characters that are neither good nor bad. There’s a good chance that, for the majority of your journey in this game, you’ll have one or two of these in your team. And while they can serve you greatly, especially if you upgrade them, these characters are the first ones that you’ll replace when you eventually manage to summon better units.

  • Ma Yunlu

Not bad, not good, and certainly far from being the best. Ma Yunlu is one of the first mounted units you’ll get in the game. And while she can certainly fulfill her role wonderfully, you’ll be better off swapping her out for stronger cavalry as soon as you manage to unlock them.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

  • Xiao Qiao

In a game where the strongest characters can often obliterate their enemies on their own, having a character whose main purpose is to support and debuff the enemy seems somewhat superfluous, and yet this is exactly what Xiao Qiao is all about. Her powerful songs can increase the damage taken by the enemy, which will be useful in certain formations. However, instead of debuffing the enemy, you could simply replace her later on for someone that can deal tons of damage, which will more than make up for not having her debuff.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

C-Tier Characters

This tier serves only one purpose: to illustrate which characters you must actively avoid. Whether because they’re outdated for the current meta, or their skill sets are simply bad, C-tier units are the worst in the game.

  • Liu Bei

Sure, he’s the protagonist; and sure, we mentioned that Sun Shanxiang goes well when paired with him, but Liu Bei is really one of the worst units in the game. His forte is buffing his team to increase their stats, though these buffs are often random or only affect targets of a specific faction, which greatly limits his usability. What’s more, his strongest buff actually requires the target to die before they can enjoy the effects, which defeats the purpose of providing support. Liu Bei is just a bad hero all around.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

  • Zhao Yun

With skills that rely on defeating enemies to activate; that deal moderate damage but only activate once per fight, and passives that rely on deploying alongside specific heroes, Zhao Yun could be one of the weakest units in the game by himself. Definitely avoid him if you can. And if not, try replacing him ASAP.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Tier List - The Best Characters in The Game

With the characters mentioned in this brief overview, you should now have an idea of what to look for when creating powerful teams in Dynasty Origins: Conquest.