Heroes Of Fate/Grand Order: Everything You Need To Know

Heroes Of Fate/Grand Order: Everything You Need...

Fate/Grand Order offers 300 heroes to collect, which are known as “servants”, and there are lots of things you need to know about them. Using the Multi-Instance feature of BlueStacks will give you an advantage and a boost on creating the perfect team right at the start, but it will still take a long time to gather your dream party. So, we decided to create a guide about them and answer the most important questions about heroes: Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Where Can I Get More Heroes?

Like any other gacha game,  summoning is the main method of getting new heroes. To complete a summon, you need at least 3 “saint quarts” crystals. And if you have 30 of these crystals, you can summon 10 heroes at once. The results will always be random – there is no way knowing which heroes you will get beforehand. Fate/Grand Order heroes have different star numbers and rarity levels – making a saint quartz crystal summon will give you a chance to get 3 or 5-star heroes.

You can also make a “friendship summon”, which requires another currency called “friend points” (FP). 200 FP will allow you to make a single summon, but the result will always be a random 1 or 3-star hero. You cannot get a 4 or 5-star hero with this method. If you want to learn about how to win more FP, make sure to check our Tips & Tricks guide too.

Which Hero Classes Are Available?

All heroes belong to a specific class, and there are 7 classes in total: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Berserker, Rider, Caster, and Assassin. Note that there are also some special classes which do not belong to a specific category, such as Shielders, Rulers and Avengers. We can simplify this list to give you a better idea: You get to pick a tank, a support, a melee DD (damage dealer), and a ranged DD for your party. No matter what the class name is, your heroes will undertake one of these roles.

The class list – we explained what “special class” means above.

However, knowing the names of these classes is still important, because each one has an advantage over the other. It is like a rock-paper-scissors game: If a class has an advantage over another one, its attacks will be 100% more effective. Moreover, they will take 50% less damage from classes that are disadvantageous against them. Here is the full list:

Lancer Archer
Archer Saber
Saber Lancer
Rider Caster
Caster Assassin
Assassin Rider
Berserker Deals 150% more damage on all classes but receives 100% more damage too

How Can I Empower My Heroes?

There are several ways to do this, but let’s start with the simple ones. First, you can enhance them and increase their level. This process will affect their main stats (HP and ATK) and require “sacrificing” other heroes. So, by using low-level heroes, you can enhance the strongest ones.

Note that all heroes have a level cap based on their rarity. At the beginning, 4-star heroes can be enhanced up to level 40, for example. If you want to increase this level cap, you need to complete another process called “Ascension”. This is actually enhancing on steroids, because your heroes will become much stronger with every stage of this method. And the good news is, you can collect the materials required for this process from quests.

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Using Craft Essences will be an alternative to enhancement. You think these essences as “bonus cards” which you can give your heroes before the battle. Each essence will give you a different bonus, but they will always be useful. Note that it is also possible to enhance these essences too.

You click on these spots to equip an enhancement.

Which Heroes Will Be Best For Beginners?

To be honest, this question has multiple answers and every player can suggest different heroes. Fate/Grand Order is a gacha game after all, and which heroes you will get entirely depends on your luck. So your goal should be forming the best possible party with your current roster. You should respect the class roles we explained above and always pick a tank, a support, and a damage dealer. We played the game with this setup and think that they are pretty useful:

Mash Kyrielight

We liked Mash because she is a quite good tank which is available from the beginning. It has lots of buffs that can increase the defense of all party members and to tell the truth, we have a thing for girls holding big shields. Mash will be a very good tank until you reach the end-game phase.


We picked Medea as the support class for a simple reason: She has the highest attack values among all other 3-star casters. Plus, she has a ton of buffs for your party. Medea will be a very fine addition to your party and even during the end-game stage: You should consider enhancing her fully.

Sasaki Kojioru

Sasaki is literally a damage machine: he has the highest attack values among all 1-star heroes. And yes, that is his only disadvantage – he is a 1-star hero. However, this also means he will be pretty easy to get and the best melee deps until you find a better one. Plus, he has extra attack animations, so he looks cooler than the rest.

That’s all we can tell you about the heroes of Fate/Grand Order, but if you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below – we like to hear from you. And in order to become a better player, you should read our other Fate/Grand Order articles, especially the Battle guide. We believe that Heroes and Battle guides complement each other and should be read together. Good luck in the game and may you always summon 5-star heroes!

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