In this guide, we offer the best tips for leveling your character in Lineage Revolution 2. Whilst this article can be used as a general guide for any class, it’s specifically been designed for the current top 5 classes in the game.

To find out which are those 5 Top classes, please read the Bluestacks Blog post on Top 5 Lineage 2 Revolution Classes to Play.

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Choosing Your Class

The first step to playing Lineage Revolution 2 is choosing your class. The class you choose is very important because it determines what class you can upgrade to when you reach level 31. The basic classes aren’t that great, so you’ll want to aim for reaching level 31 as quickly as possible. We’ll talk more about that below.

In our previous guide for Lineage Revolution 2, we outlined 5 of the best classes currently in the game. Take a look at these classes below:

  1. Silver Ranger – Good for grinding. Pick the Elf Rogue starting class.
  2. Abyss Walker – Good for dungeons. Pick the Dark Elf Rogue starting class.
  3. Bladedancer – Good for PVP. Pick the Dark Elf Warrior starting class.
  4. Paladin – Easiest class to play.Pick the Human Warrior starting class.
  5. Temple Knight – Best PVP tank class. Pick the Elf Warrior starting class.

Leveling To 31 and Choosing Your Subclass

Once you’ve chosen your class, you’ll first want to auto-complete the quests until you hit level 14.

By doing this, you’ll go through some of the on-boarding quests that reward you with starter items and explain the basic interface layout and game mechanics.

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots - 2

If you haven’t played Lineage 2 Revolution before, it’s worth paying attention to what the NPCs (Non Playing Characters) say during these first 14 levels.

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots - 3

You might also find Bluestacks Blog posts detailing Lineage 2 Revolution Game Mechanics and Lineage 2 Revolution Beginner Guide extremely useful, to help you get a head-start and get some quick tricks and tips to level up faster.

After you’ve reached level 14, you can start grinding. If you picked out one of the top 5 classes we listed above, it shouldn’t take too long to grind to level 15.

You now want to leave the main quest arch and start grinding different farming spots. We’ve listed some locations below for farming different mobs until level 31.

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots - 3

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots – 3Keep in mind that you should always be within 1-2 levels of each farming spot before moving onto the next one. If you’re struggling, go back to the previous spot and level up again.

Auto-combat in Lineage 2 Revolution makes grinding easier. We’d suggest installing L2: Revolution on BlueStacks so that you can keep it running and not have to worry about loss of power or disconnections. The farming locations below are either open world locations or dungeons.

Lineage 2 Revolution Grinding Route

Before you start grinding, click on the mini-map on the top left. You can scroll through the locations and then once you’ve found the correct location, scroll through the monster list on the right side. Click ‘go to’ to automatically walk to the chosen monster.

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots - 4

Level 14-Level 31 Farming Spots

The best farming spots for Level 14-31 have been listed below:

  1. Level 14: West Talking Island – Red Fox
  2. Level 24: Gludin Highway – Malevolent Skeleton Archer
  3. Level 25: Elven Ruins Catacomb 1 – Arachne

Once you’ve reached level 31 at the Elven Ruins Catacomb 1, you can choose your class upgrade. As mentioned before, we’d suggest the top picks listed above if you’re unsure.

Lineage 2 Revolution Class Transfer

Leveling to Level 54

Now that you’ve reached level 31, you can start grinding to level 54.

We’ve listed the best spots to grind in until you reach level 54 below:

  1. Level 31: Elven Ruins Catacomb 1 – Arachne
  2. Level 35:  Elven Ruins Catacomb 2 – Shaper
  3. Level 36: Ant Nest Catacomb 1 – Ant Soldier Larva, Ant Soldier, Ant Captain

You can stay in the Ant Nest Catacomb 1 all the way till you reach level 54. At level 46, move to the Ant Soldier and then move to the Ant Captain at level 50.

Now that you’ve reached level 54, it’s time to take a break and start following the main quests again. A level 54 main quest will give you access to the last daily dungeon, which is worth doing once you have access to it.

Leveling Past 54 and Upgrading Skills

Leveling past 54 requires you to grind through spots, fight for daily arena rewards and complete your daily dungeons. Whilst the main goal at this point is still to increase your level, after level 54 you’ll finally start collecting items through your grinding that’ll prove to be useful for the rest of the game.

You should try to max out your passive skills first – keep leveling up your passive skills until they hit max level and only focus on your other skills afterward. You should also try to focus on the damage-dealing skills after maxing out your passives.

Because you should be focusing on completing arenas and dungeons at level 54 and upwards, you may not need to visit every single grinding spot listed below. Just visit each spot as and when you have time to grind.

Lineage 2 Revolution Best Grinding Spots 5

  1. Level 54-61: Ant Nest Catacomb 2 – Ant Larva
  2. Level 62-65: Plains of Dion – Baroque & Breka Orc Ranger
  3. Level 66-69: Plains of Dion – Screash & Leto Lizardman Shaman
  4. Level 70-77: Plains of Dion – Breka Orc Infiltrator
  5. Level 78-83:  Ant Nest Catacomb 2 – Ant Soldier Royal Guard
  6. Level 84-93: Cruma Tower Floor 2 – Mordeo
  7. Level 94-100: Cruma Tower Floor 2 – Master Mordeo & Mordeo’s Guard

Level 100+ Arena and Dungeons

After you have reached level 100, you should start to put more focus on maxing out your rewards from daily dungeons and arena challenges. When grinding, focus on the grinding spots mentioned below:

  1. Level 100-115 – Shrieking Hallows
  2. Level 115-130 – Cruma Tower Floor 3

Drops to Look Out For

As you play, you’ll want to pay attention to a number of items. The first item to keep an eye out for is quest scrolls. These will drop depending on your level and can be completed when you’re able to do so.

You should complete them as quickly as you can – it’s possible to complete 12 daily quests each day and 15 weekly quests each day.

Lineage 2 Revolution Quest Scrolls

Completing daily and weekly quests will reward you with Varnish boxes, relics, and other useful items.

The second item to look out for whilst grinding is Monster Cores. Each monster type in Lineage 2 Revolution drops its own Monster Core. Collecting them can upgrade your Monster Codex level with that particular monster type. Increase your Monster Codex level to get special stat bonuses.

Clans and Partying With Friends

One of the most important things you can do in Lineage 2 Revolution is party up with friends. Playing with friends will speed up your grinding time massively and it will help especially if you pick out a slow leveling class such as the Temple Knight.

Because most of the content is AFKable, it’s possible to set yourself with friends on BlueStacks and keep Lineage 2 Revolution in the background for the most part. You can then focus on playing other games whilst you auto-farm or do other things on your computer.

Thanks for reading through our guide on how to level the best classes in Lineage Revolution 2. Hopefully, this guide will help you to speed through the levels and get over level 100 in no time.