When it comes to games like Free Fire, you can never let your game sense get rusted. Every game that is like FF is guilty of introducing something in the meta that broke the game itself. For some games that is an overpowered or a game breaking weapon, and for Free Fire it was Chrono. There was a time when this character did not exist in the game and one could say that all was well. But then there was a collaboration that Free Fire did with Ronaldo, and nothing was ever the same. That is not to say that there were never any good characters in the game. 

Time Turner Disabled: Free Fire Guide to Defeating Chrono

DJ Alok, K, and many others have been very popular with the players. However, none of them proved quite so difficult on the battlefield as Chrono did. The character’s Time Turner ability turned the tide of the game. Chrono can make a spherical blue dome around itself that can block 600 damage for a few seconds. Granted, it only works if Chrono is inside the circle, but it is a very powerful ability to have. So in this guide, you will be learning how to deal with Chrono in-game. Even if it is one of the most powerful characters in the game, it doesn’t mean it cannot be defeated. 

Cooldown Timer:

As mentioned above, Chrono’s Time Turner ability is pretty much bulletproof. It can take enough damage that it is almost indestructible in solo games. The only way to fight an ability like this is to handle it according to the situation. Let’s say you’re fighting with players in close quarters with a house near you. The moment your enemy deploys Time Turner, you should use a gloo wall and run inside the house. The reason to do this is to make the enemy run out of their circle and pursue you. Realistically speaking, you cannot take on a player when they’re inside the Time Turner circle. 

Time Turner Disabled: Free Fire Guide to Defeating Chrono

Even if you continuously shoot at them, they can still take 600 damage and deploy a gloo wall too. So basically, you’re going to get killed in a straight shootout. In engagements that are mid to long range, you need cover other than gloo wall. Covers like trees and rocks to hide yourselves. Then use grenades and other explosives to make the enemy either run outside the circle or run down the timer. You can use sniper rifles as well but there won’t be much that you can do in solo games. This is the most basic thing you can do in the worst-case scenario. In 1v1 situations, you should always use your head to get the enemy out of the Time Turner circle. 


The only character that can take on Chrono head on with ease is Wukong. This is one of the few characters that has an insane ability. The ability is called Camouflage, and it turns you into a moving bush. Now, in itself, this sounds just a good enough ability, but there is one more ability this monkey has. Once the Camouflage ability is deployed, any hip-fired bullet cannot touch you. 

Time Turner Disabled: Free Fire Guide to Defeating Chrono

Basically, in a hell fire of hip-fired bullets, your Camouflage ability can keep you safe. Now, the only vulnerability that Chrono’s Time Turner has is that it allows the enemy to enter inside it. The reason many players don’t know this is that running inside the Time Turner circle means going head on against enemy fire. Only with Wukong’s Camouflage ability, you can deflect enemy fire and go inside the circle to kill Chrono. 


One of the easiest ways to kill a player inside the Time Turner circle is with a vehicle. Cars can pass through the Time Turner circle with ease. Not a lot of players are aware of this fact but using cars to kill a player inside the Time Turner circle is easy. Also, you get a decent amount of cover from the enemy’s fire inside the car. It goes without saying, but you can use the car as a getaway too. That’s why finding a set of wheels in solo games is almost necessary. Not only you will be able to cover long distances with ease but also can use it as a cover. 


Now coming to the situations that most players will find themselves in the game. Chances are that you will be facing Chrono’s ability in very close quarters. Most players who use Time Turner will almost always deploy it when they sense danger. You, like many others, will probably want to break the blue colored circle. It is not impossible to destroy the circle, but you need to keep the limitations in mind. 

Time Turner Disabled: Free Fire Guide to Defeating Chrono

The first thing that you need to understand is that the Time Turner circle will only block damage upto 600. So using a weapon that can deliver a lot of damage very quickly would be ideal. SMGs are perfect for the job and more specifically the Vector. In Free Fire, you can dual wield the vector and fire both of the guns at the same time. The advantage is that you deliver twice the damage at twice the fire rate. SMGs in Free Fire are known for their high fire rate, and they can tear apart the Chrono circle in no time. 


With all those tips done, one thing that will help you in defeating Chrono is game sense. You don’t need to be as good as the pros, but knowing when you engage and when not to is necessary. Another thing that is important is your loot. Having gloo walls and grenades to help you against Chrono in your loot is a good idea. Basically, your character needs to be prepared for any and all abilities that can be a problem for you. Time Turner is not the only ability that is overpowered. Having proper contingencies will be a boon for your chances of getting a Booyah. So keep on grinding.