Free Fire is known in the world as a battle royale game but there is another mode that is even more exciting. Clash squad was added to Free Fire and if you haven’t played it already then you should. Clash Squad in Free Fire is a multiplayer team deathmatch like we have seen in other games as well. Players are divided into teams of two with each team having eight players in total. Each match of Clash Squad has seven rounds and the team with most wins of the seven wins. As simple as it sounds, when it comes to winning a Clash Squad match and especially in the ranked mode it is extremely tough. 

Tough as it is, winning clash squad matches is not impossible. The only reason why players lose is that they’re playing with random people. You can’t expect a group of players who have never even played together a battle royale match in Free Fire to suddenly start cooperating. We played Free Fire on our BlueStacks emulator with random players and our own squad. The result was an obvious one. Playing with players who know your playstyle is a completely different experience but because we played with random players we now know how to win even if you’re a solo player. 

Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

The thing about clash squad matches is that they’re played on the same maps of Free Fire on which players play battle royale matches. This does make things interesting if you already know your maps but as is the case with most players, they have no idea about the Kalahari map. To win in Clash squads you need to get some of the basics right. In this game guide for the Free Fire clash squad, we have compiled some of the tips and pointers that are not only good for this game but for any game that has a similar multiplayer mode. You can easily use them for PUBG Mobile team deathmatch but not for CoD Mobile since that game has a very different multiplayer mode. 

Take Command

When you join a clash squad match solo you will be paired with random strangers. Chances are that you have already experienced what happens when there is chaos and a lack of coordination. In these situations, someone has to take charge and bring some level of coordination to the team. You need to make sure that your team and especially you win that first round out of the seven. If your team loses the first round then chances are you will lose the next one as well. If you lose the first round of the game then you won’t be able to buy the loadout you need for the second round. Take charge and guide your team to victory. 

Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

Two by Two

In Free Fire Clash Squad you have two teams and eight players. That get’s divided into each team getting four players each. We recommend that you divide it a bit more. Break your team into a partnership of two players and then use that to your advantage. The way we did it was by giving two of the players SMGs and the other two an AR and a sniper rifle. Now you take that and further divide it into a sniper taking long shots from the roof. A player hiding nearby the sniper making sure that no one from the other team makes a rush on the sniper. The two players with SMGs can rush towards the enemy team and keep the pressure on them. 

Yes, this is the level of coordination that is required to dominate clash squad in a ranked match. It does sound difficult since it is but with practice and a good squad by your side even you can pull it off. 


Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

Change your Pet

Ever guide that talks about clash squad will inevitably say that you should focus on character combinations. That is true but something else that is also true is using the right pet. Free Fire might be the only game that has a pet system in the battle royale genre but it does and these little creatures matter a lot. These pets in Free Fire have abilities just like the playable characters and choosing the right pet can make all the difference that is needed to win. We recommend using pets that can help you in the game and not the ones that find mushrooms. 

Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

Maintain Cover

If there is one mistake that players make in clash squad and many times even in battle royale matches, it is leaving their cover position. When you are playing clash squad you might have noticed how players rush towards the enemy after giving them damage or knocking them. That is fine in a battle royale match but when it comes to clash squad that might be the mistake that loses you the round. Never ever leave your cover. There is no zone that is going to form over your location and by rushing towards a knocked enemy player is not necessary at all in clash squad. Take the approach that the gods of counter strike have passed onto us and hold your position. Hold it till you can’t and do not push until it is absolutely necessary. Remember that you need to win four matches out of seven to win. 

Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

Create a Squad

This is one of the harshest tip you will ever get in a game guide but you need a squad of players. Playing Free Fire with people who understand your game style and your weaknesses will give you a huge amount of breathing space in the middle of a match. A half-decent squad can win ranked matches easily. Without a good squad not only are you maximizing your chances of losing but also you are jeopardizing your own skillset. Playing with players with whom you can communicate and strategize or practice will take your game to the next level. 

Win Every Clash Squad Match in Free Fire with These Tips and Tricks

We can’t exactly tell you how you can create your own squad but a good starting place is playing battle royale matches with random players who have their mic on. That way you can ask them if they are interested in playing with you or joining your guild. The point is that you do need a squad or at the very least three players who you can trust in the game.