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Eternal Sword M on PC – Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

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We’re always excited to try new games as soon as they come out, especially if they’re awesome MMORPGs like Eternal Sword M. This is the newest game from developer Neocraft Limited, which offers hours upon hours of exploration and excitement as players travel through different locations—and even through time, itself—in order to grow in strength and defeat the forces of evil. Before embarking on your journey, however, you will need to select the class you will be using throughout the entire game.

Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

There are five different classes in Eternal Sword M, all of which offer their own unique playstyle and roles in combat. While most of the classes in this MMORPG can deal with most threats on their own, some do it better and faster. However, while their offensive potential can vary, some of these classes offer much more than just big numbers as their roles stretch far past defeating enemies, and may include things like keeping the group safe, tanking enemies, or even healing and providing positive buffs to the entire party.

Due to their inherent differences, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your class in Eternal Sword M. Luckily, this is precisely what this guide is about, as you’ll find detailed information on what each class can do, including their respective class changes at level 39, and for which style of gameplay they work best.

Let’s go!

1. Swordsman

The only dedicated melee DPS in the entire repertoire, armed with a powerful sword that they can use with great skill and dexterity. They offer a good blend of single-target and AoE offensive skills, and a lot of mobility abilities, but are lacking in the survivability department. However, considering how hard they can hit, they don’t really need too much in terms of defenses since they can simply defeat the enemies far before they’re able to fight back and cause significant damage.

Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

The Swordsman’s three specializations at level 39 are the following:

  • Cold Blade: Imbuing their sword with the powers of ice, this specialization is all about CC as they have skills for disabling and slowing the enemies. Furthermore, they have ranged skills that allow them to deal with foes both near and far.
  • Ghost Slayer: Featuring similar abilities to its base counterpart, this specialization uses the power of fire to deal damage in wide areas, excelling at defeating many foes simultaneously.
  • Rapid Thrust: Specializing in exploiting weaknesses, this specialization uses lightning to move fast through the battlefield, striking where it hurts the most. They can ignore armor and cause tons of damage to the enemy.

Recommended for: Players who simply like to do lots of damage from up close, as it’s the only dedicated melee DPS class in the game. The Swordsman is easy to use, as well, which makes it a beginner-friendly choice.

2. Gunner

If you thought the Swordsman was a safe and easy class, then the Gunner will probably surprise you as it offers a similar damage potential, but it can do it from long distances in order to keep safe. While they offer tons of damage in both single-target and AoE fashion, they’re even squishier than the Swordsman and are especially susceptible to melee combat.

Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

Their specializations include the following:

  • Hunter: This specialization uses the power of ice to disable enemies as they stay close to them in order to strike with a combination of melee and ranged attacks. They are, by far, the most unique spec of this class due to the fact that they don’t rely solely on their guns.
  • Magic Gunner: Wielding specialized bullets for every occasion, this subtype of Gunner excels at weak consecutive attacks that can slowly rack up the damage. Their highly-specialized weapons also give them formidable AoE capabilities.
  • Sniper: As if the Gunner’s damage wasn’t enough, this specialization further increases their single-target damage output with the power of fire, which makes them ideal for dealing with individual enemies.

Recommended for: If you want to deal the highest damage in the game from a safe distance, and without worrying too much about surviving, then this is definitely your best choice.

3. Mage

Wielding the forces of the elements to both cripple and obliterate their foes, the Mage in Eternal Sword M is a formidable class for multiple purposes. Furthermore, their different specializations allow them to shift between powerful single-target spells, expansive AoE and CC magic, or even act as makeshift supports that can debuff enemies and enhance the damage of their allies.

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Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

These are the specializations for the Mage class in Eternal Sword M:

  • Scholar: Mages who wield the power of ice to incapacitate and damage large groups of enemies. This class is ideal for dealing with large hordes of foes in a group setting as they can disable multiple enemies while the group cleans house.
  • Cabalist: Using the power of fire, the Cabalist specializes in strong, AoE damage, while also offering the deadliest types of magics that can incinerate foes with lethal damage.
  • Wizard: The most nuanced specialization of the three, offering skills for both debuffing the enemy, and increasing their own damage output. They’re quirky and tough to use.

Recommended for: Mages are among the strongest class in the game. However, their reliance on spells and magic, as opposed to regular attacks can make them a bit difficult to use. This class is suited for those who want to do lots of damage, but with a challenging playstyle.

4. Warrior

Strong frontline fighters equipped with the thickest armor and biggest sword in the game, which allows them to both withstand tons of damage, and dish out their own form of punishment in return. As a result of their unique kit, they’re the only dedicated “tanks” in the game, especially if you choose their Defender specialization.

Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

The current specializations for Warriors in Eternal Sword M are as follows:

  • Berserker: The dedicated DPS Warrior spec, with tons of AoE damage to cut through swathes of foes, and immunity to control effects that can keep them going as long as their HP lasts.
  • Defender: The dedicated tank spec, equipped with earth and nature magic to both bolster their defenses and restore their own HP, as well as taunt skills to capture the enemies’ attention. This spec is quite strong and tough to take down.
  • Gladiator: Specializing in debuffs and skills that disable the enemy, this subtype is ideal for group settings. However, it also offers the strongest skills in terms of damage, allowing them to burst foes down.

Recommended for: While Warriors in this game are quite strong in terms of offense, their superior defenses make them ideal for players who value a direct approach to combat and prefer to tank hits instead of dodging.

5. Miko

The specialist class in Eternal Sword M, wielding a combination of damaging and healing spells, coupled with support and buffs skills, making them the only dedicated healers in the game. However, while their support potential is unparalleled, they can also deal tons of damage, especially when using certain specializations.

Eternal Sword M on PC - Guide to the Different Classes in the Game

Their specializations include the following:

  • Spirit Maiden: The dedicated healer spec, with plenty of skills to keep the party healthy as they battle the enemy. Their damage output is quite decent, as well.
  • Spell Master: This spec focuses on AoE damage and offers plenty of debuffs to debilitate the enemies, exposing their weaknesses to the rest of the group so that they can capitalize on them
  • Fan Dancer: Similar to the Spell Master, only instead of debuffs, this specialization is all about CC. After all, a crippled enemy can hardly fight back. This spec is better suited for solo play.

Recommended for: Since they’re the only dedicated healers in the game, this class is great for players who’d rather support than deal damage. That’s not to say Mikos can’t hold their own in single combat, but it’s a good alternative for those who like to play with the team.

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