Free Fire has a ton of weapons that are available for loot in a battle royale and for buying in Clash Squads. Every player has their preferred gun in the game, but probably the one gun that is the most popular is the M1887. This is a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun that holds only two shells at a time. But the damage this gun does in close range is so devastating that it makes up for its shortcoming. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: M1887 Is the Most Useful Gun for You

Be it battle royale games or Clash Squad you will see players running around with this gun. Its fire rate is abysmal and even the reload speed is not that great. Fact is that it’s not even the most accurate gun. So why do players love using it so much? In this Free Fire guide, you will learn all that there is to know about the M1887 along with some tips and tricks. 

M1887 Details:

The first thing that you should know about this gun is that it is a double-barrel shotgun. In Free Fire, shotguns don’t fire bullets as an SMG or AR does. Instead, they fire shells that spread out in an area. This is why the damage of the M1887 varies a lot depending on the distance and crosshair placement. To understand why the M1887 is the most powerful shotgun in Free Fire you need to understand the shells it shoots out. The M1014 shoots 6 shells in one shot while the M1887 shoots 8 shells in one shot. That means the area covered in close range by the M1887 is more which leads to why it deals more damage. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: M1887 Is the Most Useful Gun for You

Another reason why the M1887 is such a popular shotgun is because of its range. Among all the shotguns in Free Fire, the M1887 has the longest range of 20 meters which is almost at par with the SMG MP 40. Again, when compared to the M1014 the M1887 has a more accurate bullet spread and does more damage in all ranges. The one area where this gun suffers a lot is its mag capacity. Since there is no magazine in this gun you only get two shots to shoot. If you connect both of those shots with the target then you will down the enemy. If you don’t connect the bullets or miss your mark you will lose precious time in reloading. This means that you will be open to getting shot. 

Character Skill For M1887:

The M1887 is capable of killing a player in just two shots and that is why it is used so much in Free Fire Clash Squad. Now, you may have noticed that at times even when you do shoot twice at an enemy, they still don’t get downed. That’s because they are wearing a level 2 or 3 vest and can survive with a little HP even after the two shots of M1887. To make sure that this doesn’t happen you should use Hayato’s skill Bushido. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: M1887 Is the Most Useful Gun for You

This skill is made for M1887 since it increases armor penetration when the user loses their 10% of maximum HP. Another character skill that you should consider using is D-Bee’s Bullet Beats. This ability increases your accuracy while moving and your movement speed as well. Since most players who use the M1887 need to constantly keep running to find enemies, an ability that increases movement and accuracy will help in getting more kills. 

Right Side Peek:

This is a tip that is for all guns and players of Free Fire. In the game you will notice that your character is standing a bit left of center while your crosshair is in the center of the screen. What this does is change the way you would peek in the game. If you peek from the right side of the cover, you won’t have to expose yourself in order to get your crosshair on target. Not only will you have an easier time getting a lock on the target, but also can stay behind the cover. On the other hand, by peeking from the left side makes it more difficult to place your crosshair on the target quickly. 

Free Fire Weapon Guide: M1887 Is the Most Useful Gun for You

It also exposes you to multiple angles since you will need to leave your cover in order to peek from the left. Another thing to keep in mind is that this gun has only two shots to shoot at a time. Many players tend to make the mistake of firing both their shots, downing an enemy and even before reloading they’ll put the gun on their backs and start running with their fists. When they see an enemy again they will pull out their gun only to realize it’s not loaded. This is a common mistake seen in Free Fire with the M1887. 

What you should do after downing an enemy is to use some sort of cover or gloo wall to reload your gun. Yes, you will lose half a second but at least you won’t be caught lacking.

Taking Dragshots:

If you spend some time playing Free Fire you will inevitably come across the term Dragshot. This is something that is unique to this game alone and has to do with dragging the fire button upwards. By doing this players in their games are able to take headshots relatively easily. Now, one thing that helps with taking Dragshots is having a magazine that can hold more than two shots. For example, taking drag headshots with MP40 or MP5 is going to be easier than doing it with the M1887. 

If you start shooting with the MP40 which has a clip size of 20, you still have plenty of bullets left in your magazine even after you drag the fire button upwards. That’s why many players in this game are able to take headshots from almost all ranges except from extremely long ranges. With the M1887 if you want to take Dragshots you need to make sure that it has both its shots loaded. Drag headshots from the M1887 can only be taken in close range.