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Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

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In Clash Squad games most players tend to use guns that are known for their close range power. Guns like the vector, MP40, M1887, and M1014 are some of the most used weapons in the game and for good reason. All of these weapons are mostly used by entry fraggers, but there are players who like to stay a step back. These players tend to be at the back of their teams, giving them support when needed. If you are one of those players then chances are you use a sniper  rifle or a gun that has good range. The AWM, Kar98k, M82B, SVD, and Woodpecker are some of the guns that have excellent long range capabilities in Free Fire

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

If you take your fights from a distance then these guns will make sure that you grab those kills. Sniper rifles and marksman rifles are able to minimize the bullet drop and maintain damage in long shots. So when you shoot at a player whose 60 meters away with the AWM, you still will land critical shots on that player. This is something that you will not see with the AK or any other mid-range to close range gun. Now that you understand the basics of gun mechanics and why snipers are necessary, let’s discuss how you can be a better sniper in Clash Squad games of Free Fire. 

Weapons Overview

Before the guide begins, it would be better if you get familiar with all the guns that are good in long ranges. There are 3 sniper rifles and 3 marksman rifles in the game. Out of them, the SKS and Kar98k are the ones to avoid. Both these weapons don’t offer much advantage in the game when you take a look at their counterparts. Kar98k also has some issues in Free Fire, so it is not a sniper rifle to be recommended in Clash Squad games. That leaves the AWM, M82B, SVD, and Woodpecker. The AMW is a bolt action sniper rifle in Free Fire and has become the new favorite sniper in the game. This is one of the few guns in the game that can change the outcome of your round in the right hands. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

AWM offers high damage and range with accuracy and skimps out on reload speed and rate of fire. The Ideal range of operation for the AWM is inside 90 meters. Beyond that range you will see a drop in damage when you take a shot at the enemy. M82B was and still is a game breaking gun in Free Fire. It is one of the few guns in the game that can shoot down a gloo wall with ease. Players who are snipers or stay back to support their team tend to use the combination of AWM and M82B in their fights. The M82B is the only sniper rifle that has armor penetration rounds and can destroy vests with ease. The Time to kill of the M82B is less than that of the AWM. Both guns are excellent but the AWM is cheaper to buy than the M82B. Then you have the SVD and Woodpecker, both marksman snipers. SVD has been in Free Fire for a very long time and at one point in the game was the best gun for sniping. Now, you need to understand the gun dynamics of Free Fire to know what’s the major difference between them and which of them suits you more. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

To make it a bit simple to understand, the SVD is for long range and Woodpecker for mid-range fights. Woodpecker is a gun that you can use for both sniping and in places where you would use an AR. Even the SVD isn’t as accurate as this gun and the headshot potential of Woodpecker is off the charts. Among the two, the Woodpecker is the one to choose. The SVD has lost its place as the most effective long range gun to use. The only benefit of going with the SVD apart from the downsides is the range, which is more than the Woodpecker. 

Positioning Guidelines

This is something very basic that most players just understand as game mechanics and that is ideal range. Each of the guns mentioned above are good for long range engagements and since you’re using them, positioning starts to matter a lot. In Clash Squad games your map has a limited size, and you are using a gun that has long range benefits, so it makes sense that you take long range engagements more. That means, you will be at the back of your teammates if you’re playing support or at the front of an angle when you have to take the first kill. That will depend on the type of playstyle you have but always try to make sure that you can fall back too. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

By having the option to fall back after killing an enemy will improve your chances of survival. Using cover to peek and take shots will help you to move around and since the number of gloo walls is limited, you should try using cover more. These guns are capable of downing the enemy in almost all ranges, so the result of your engagements matters a lot on your position. Something that you need to be mindful about is changing your position after taking an engagement. By moving around you will be able to cover more area of the map and gather info for your team and also save yourself from the enemy. If you start being predictable in your Free Fire Clash Squad games then you will get punished for it in the round. Losing even a single round will disrupt your economy and level the playing field.

Sniping Styles

When it comes to sniping in Free Fire, there are only two types of play styles to choose from. There is the passive style of sniping and the aggressive style of sniping. Depending on the type of player you are your style will influence the type of sniper you will pick. First, you should understand what passive play style and aggressive play styles are. Passive sniping is the most common style of sniping that is seen in Free Fire. This play style has players lurking around at the back of the map and taking free kills from a distance. Benefits of this play style are obvious since the sniper player won’t be in the line of fire directly. By using the long range capabilities of these rifles the player can maintain a safe distance between them and the enemy. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

You should understand here that by increasing the distance between you and the enemy, you will take less damage as well. In Free Fire, the longer a bullet has to travel the lesser damage it will do. So a bullet from an SMG is good for maybe 20 to 30 meters but won’t do much damage at 60 meters. A sniper can do devastating damage from 60 meters and above which makes them perfect for playing support to their forward teammates. One thing to note here is that the passive style of sniping relies heavily on information gathered by your team. This is important to understand since the aggressive play style goes a bit different. When a sniper is playing aggressively then a lot of changes and the first is positioning. Aggressive snipers have to enter a site or angle and peek for the enemy. To understand it better, take the Clock Tower location of Clash Squad. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

If you are a sniper with an AWM then you can move forward and peek to the area of enemy’s approach. Even if you don’t kill at the immediate sight of the enemy, you will be able to tell your teammates about the enemy’s position. Information gathering is the one thing that aggressive snipers have to do for their teams. By relaying the enemy’s position to your team, you are taking the first step in map control. Plus, you need to take the first kill as well. Sniper rifles have one shot capabilities till 80 meters, which is a long range. By taking down an enemy or two, you are increasing the chances of your team winning the round by a big margin. 

Character Skills

Be it passive or aggressive play style of sniping that you are aiming for, your skills will be deciding a lot of your choices. A sniper in Free Fire doesn’t have a lot of character skills to choose from. For active skill, you will need Chrono’s Time Turner ability that will increase your movement skill and give a shield that can take 600 damage. This skill is useful when you need to snipe an enemy in the open. Since the Time Turner shield can take up to 600 damage and the fight is long range, you can easily kill your enemy from a distance. Since the enemy bullets will need to travel longer, they will lose the damage power. The 600 damage buffer will be able to absorb most of the enemy fire. Your movement speed will increase by 15% as well, so running to cover once the shield is gone will be easier as well. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

In passive skills you have some choices to choose from. There is Laura, Rafael, Moco, Shirou, and Maro that can help you with some good skills combinations. Laura is going to increase your accuracy when you take scoped-in shots with her skill Sharp Shooter. Rafael has the skill Dead Silent, and it has two perks. One is that it will silence any gun automatically without the need of any attachments which is especially useful in sniping. The second is that any player that is downed with this skill will lose their HP at a much faster rate. Shirou is a recently added character whose skill is perfect for snipers and negates the use of Moco. Like the Dead Silent ability, the Damage Delivered skill also has two parts to it. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Everything About Sniping Simplified

The first is that it marks the enemy with the first shot you shoot and reveals their location on the mini-map of the player. Then the second shot on the marked enemy will have additional armor penetration. Maro is a character that you should consider using if you are a sniper and are using Shirou or Moco. His skill is called Falcon Fever and can do two things that will make sniping easier for you. First is that it increases damage with distance, so even your long shots will get additional damage on them which will make downing your enemy easier. The other thing that this skill does is also increases the damage on marked enemies.

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