Turn Into A Celestial And Crush Your Enemies: Era of Celestials Review And Beginner Guide

Turn Into A Celestial And Crush Your...

Thousands of enemies to kill, hundreds of items to upgrade, and the opportunity to grind up to level 650: If you’re interested in any of these, Era of Celestials might be the game you’re looking for. There are many examples of ARPG (action role playing) genre , and Era of Celestials is one of the most recent games among them. So, what kind of gameplay it offers and more importantly, is it worthy of your time? You can find the answers to these questions in our review below.

Basic Mechanics Of The Game

If you’ve previously played Lineage II  or Dark III, what you see on the screen will look quite familiar. Era of Celestials is a game that uses standard ARPG mechanics. In the beginning, you are asked to choose one of three hero classes and your goal is fighting hordes of enemies to save the world: Yes, the world needs to be saved again and you are the chosen one, once more.


●   Warrior: Melee fighter and heavy hitter. Because of their high health points, warriors will be the best class for beginners.

●  Archer: Best ranged damage dealer for single targets. Requires a little kiting, so pick this class after you learned the game with the warrior.

●  Mage: If you want to kill a large group of enemies from a distance, the mage will be a very good option. However, due to low health points, requires extensive kiting. Not a good option for solo gameplay.

Unsurprisingly, the game has a very simple story: As a lone hero, you are fighting against the “evil” that has invaded the world, and some “celestial beings” help you along the way. From time to time, you can transform into one of these beings and create mayhem on the battlefield with upgraded powers. There are multiple celestials that you can transform into, and each one provides you with different abilities.

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As you complete missions and kill enemies, you earn XP points and increase the level of your character. This process will take place quite quickly at the beginning: Even after playing the game for an hour, you can have a level 50 character. But once you reach level 300, you will need more and more points. The final level in the game is 650 and you may need to play for months to reach it.

Automate Everything

Era of Celestials uses the same formula at every stage of the game: Complete all missions on a map, kill enemies, clear the map’s special dungeon, and switch to the next map. You repeat this formula until you reach the final level, and the game contains a lot of automation tools to prevent you from getting bored. For example, your hero can complete missions and kill enemies completely automatically: The game literally “plays itself”. You only need to intervene while switching between the quest screens and using the equipment. With BlueStacks, you can make this automation even smarter – in another guide, we talked about how you can do that.

Our hero is automatically moving to the quest area.

He also kills enemies automatically – all you have to do is watch.


●        Level 52: Unlock mount

●        Level 67: Enhancing your equipment becomes available

●        Level 85: You can join a guild

●        Level 92: Daily quests start

●        Level 108: Treasure Hunt feature unlocks

●        Level 120: You get your wings

●        Level 150: You can join events

●        Level 600: Talents are activated

●        Level 650: You can join God Soul raids – a special event that awards the best equipment in the game


To tell the truth, Era of Celestials just repeats the same old mobile ARPG formula. In other words, there is no difference that separates it from other ARPG games. However, it has very small file size and no performance problems despite the high quality graphics, so we can happily consider it as a casual alternative to “heavy” games like Lineage II. If you are looking for a data friendly and casual ARPG game that you can play at short intervals, we recommend you to check out Era of Celestials. In our Tips and Tricks guide , you can find lots of recommendations to help you level up faster. Good luck!

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