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Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

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Light Machine Guns or LMG’s have really become a meme weapon in Free Fire. However, the game devs have done an incredibly good job of making every weapon as viable as possible. That also includes the Light Machine Guns like the KORD. This is a weapon that many players have really underestimated, being called a meme gun or noob weapon. This is so far from the truth, as the KORD is a very viable weapon when put in the right hands and used correctly. You’ll even see professional players pick this weapon. This Free Fire Guide will be breaking down what the KORD can really do, plus some tips to help you take advantage of its overpowered features to absolutely dominate your competition.

KORD Damage

First, let’s break down the damage of the KORD. The gun has incredible short range potential, dealing 98 damage on the head, 38 on the body, and 32 in the legs. At first glance, you may think the headshot damage in particular is worse than some of the other weapons. What you also have to consider here is the fire rate. The KORD has a significantly greater firing rate, which does make up for the lower damage per shot. Beyond 30 meters, the gun falls off big, dealing only 77 damage at the head, 31 at the body, and 26 at the legs. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

This is a pretty significant damage drop, which is why it’s recommended that you play close range with this weapon. Preferably within the 30-meter mark to ensure you get the most damage possible with this weapon. That is not to say the KORD CAN’T be good in longer ranges. In fact, it does still have very good kill potential beyond 30 meters. For it to really shine, though, the closer ranges are going to be the way to go to get the most bang for your buck with this weapon.

KORD Recoil

The recoil pattern for this weapon is actually fairly similar to guns like M249 or M60. Except it’s more on the wilder side. The first 20 or so bullets are fairly straightforward, where the recoil goes straight up. From there, the recoil will sway first to the left and then to the right just like the other LMGs, but it will do so in more of a zigzag pattern at first. When zooming in, the recoil pattern is the same, but the vertical and lateral jumps will be greatly reduced. Along with that, there are several more bullets that will be shot on the left and right edges, before the spray starts to switch directions. Now that you know the recoil pattern, let’s figure out how you can control it. Essentially, what you need to do is move your crosshair in the exact opposite of the recoil. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

For the first 20 bullets, all you need to do is pull straight down. From there, you want to pull down and to the right at a diagonal for the next 20 bullets to counteract how the KORD’s recoil zigzags up and to the left. After that, you want to pull down and to the left for the next 20 bullets to counteract the zigzag pattern to the right. The KORD only does this zigzag pattern for the first few bullets. From there it goes fairly horizontal to the left and right, so you want to simply move your crosshair to the right and then left every 20 bullets afterwards. This pattern of movements will give you perfect accuracy with the KORD. Again, note that the recoil when aiming down sight is reduced, so you’ll need to pull down less when zoomed in versus when you’re not. The movements stay the same but tone it down a notch to get your bullets where they need to be.

How to Use KORD?

Now that you know the KORD’s recoil, you can go into the more advanced techniques you’ll need to use this monster of a weapon. First up is crouching. Like with all guns, crouching really helps increase your accuracy, but it especially does with the KORD. When comparing the recoil difference when standing versus crouching, the vertical jump and spread is significantly better with crouching. In fact, if you crouch down, you can be insanely accurate at long ranges, which you can’t achieve if you are just standing. By controlling the recoil like mentioned before and then holding the crosshair about an inch down from your enemy at the end, you’re actually able to kill enemies fairly easily at longer ranges.

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

Now, crouching may seem counterintuitive for a weapon like the KORD where you’re trying to spray wildly. Many players try to spray while moving with this weapon, which, like most weapons, drastically increases the recoil and spread of the gun. You’re not going to hit any shots while moving unless you’re feeling the RNG gods are by your side. Stick to staying still, and crouch down to get those shots in. Now that we know the benefits of crouching, one of the biggest features you really want to use with the KORD is ADS, which stands for aiming down sights. This may seem counterintuitive from other weapon guides you may have seen. The reason being that aiming down sights with THOSE weapons will decrease your firing rate and also increase your recoil.

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

When aiming down sights with the KORD, you actually get a MASSIVE BUFF to the weapon. Firing rate increases to 130%, which translates to 15.6 rounds/sec, recoil and spread gets reduced, and your crosshair is going to follow your recoil. The last feature applies to the M 60 and M249 as well, but the firing rate buff and recoil reduction are the shining factors here. The crosshair following your recoil means that you can focus on getting the crosshair onto your enemies, and you’ll be guaranteed your shot will land. 

Getting back to the firing and recoil, though, this greatly increases your accuracy and kill potential. For most scenarios, you should try to aim down sights as much as possible before you get into your fights. When aiming down sights, the KORD’s firing rate is 2nd to the M249, which has a firing rate of 16 rounds/sec. So make sure you absolutely aim down sights during your fights. If you don’t, you’re doing a very big disservice to the weapon. The only exception really is if you’re in a more close range engagement, where you don’t have time to aim down sight before the duel begins. In that scenario, shooting without using sights would be the way to go to ensure you get your shots off quicker.

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

One way to avoid such a scenario though is to aim down sights ahead of time when you’re in a position where a potential enemy may pop up. For example, if you plan to defend with the KORD, then you want to ADS ahead of time and then move to the position you want to be in. That way, you’re going to be set up from the get go and all you have to focus on is shooting enemies when they pop up. A more advanced version of this preparation is what you can call Pre-Firing. One of the features of the KORD is that its firing rate increases over time. So the longer you shoot, the faster your firing rate becomes. This really opens the KORD up for incredible multi-kill potential. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

You can spray an enemy down and then transfer to the next player with a higher firing rate that will make them much easier to kill. Now, there is a ramp up time for the KORD to reach its maximum firing rate. Because of this, a better way to prepare for your engagement is to aim down sights ahead of time. Once you start to hear an enemy making noise, though, you’re going to actually shoot before you see the enemy. From there, start creeping your way over to where the enemy is actually at, and hold crouch to get into the fight. The advantage of doing this is that it allows your firing rate to increase first before you get into the action. Doing this maximizes your kill potential. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: It’s Time to Uncork the Kord

The KORD actually keeps its accuracy in check once you stop moving, which makes this technique so broken. If you do this right, you’ll definitely tilt players, particularly those who don’t know about this, and send them into a rage as it appears that you killed them while moving. The one con of doing this is that enemies will know where you are before they see you, too. However, this isn’t an entirely bad thing. If you time your cards right, they won’t be able to make much of a reactionary play before you jump out the corner and peek them. Be aware that there is the potential they’ll try to counter play you by either have more players waiting for your peek. If they’ve figured your habits, they may have prepared for that the following round to stop you in your tracks.

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