Crosshair placement, counter strafing, aim training. If you’ve heard these terms a thousand times and you want to die if you hear it again then you’ve come to the right place. In this Free Fire guide you will be going over five tips to improve and climb. So, if you want to improve and you’re tired of hearing a million aim tips this is the perfect guide for you.

Getting good aim is a long process. You’re not going to see a couple of tips and then wake up tomorrow with god tier aim. It’s just not going to happen. To improve your gameplay altogether, the first thing that you need to understand is that there are many ways to do so, other than just improving your aim. The first thing the most obvious thing is ability perfection.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

A lot of people think that there are two types of character ability users; there are people that just use it with no thought to it, and then there are the tacticians with their freaking million rollouts. Well, it’s actually just a giant spectrum. Yes, you could completely master or go above and beyond an ability’s use. That’s not to say that you have to just go all in and learn everything. That would be completely overwhelming. What you could do is work on things very slowly, one at a time, with your character’s abilities. 

You need to do this every single day. Learn everything about every character that you didn’t know. The trick is to only give yourself a little bit to work on at a time.  Don’t move on until you’ve perfected the thing that you learned and then incorporate it in your game. Another thing that’s really important is to track how many times you mess up or die while using a character’s ability. 

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Let’s say, you’re taking on an enemy player and in the fight you used your character’s ability. For some reason however, the enemy actually got away scot-free. You obviously messed up in some key way so maybe it might be best for you to go into the training room. You need to relearn about your character’s ability because you did use it wrong. Unless you can consistently use your character in your games it’s not something that you can rely on. Again, it’s not something that’s going to give you consistent value over the course of your many ranked games.

Character Abilities:

Another thing is the ability itself. How many times have you tried to use an ability and the ability actually converted into a Booyah win? How many times have you used your ability and it wasn’t enough to win the game? Obviously, there’s not always a direct correlation. It’s not as if you are always using your character’s ability in a wrong way. There are a number of factors that you need to consider including your squad mates. It’s perfectly reasonable to assume that you might have used an ability at a perfect time. However, due to those other factors you lost the game. That being said, if there are many scenarios where you keep investing your ability into a game that you didn’t win, then essentially you’re wasting that ability over and over again.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

It’s a mistake that you can correct. What you might be saying right off the bat is that learning ability rollouts and trying to master their usage is kind of boring. It’s exhausting having to go look at demos and do research. That’s why you need to take it one step at a time. It shouldn’t actually take you very much time at all if you’re just taking it bit by bit. Only as much as you’re comfortable with before your games. Make sure to try to incorporate the tips you learn in every single game you play. The next question you got to ask yourself is are you really stuck or are you really just not trying very hard to improve? Are you trying to get to a high rank the easy way? Well, you’re probably not going to get there if that’s your mentality. Unfortunately.


Moving on to the next big improvement tip that is actually going to really help you. One of the big reasons that a lot of people are missing their shots is pressure. The reason that you’re missing shots is not because of your aim. It’s because of the pressure involved with shooting. A lot of people are very consistent in practice with their aim.  However, when they go into a game, when there’s pressure on the line,  when they care about their rank, everything changes. All of a sudden they’re missing even simple shots even against enemies that are not looking at them.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

The thing is, performing under pressure is actually a skill. It’s something that you actually have to learn how to do. Not everybody can innately do it. Every player, and that includes you, has to learn how to handle the pressure. That’s because pressure means there are stakes. Stakes mean there is actually more punishment for your mistake.

That’s maybe because the weight of the game is on the line or maybe your rank is on the line. As a result of all that additional pressure stacking on top of each other, your performance suffers. Now, the first thing you need to understand when it comes to dueling pressure is time. You need to understand that there is a lot more time than you think. A lot of players rush a duel even when it’s not about aim. It’s just about seeing an enemy and punishing them when they don’t even know you’re there.

You don’t need a rush and sometimes even if they see you, their time to kill is actually not as fast as you think. You’ll run around the map for a while without shooting at anyone. Likewise, you need to notice or take note of how long it actually takes for enemies to kill you. Notice how much time you really had when you weren’t panicking and just whiffing all your shots.

Mental State:

The next thing you need to understand is the competitive mentality. Pros and high level players care about ranked more than anything. What they don’t do is let pressure affect their play. Now that might seem like an oxymoron. You might think if they care more about the game than anything else, wouldn’t they have more pressure on them than anyone else. That might be true in some ways but the key difference is that competitive mentality. 

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Those players realize that in the grand scheme of things rank and how you perform in a ranked setting don’t ultimately matter. What differentiates them is that they choose to care about it anyways. They’re not caring about it because of outside forces or because they have to reach a certain rank in order to stay pro. That typically or basically never happens. What they’re doing instead is holding themselves to a certain regard. Any pressure that they put on themselves is self-pressure. They don’t let it get to the point where it’s actually affecting their in-game performance. Many times pros will take a step back, relax, take days off or do whatever they have to. This ensures that the pressure doesn’t eat them too hard and it actually affects their performance in-game.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Those of you who deal with competitive anxiety need to consider this tip. Competitive anxiety is something that basically comes in every game where you really like the rank you’re at and you’re scared to lose it. You feel really anxious to even want to play because you’re scared you’re going to drop out. Then if you do sometimes play, you are so under pressure, you’re so scared of messing up. You think messing up is going to lose you your rank. At that point, it’s basically becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Practicing for Ranked:

A good tip for players who are serious about improving their game is getting a second or practice account. This second account is not to smurf on but to play as hard as you possibly can. Climb it to the exact same rank that your main is at. Let’s say that you are a Gold II player.

Then get your alternate account to Gold I or II. Play on the lower of the two accounts until that account reaches the same or surpasses the other account.

Then jump back and forth until you meet threshold after threshold. That way you always have an account that’s a higher rank. Plus, you always get validated by the fact that you deserve a higher rank because you have one on the other account. You’re never going to get 

hit with that competitive anxiety because even if you lose you still have another account that’s on the same or higher rank. 

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

This is typically called the hopscotch ranked method. Overall it’s a perfect strategy for those who deal with competitive anxiety. The next thing that you need to understand is that you should be taking smarter engagements. Especially engagements that you have the advantage in. 

Now, engagements are either smart or just plain dumb depending on the end result. How many times have you ever died to a gloo wall or getting sprayed through a smoke or by an enemy that you never got to shoot back at? All those scenarios are what you need to try to use on the enemy. These are things that are inherently powerful but they are not duels. They are instead based on game sense and decision making.

Things like that you would find in many other games, even games like MOBAs. There are many of these scenarios that come up where you can punish enemies based on things that don’t require extensive mechanical skills. Instead, these situations require you to have a good understanding of what’s going on. That translates to high amounts of game sense. This is what you can really incorporate into your games and something that you can constantly be pushing yourself to do better. What you can do is start watching gameplay of streamers that are more intelligent with their gameplay. Start taking notes of some of the decisions that they make that actually get them value.

Gun Game:

The last part of this is just to abuse guns. If you have an M1887 then abuse the angles that the gun is perfect in. Here’s something that is extremely important for you to understand. Some guns require actually very little practice time relative to other guns to get decent enough. To make the gun very strong, a weapon like an M1887 for instance, is something that you can use as long as you learn the optimal range.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

You can just be a god at  M1887 and get tons of value with it. You can do that in a single day. Take a bunch of different guns that are good in different scenarios and just spend a bit of time every single day mastering these guns, instead of just deciding on a whim what gun you’re going to use. That is the way to become a lot more proficient than the average player. You’re going to be better and you’re going to climb out of the rank you’re in. 

Discipline is another thing that many players lack in Free Fire. What is being disciplined? Well, the first thing that you need to understand is that nothing is an auto loss. It may feel sometimes like a game is automatically lost. You lose four games in a row or someone’s toxic and the game just starts going downhill.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you been rolling on an enemy team. You might have won seven games and then out of nowhere, the enemy teams started performing well. Now you’re losing games one after the other. So, “what changed” is a good question to ask. Somehow your winning streak was taken down so hard. Typically here’s how it happens. A couple of games go well in isolation and that snowballs in the opposite direction. Maybe your team got a little too complacent and pushed in or maybe the enemy team just popped off. 

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

You need to understand that your specific impact can have a snowball’s effect. Basically, it’s always worth it to try your best to the very end. So what you can do here is to make sure that you’re never setting yourself up on the wrong foot when you’re entering your games. Always warm up and make sure that you never enter a game feeling like a subpar version of yourself. You don’t want to say that your aim feels really off right now. With excuses like those, you’re already setting up your failure. The best way to just get rid of that altogether is just to do your due diligence. Warm up ahead of time so that you can perform to your best ability in-game. 


Here lies the most important tip about improving in this Free Fire guide. Improvement is a marathon, not a race. A lot of people want that secret sauce. Many players think that by watching a five minute video they can win Booyahs. They’ll watch one video and then all of a sudden all their prayers are answered. They’re popping off, ranking up all the way to Grand Master. 

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

The reality is, improving is something that is much more similar to a marathon, not a sprint. Here’s the thing, a lot of people might be ahead of you but they’re going to give up all the same. If you are diligent and you are constantly working on yourself you will surpass them. This is about all kinds of improvement game sense, positioning, ability use, being a better communicator, and your aim of course. These are things that slowly but surely improve little by little. Here’s the thing that can happen if you do not give up. It’s called the snowball effect. Eventually things are all gonna connect together. It’s like a spiderweb of all these ideas and all these little bits of improvement that are all scattered.

Free Fire Improvement Guide That Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

Eventually, as they connect, a snowball is going to form and all that improvement is just going to burst through. You’re going to be better than you’ve ever been. You will be improving like you’ve never had. All you have to do is keep trying and not give up until you reach that breaking point. It’s not going to be easy or happen overnight. It’s really important to look at the big picture. It’s like filling up a giant bucket with little grains of sands of improvement. It’s really hard to see and frustrating until you take a step back.