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Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

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When you start to play a game like Epic Seven, you can’t help but notice the widespread community of players surrounding it. In the case of Epic Seven, close to 60k members on the official Reddit and probably many more players interact with one another on a daily basis. Although this is not one of the primary criteria one should judge a game by, having an active player base often changes one’s experience of the game.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

After our brief inventory of the best PvE heroes and the best PvP heroes, we’d now like to focus on how you can gear these characters to make the most out of their skills and strengths.

The Basics of Epic Seven Gear

As you rush to complete the tutorial missions of the first chapter, you’ll notice that some mobs and/or encounters drop items as a reward for a job well done. These can be equipped on any of your heroes. To do this, head over to your tavern home screen, click the “Hero” icon, and then select “Hero” once again. This will open up your current list of characters you can use in battle.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

You’ll notice that both on the left and on right hand side of your heroes there are 3 empty slots. If you click on each of them, a list of possible items will pop up and you can select whichever suits them best. On the left, you have your weapon, the helmet, and the chest armor, while the right contains your necklace, hands, and feet. What you need to keep in mind is that the right side is usually more important than the left, because the items that go in here will give you a percentage-based boost to a main stat, rather than a constant value.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

For example, this level 1 rare Studded Club gives us 15 attack as a main stat. The higher the level of the item, the bigger the stat bonus, but the difference in item quality and/or rarity will be much more impactful on our level 1 Leather Shoes. Even if they are of lower quality, they give us a 2% bonus to our Health as a main stat, an improvement which will grow exponentially. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the left-hand side, but rather that the competition for good items usually takes place on the right side.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Boots, for instance, are the only way to improve the Speed stat of your Epic Seven heroes through gear. We don’t have any good ones as of yet, but, give us a little time and we’ll pull out of our rabbit hat a best-in-slot item for our Ras. In our specific scenario, the weapon is much better item because one of its substats (Health 3%) is actually higher than the main stat of our Leather Shoes, which is Health 2%.

Epic Seven Gear Interactions and Enhancements

Each piece of gear in Epic Seven has a primary stat, which is written in bigger font, so you can easily recognize it, and a series of substats. We saw in the previous example that our Studded Club had two substats, a flat and a percentage increase to Health, whereas the boots only offered us a 2% increase to Critical Hit chance. In addition to these, each item also has a set bonus.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

For example, our purple Leather Headgear is part of the same set as our main weapon. Because the set bonus only requires two pieces to give us an extra stat, we now have a handsome 15% increase to our Ras’ HP in addition to all the other stats on the respective items. Some sets require 4 pieces to activate, but they usually offer a better reward for the effort. The Leather Boots are part of the Attack set which, when completed, will give us an awesome 35% increase to our attack value.

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Whenever you encounter a great item, you might want to equip it and then use the lock button to prevent it from being accidentally deleted. It doesn’t happen often, but, when it does, it usually hurts. The only exception to the useless-flat-substat rule is speed, which is incredibly rare and will never come in the form of a percentage. When you get it, hold on to it for the life of your Epic Seven heroes.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Finally, the game offers us the possibility to improve the pieces of gear that we value the most.  In addition to their level and rarity, each piece will show a number of improvements in the form of a “+X,” where X is how many times you’ve managed to enhance it. To do this, you will need some gold and either a charm or a piece of gear of the same type. For instance, we can improve anything that comes in the weapon slot with the Lesser Weapon Charm. However, if you look at the experience bar underneath the club, you will realize that the item is not really worth the investment.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Each time you enhance your equipment by another 3 levels, you unlock another substat. If, say, you have unlocked all of them, then either of the existing ones will get a boost instead. Because of this interaction, people don’t really upgrade an item unless it’s Purple or Red quality. Also, if you can’t make it past the three levels mark, the upgrade can probably wait because the boost won’t be that significant without it.

Gear Your Epic Seven Heroes with BlueStacks

This is basically all the information you will need to make sound decisions in terms of itemization. Don’t waste your upgrade materials needlessly and only keep those pieces of gear you know will be useful. In certain instances, it might be best to keep a set bonus whole instead of breaking it up just to get a single item in there.

Epic Seven: Find and Equip the Best Gear for Your Heroes

Another neat trick you can use is stacking small sets. Even if they are of the same kind, if you equip 6 2/2 sets you will get 3x the set bonus. Pretty awesome. If you’re a beginner and you’re playing Epic Seven on BlueStacks, we’d love to hear what awesome character-gear interactions you use to beat the game.

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