There is a lot that a serious player who wants to climb the ranks in Free Fire needs to learn. It starts with basic game mechanics, some gun plays, and that climbs to running strategies in order to win. Something that is always evolving in the game is tackling the character skills of your opponents. Since there are always new characters being added in the game, players constantly need to evolve their tactics. This Free Fire guide is about how you can deal with Chrono in the game. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

This character has had a profound effect on the game ever since it was added. Its ability Time Turner is one of the most powerful active abilities in the game. Defeating this character skill is a hellish task in the game for many players. The main reason for that is they don’t tackle Chrono properly when they come across it. With the tips and information that you will find in this guide, taking down Chrono will become a breeze. 

Chrono’s Debrief

If you want to defeat this character skill then you need to learn everything possible about it. Chrono has an active skill called Time Turner. There are six levels of upgrades that a player must do to max out this skill. In Free Fire, the Time Turner skill creates a blue circle around the user. This blue circle acts as a static shield for the user by blocking out damage. The limit is 600 damage, which is more than a full HP bar. In fact, 600 is equivalent to three players’ HP. That is one part of what Time Turner skill can do. Upon activating the skill, the user will see a 10% bump in movement speed when Chrono is maxed out. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

Since this is an active skill, there is a cooldown time on it. If the Chrono is at level 6 then it can generate the Time Turner circle for five seconds and then enter the cooldown for 220 seconds. When it comes to dealing with a Chrono in Free Fire, remember that its cooldown is its biggest weakness. Most of the tips teaching you how to deal with a Chrono opponent will utilize that massive cooldown time. To put things into perspective, a player can at most use the Time Turner ability three times in Clash Squad because of the cooldown time. If the game stretches for seven rounds then maybe there might be a fourth Time Turner skill activation. All this information is key to defeating Chrono in Free Fire. 

Your Biggest Mistake

You lose engagements in your games because you make mistakes. Sometimes things will go as planned, and sometimes they won’t. However, when it comes to engaging a Chrono in a fight, players tend to do the one thing that makes them lose the fight. In a fight, whenever a Chrono activates the Time Turner shield, players tend to just keep shooting at the shield. You may have the M82B or M1887, but you can’t penetrate the Time Turner force field that easily. As mentioned above, that blue force field can take up to 600 damage. While you are shooting at a force field that has the health bar of three players, the Chrono will just kill you by sitting inside the force field. It is very easy to avoid this from happening in the game, but players need to stay calm when engaging with a Chrono. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

Something to note here is the animation speed of the Time Turner force shield. When the skill is activated, it takes .5 seconds for the force field to manifest fully. This bit of game mechanic information is critical for players to learn. In many situations, players are fighting with an enemy Chrono and the enemy activates the Time Turner. In intense fights, you will see that you have given the damage to Chrono before the activation of Time Turner. However, that damage will not be registered by the game since the skill was already activated but was not visible to you. So be always wary of the damage you have given to a Chrono. 

Chrono Usage

It is imperative that you understand fully how Chrono usually functions in the game. In Free Fire, a skill can have multiple usage scenarios, but there is always a limit to human imagination. In most cases, players use Chrono’s Time Turner only for the force field. The movement speed bump of 10% almost always remains underutilized. You will see players using Chrono’s when they are taking fire in the open. The force field acts almost like a gloo wall surrogate. Players use that force field usually to block damage in a vulnerable situation. If you start throwing grenades towards a Chrono then you will see the Time Turner force field go up. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

This is also an important piece of information, grenades cannot go inside the Time Turner circle, but they do damage to it. Players also use Time Turner skill a lot in squad games to revive downed teammates. Lastly, the most obvious case is when a player is getting shot from multiple angles, then they use the Time Turner. Even though the skill grants its users two abilities, only one can be used properly. If a player is going to run around by using the increase in movement speed, they can’t use the force field. If they stay inside the force field, they lose the advantage of the increased movement speed. 

Neutralize Movement Speed

In order to defeat Chrono in Free Fire, you need to learn how to neutralize each of its skills. Starting with the increased movement speed and then moving to the force field. As mentioned above, Chrono’s skill can increase the movement speed of the user by 10% when activated. However, when a Chrono user uses that increased movement speed, you can easily counter them. Understand that the movement speeds up only after the skill is activated, which also means that there is a force field. In extremely close range fights, you can wait for the Chrono to activate the Time Turner. Once activated, wait for the player to leave the force field and use their movement speed to come after you. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

When they do come after you, run inside the force field and use it to kill the Chrono player outside. In extremely close range fights against Chronos, this is a strategy that you should use as often as you can. However, if the Chrono player is at a distance and uses the Time Turner speed bump to run away into safety, you can still down them on their way. As the movement speed increases, it does get difficult to track the target while scoped in. Since the target is at a distance and moving faster than usual, you should use the scope in and out method to shoot. Keep moving your hip fire crosshair with the target and then scope in to shoot. Keep doing this until you kill the target. Remember, once a Chrono player has used the Time Turner they cannot use it for almost four minutes. 

Run the Timer

When you are playing Clash Squad in Free Fire, you will come across multiple engagements where you will face Chrono in a very close fight. When that happens and the Time Turner force field goes up, what you should do is run the clock. Time Turner skill can only remain active for five seconds and in that time the Chrono player can also move faster. If the Chrono player leaves the force field then you should run inside it.

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

However, if the Chrono has decided to stay in the force field then it’s better that you put some gloo walls up and run the time. It’s better that you maintain your distance from the force field till the player is inside it. Use a medkit and up your HP and wait for the cooldown timer to start. Only then push towards that player and kill. However, this strategy is only useful if the enemy Chrono is not reviving a teammate or using a medkit. 

Grenade Rain

Even though the Time Turner force field can block a lot of damage, it cannot block everything. Now, if you can find a car in a middle of a fight and then drive it inside the Time Turner force field and kill Chrono then it would be perfect. However, that is going to be very difficult to do when you are in a middle of a fight. Also, you might find it difficult to get in the vehicle since you might be getting shot at by a Chrono. So what you should do when a Chrono has activated a Time Turner and is staying inside it and reviving their teammate? 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

You should use all of your grenades to start doing massive damage to the force field. Grenades cannot go inside the force field like bullets can’t, but they do excessive damage. By using all of your grenades to do damage from all sides, you also contain the movement of Chrono inside the force field. Ideally, you should ask your teammates to throw grenades at the force field. That way you’ll eat up that 600 damage limit in no time and then can begin your assault again. Obviously, you will need enough grenades to cause some substantial rain. 

Team Assists

Squad games are where you will find the most Chrono users in Free Fire. The Time Turner skill is almost perfect for squad games and also for players who play solo against squads. Most of them the time you will have to fight a Chrono trying to either revive their teammates or trying to do a quick scope headshot on you. When you do encounter a squad with a Chrono user you will have to engage with them. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

So ask your teammates to focus their fire on the force field and assist you in the fight. When playing against a squad that has a Chrono player with them and the Time Turner is active, you should focus on eating up the 600 damage block. Doing something like that in a solo fight will be a bad move but not in a squad game. The force field can take up to 600 damage which also means that it has an HP of three players. By having more players eating that damage block, you will be able to neutralize the enemy Chrono. 

Character Counter

This should be obvious to players but when it comes to defeating Chrono, you need a good active skill. There are many players who either don’t have Chrono or don’t like using it in Free Fire. If you too are one of these players then you should use an active skill that can neutralize all of this character’s ability. As of now, there are two active skills in the game that can take on Chrono. First is Wukong’s Camouflage skill and most players are aware of how to use it against Time Turner. Simply use the camouflage skill and start moving towards the Time Turner force field. 

Free Fire Character 'Kill' Guide: Tips and Tricks to Defeat Chrono

Wukong’s skill has the ability to turn aim assist off on itself and that’s why bullets shot on this skill don’t connect. You can easily move inside the force field and move the Chrono player outside. What makes Wukong so deadly against Chrono is the cooldown time. Time Turner needs 220 seconds to be usable again however you can use camouflage after killing your opponent. Killing targets resets the timer on Wukong’s skill. The other character skill that can be useful against Chrono is Xtreme Encounter of Xayne. This skill does two things that can be useful in an intense situation. 

A maxed out Xtreme Encounter skill can increase damage to gloo walls and shields to 100%. This means that if you are using a gun like M82B or M1887 and have Xayne’s Xtreme Encounter skill, then you will be able to destroy Chrono’s force field easily. The other thing that Xtreme Encounter skill can do is increase 80 HP temporarily.