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Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Once you’ve played Epic Seven for longer than 3-4 weeks, you’ll soon start to realize that your progression has come to a halt. You might have completed 10-10, but the Abyss, Adventure, Hunts, and even Maze are now fighting back harder and harder. It is at this point that you need to decide which of your heroes are worth the commitment and consolidate your line-ups. Overall, what you need to do is increase the durability of your team, their damage, as well as their healing. Pretty straightforward, right?

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

If you haven’t already, you need to start upgrading your units from 5-stars to 6. Aside from this, you will have to significantly improve their gear or farm new items and enhance them. It won’t be easy, nor fast, so don’t think too much of it. Playing gacha games like Epic Seven is more like a marathon than a sprint: don’t be too hard on yourself and keep the end-goal in mind. We know what you need to get out of this no-man’s land that is the mid-game!

Outstanding Mid-Game Heroes

Deciding on a more-or-less definitive line-up is a pivotal point in your mid-game. In fact, your first priority is to 6-star one of your characters, as this is a crucial step in overcoming the progression wall. You need a total of 2,550,900 experience to rank a unit from 5- to 6-. This is roughly 220 fodder units, 20 white dogs, and another 5 yellow ones. We said it’s no joke and we meant it. And we didn’t even add the resources it takes to level a unit from 1 to 60.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

To make the most out of this titanic endeavor, we recommend you settle on a team composition that will increase your farm speed and also be helpful later on. This is the reason why the community more or less agrees upon the fact that your 1st 6-star ought to be a farmer, someone that will speed up the process of getting others to the same rank. The characters are not set in stone, so you can choose based on preference. However, they should meet the following criteria:

  • Powerful, low-cooldown AoE damage.
  • Fast animations.
  • Dark or light elemental affinity.
  • Lifesteal gear or ability.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

Finding someone that fits this description is easier said than done, so, in the worst-case scenario, any reasonable DPS with a bit of lifesteal will work, as this will enable them to reliably farm upgrade materials. Sez is a fan-favorite here because of his high speed, high attack, and reasonable HP. Celeste, Clarissa, Vildred and Chaos Sect Axe (also known as Axe God) are also viable. Remember that, if you’re farming lower-level content, spammable AoE is better, whereas higher-level monsters require more durability.

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Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

Mid-Game Gear

Equipping the right gear can be just as impactful as choosing the right character to 5- and then 6-star. There are a series of useful epic and heroic sets you can get from the Labyrinth, as well as from completing the main storyline. For lifesteal items, however, you’ll have to do Abyss floors. Ideally, you shouldn’t focus too much on the epic pieces you get. Most of the heroic ones, however, will probably be useful, especially if they’re the Dragon Scale Armor or the Uberid one. As such, you should upgrade these as much as possible. All the way to 15.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

For instance, the Uberid attack set will give your DPS a whopping 35% attack bonus with 4 pieces equipped. This is aside from the individual stats of each item. Other items you should look out for are the Sacred Hero ring that increases your critical rating, as well as the Pegasus Boots, which give you a significant +7 to your speed and a fair amount of crit. In this case, you should equip your secondary DPS or defense breaker with the Lifesteal set from the Abyss.

Once you have all of these, you should bring them up to +15. We can’t stress how much of a difference these can make, especially in terms of diminishing the time it takes for you to farm fodder and doggies to level up your 5-stars.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

Depending on the hero you’ve chosen, there are different primary and secondary stats you should aim to prioritize. Sez, for instance, becomes godlike with Rage and Speed set types, while critical chance and critical damage are his two best substats. If you’re using Celeste for AoE damage, you’ll want to slot her with a Speed set type and give her the same substats as with Sez.

Team Composition

As you may have intuited by now, the composition of your main line-up matters a lot. It’s not enough to have a great damage dealer, you need make sure that they survive long enough to kill your enemies. In fact, odds are that the characters that were useful up until this point will begin to fall off heavily as you try to break through to the end-game. The reason why this happens is that your capacity to kill powerful bosses, rather than generic units, becomes much more important after clearing 10-10.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

The ideal team is made up of the following:

  • A healer that can cleanse/bubble your team, like Angelica. Achates and Destina can be good alternatives.
  • Someone to buff your damage, such as Hazel or Diene.
  • A defense breaker to speed things up and Kuri comes to mind here. Other options include Axe God, Requiem Roar, and Assassin Cartuja.
  • Outstanding single-target DPS, such as Commander Lorina.

It doesn’t matter so much who fills a position, so long as they are good at their role. The defense breaker’s purpose is to speed up your encounter by lowering the target’s armor, but you can just as well use a 2nd DPS, while the buffer exacerbates your initial damage. All the while, the healer’s supposed to keep everyone alive as much as possible.

If you manage to achieve this line-up dynamic, upgrade your gear accordingly, and rank-up several heroes to 6-stars. You’ll soon notice that your team is overcoming that mid-game progression wall and you can push beyond level 58 in Abyss, for instance.

Epic Seven on PC: Mid-Game Heroes and Team Compositions

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