The moment a player lands on the battlefield of Free Fire, they need to survive. Like any good battle royale game, players need to use their heads and hands to win. However, there is a lot more that goes into winning a game in Free Fire. Just tinkering around in the settings and copying the sensitivity of your favorite pros isn’t enough. You need to think outside the box if you want to Booyah or come close to it in every game you play. That is where this guide comes into play. Here you will get some tips and tricks of Free Fire that you haven’t considered yet. Everything from speed to settings will be explained in this guide.

1. Speed

Speed is the bread and butter of any good play in BR games. The same is the case for Free Fire matches. Any player who has mastered the movement of this game is probably at the higher ranks already. Now, you might think that like any other BR game, Free Fire also has movement based on just your WASD combined with jumping. That is not the case at all. Your movement in this game has multiple aspects to it, starting with character skills. Certain characters skills in this game can actually increase your movement speed, Kelly being the primary one. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

This character’s ability is called Dash, and it can increase your speed-up to 6% at level 8. Character skills like these are the primary way you can increase your speed. That will be helpful when you’re running to cover distances. Another thing that is seen in the higher ranks is the weapon switch speed. Players who display lighting fast movement tend to keep switching between their weapons and melee a lot. Some players almost switch immediately after shooting their shots. That constant switching means that while moving, their speed is a bit higher compared to a player moving while holding their weapon. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

This is a very basic game mechanic of Free Fire that almost every player is familiar with but rarely puts it to good use. Basically, what you need to focus on when playing the game is maximizing your movement and capitalizing on it. Doing that alone will be worth a lot of booyahs for you. 

2. Training Grounds

A lot of the guides on Free Fire have mentioned that players need to spend some time in practice. The reason for this is that the game offers a very dynamic training environment. Players can use the training mode to do target practice with their preferred weapons, but there is a lot more to it. You can even use the training mode to get familiar with all of the game mechanics. What this means is that you can actually play in training with other players and get familiar with the type of engagements you’ll face. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

One thing that you should focus your training on when you’re in the mid-ranks is with common guns. These are basically guns that you usually find as soon as you land. This is important because you need to have your reflexes well oiled with these machines. Most players lose out in the hot drop zones because they don’t know how to use those bad guns to their full potential. Knowing the mechanics of these guns will help you survive the initial stage of the game. 

3. Crosshair Placement

Enough has been said about proper crosshair placement in many of the Free Fire guides. The thing is that crosshair placement actually is a bit different in this game. For most games, just saying that one should keep their crosshair at head level is good enough. In this game, however, you need to keep your crosshair just at the level of where the ground meets the structure or the trees when going downhill. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

Basically, since the game has such a varied terrain in all of their maps, your crosshair needs to always move. Yes, on a flat terrain you can and should keep your crosshair at head level. However, when moving in the open you need to keep your crosshair at the head level according to the elevation of the terrain. That does mean constant adjustments on your part but when you start headshotting your enemies you will appreciate this tip. 

4. Character Skill Combination

Free Fire has a very vast character system that you have to keep in mind when playing. You need to create the best character skill combination based on the ones you have. Assuming you have a good character collection, your main characters should be either of Chrono or Wukong. Both of these have exceptional character skills. Wukong has the Camouflage ability, which lets players turn into a moving bush and deflects any hip fire bullets. Chrono has the Time Turner ability, which creates a blue sphere around the player that can block up to 600 damage. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

These are your active skills. Then come the passive ones like Kelly’s Dash or Hayato’s Bushido. Skills like those are used to make your character compensate or enhance certain aspects. You should focus on a combination that offers flexibility. Right now, Wukong’s ability is making the most noise in Free Fire. Players have been able to counter Time Turner easily with the Camouflage. Other characters like DJ Alok are not effective in the game anymore. 

5. Ranked Games

It is no secret that ranking in Free Fire is very difficult after a certain point. This point of getting stuck varies from player to player, but usually, it has to do with lack of evolution. Learning how the game evolves is a crucial part of understanding what it takes to booyah. For example, players tend to avoid playing the Kalahari map because it’s too big and the games take too long. Yes, that is a fact, but what also matters is the lack of competition on that map. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Booyah-Ing Is Easier Than Ever

The maps that players avoid tend to have lesser competition to deal with. This can help players who are getting stuck on one rank. Playing through the different maps will help you understand the type of players you will be competing against. The map where you have the easiest time winning is your ticket to increasing your rank.