BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide To Epic Seven on PC

BlueStacks Beginner’s Guide To Epic Seven on...

Gacha Games with captivating stories are rare, but we can say Epic Seven hits the “jackpot” in this regard. You start the game as an “already defeated” prince: You fought against the ancient evil and lost. Luckily, the goddess resurrected you and your friends to offer you another chance. However, you have no memory of your previous skills and your companions are scattered through the world. You must recruit them again, make a connection with other celestial beings to become powerful and kill the ancient evil once and for all – this time make sure it stays dead. Epic Seven successfully combines the classic gacha mechanics with dynamic gameplay and offers a huge world to explore: Let’s start playing and see what this game offers, shall we?

The “Gacha” Part Of The Game

You start the game as the defeated prince and try to collect your friends and mercenaries along the way, this is the gacha part of the game. There are lots of characters to collect –as expected- and summoning is the main way of finding them. You can make one free summon every day, and for the rest, you need to use a special currency called “covenant bookmarks”. This currency can be bought from the in-game store or won as a quest reward.

Drop rates. Most of your summons will result in 3-star heroes, 5-star ones are quite rare.

Speaking of stars, the power of characters is determined according to how many stars they have, 5 being the maximum. All characters can take on different roles, such as a tank, healer, melee dps, and ranged dps. You can have up to 4 characters in your party and make sure that all roles get a spot – tanks and healers are especially important.

Party management screen. The team leader should be a tank as the enemies will attack him/her more often. You can create up to two teams, so you need (at least) 8 high-grade heroes in total.

Play Epic Seven on BlueStacks

To find out which character can take on which roles, you can take a look at their profile pages. Most of the former members of your (failed) group will join your party after reaching a certain stage in the main story but you need to summon the rest.

Ludwig is a mage, so he falls into the “ranged DPS” category. Click and hold on skills to see their short description.

The “Battle” Part Of The Game

The battle mechanics of Epic Seven are turn-based but they are quite dynamic, you won’t even notice the “pause” between the attacks. This part of Epic Seven resembles a 2D side-scrolling game: You start running on maps and enemy groups spawn in front of you. The last enemy is stronger than the others and clearing a map will award XP points and equipment you can give to your heroes.

The skills you can use are at the bottom right. Click and hold on them to see a short explanation. Each skill has a CD (cooldown) time and you need to wait a couple of turns before using them again.

You can see what kind of equipment you can get before starting a battle quest. It is possible to repeat missions you already completed in order to collect all rewards in a mission.

The fights happen pretty fast and you can automate them if needed. However, we will recommend using the Combo Key feature of BlueStacks  – this way, you can make the automation more “intelligent”. Check out our setup guide to learn more about this feature. Once a battle is complete, you can use the XP points and equipment to empower your heroes. However, you can also “enhance” them by sacrificing your low-level characters too. In other words, all the classic gacha mechanics are here.

Epic Seven does not offer anything unique when compared to other gacha games but it has a gripping story, cool visuals, and lots of waifu girls in provocative outfits – what more you can ask? We plan to play this one for a while and offer you other guides to make your adventure easier: Don’t forget to check them out too. Let’s start this adventure together and save the world once again – see you on BlueStacks!

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