Your pistol rounds on Free Fire Clash Squad decide a lot about how your other rounds will turn out. The team that wins the pistol round gets more credits that they can spend on buying good guns and equipment to kill the other team. The team that looses the pistol rounds finds themselves playing on defense against SMGs and shotguns. What this means is that you should pay more attention to your pistol skills. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Learn How to Win on Eco with Pistols

Most players will spend hours to improve their gunplay with ARs, SMGs, and sniper rifles but almost none spend even 5 minutes with pistols. This Free Fire guide will try to address the pistol question and explain how you can improve on pistol rounds. What you will also learn in this guide is how to play an eco round against a team with SMGs and shotguns. Eco rounds basically are rounds where the lost team has to play with almost no credits and pistols. 

Choose Your Pistol

At the start of each Clash Squad game, you get to choose between the USP and M500. Now, there is the Catch 22 you have to be wary of. If you choose the USP at the start of the pistol round then you will be able to buy additional items like a level 1 helmet or vest. For many players having a level 1 vest or helmet makes more sense than having a long-range pistol with a scope. The benefit of going with the USP at the start of your round is that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket. You have some credits left to choose items that can give you a level of protection from enemy fire. That is not to say players who choose M500 are making a bad decision. Between the two pistols, the M500 has more damage and range. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Learn How to Win on Eco with Pistols

The negative of this pistol is its clip size and very low accuracy. Players who choose this pistol are those that can actually utilize it with headshots. To make this pistol accurate and take headshots you will need character skills from Laura and D-Bee. Both these characters will make the M500 more deadly in your scoped shots and D-Bee will increase its accuracy when you’re shooting while moving. Out of these characters, D-Bee is the most important one that players should use in their Clash Squad rounds. Even with the USP, D-Bee’s ability to Bullet Beats is a useful skill to have to win more fights. Another character that is very useful for USP players is Hayato. His Bushido skill will increase your armor penetration when your HP gets lower. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Learn How to Win on Eco with Pistols

Basically, if you have Laura or any other character that will improve your long-range accuracy then you can go with the M500. This pistol will reward the user with more damage range and headshots if you can take it. The USP is for players who don’t do well in ranged fights and don’t have much knowledge about the game mechanics. They will probably use vests and other items to stop the players from using M500. To that end, using character skills for the USP that increase your damage significantly will be much more effective. 

Eco Rounds

In Free Fire Clash Squad games, the team that wins a round gets the credits to buy guns and items for the next round. The team that loses will not be awarded enough credits to buy decent guns for their next round. When a team loses badly in a round, at times all they can afford is USP-2, which is USP in akimbo mode. This puts the losing team in a very bad position since the winning team will have SMGs, sniper rifles, or ARs. Since the losing team will be playing with almost no credits in the second round and trying to win it, to get better guns. That round is called an Eco Round. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Learn How to Win on Eco with Pistols

If your team has lost in the pistol rounds, then you should be focused on two things, winning credits and isolating enemies. Here’s the thing that players forget: winning against a Wukong or Chrono with USP-2 is next to impossible in a 1v1 fight. You have to make it into a 3v1 fight for the enemy. The fact is that winning against a semi-decent player in Clash Squad with pistols is very difficult. You will need to run complex plays around your enemy team. Since the opponent team has won the round they will be looking for kills probably alone in the next round, knowing that your team has only pistols. 

What you can do here is flank them and kill at least one player from the enemy side. Free Fire allows players to loot from the dead player, so you can also get some guns and gloo walls from the enemy. You have to try and gather as much loot as you can on the Eco round if you want to win. 

Practice Drills and Mindset

This is not a surprise that players barely spend any time training with pistols. Most guides will not even mention how to train with a pistol or for training with them. Free Fire was for a very long time a battle royale game and in BR your rifles matter a lot more than your pistols. Clash Squad games have made it so that pistols have started to matter again in this game. If you’re serious about winning and climbing ranks in this game mode then you need to enter the training mode again. Choose your pistol and start getting familiar with its strengths and weaknesses. 

Free Fire Clash Squad Guide: Learn How to Win on Eco with Pistols

You don’t need to be training with pistols for hours or even fifteen minutes. Just spend a few minutes in training and try to play only pistol custom games to get good with them. By understanding your guns you will also get a better idea for how to win easily in pistol rounds. Even if you are playing an Eco round, you will know where your gun will be the deadliest and have a better chance of defeating the enemy.