Edit- Please note this is an old article and some of the information might be outdated. For the latest Free Fire updates on BlueStacks, please read the Updated BlueStacks Guide and Smart Controls Guide for an easier Booyah!

Nearly a year ago, we prepared the first version of Free Fire weapons guide and it became one of our most popular articles. Since then, a lot has changed – new weapons, as well as new features, have been added to the game. You can read about these new Free Fire features in our other articles: In this one, we will go back to the weapons and offer you the most comprehensive guide around. You can even jump to whichever category of weapons you wanna know about first here:

Assault Rifles
SMGs and LMGs
Shotguns & Launchers
Melee & Grenades

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019


1. The weapon data in this guide is OFFICIAL. It is based on information from the official Garena Website.

2. The suggestions in this guide are just “Suggestions”. Just because we think that a weapon is better than others does not make it the “best”. The best weapons are the ones you can use most efficiently. If you have different suggestions, please let us know via the comments section.

Assault Rifles


AN94 59 64 4
M60 56 65 1
Dragunov (*) 89 80 5
FAMAS 53 70 5
M4A1 53 77 5
AK 61 72 5
SKS 82 82 5
GROZA 61 75 5
M14 71 76 5
SCAR 53 60 5

(*) Dragunov is usually known as a sniper rifle but it is listed under the “AR” category on the Garena website.

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

SKS and M14 are still the kings of this category. SKS has the highest damage (right after Dragunov) and the longest distance of all. The rate of fire is very low, as can be expected, and the magazine size is limited to 10. However, it is probably the best overall weapon to use in the open world. And since you are using BlueStacks, aiming with an SKS will be an easy job for you. M14 is the next best weapon in this category, which offers a slightly higher fire rate and magazine size.  AN94 is a recent addition to this category that came with the latest patch, but it is not that good: Even FAMAS is better. Note that GROZA is in a special category of its own: Even Garena defines it as the “best damn weapon in the game” but it is very rare.

SMG (Small Machine Guns) And LMG (Light Machine Guns)


Treatment Gun 56 33 None
P90 48 27 2
MP40 48 22 1
UMP 48 31 5
MP5 48 27 5
VSS (*) 50 84 2
M249 94 8 None

(*) VSS is actually a sniper rifle but it is listed under the “SMG” category on the Garena website.

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

AN94 was a disappointing AR that came with the latest patch, but Treatment Gun is not. In fact, it is the only “healing” weapon in the game. That’s right: When you point this gun at your teammates and pull the trigger, you actually heal them. It is an effective weapon for attacking too and offers the second-best range in this category. P90 will be our other choice in SMGs, due to its amazing fire rate. You can empty the clip literally in seconds and truly destroy everything. MP40 has an even higher fire rate but its magazine size is quite small – half of the P90. VSS is also worth mentioning because it is actually a mini-sniper rifle. At the moment, it has the third-best accuracy among all Free Fire weapons and the rate of fire is quite satisfying. M249 is the only weapon in the LMG category but don’t waste your time with it: It is useful only in close combat and shotguns are better for this type of encounter.

Sniper Rifles


KAR98K 90 84 3
AWM 90 91 4

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

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It is a close call, but we will go with KAR98K in this category. The range difference is not that big but KAR98K offers a faster reload speed. If you are shooting against a stationary target and want to finish the job with one bullet, sure, AWM is the best option. But if you miss that shot, you won’t have enough time to reload the weapon. KAR98K, on the other hand, might give you another shot to complete the job.

Shotguns And Launchers


SPAS12 97 15 1
M1014 94 10 None
MGL140 90 51 1
M79 90 51 None


Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

 SPAS12 is the king of all shotguns: It has superior firepower and reload speed when compared to M1014. This is the best weapon in Free Fire to clear out buildings and closed spaces. You don’t even need to aim: Point it to the nearest enemy and shoot. However, never use shotguns in medium and long-range combat, even throwing a rock at the enemy will deal more damage. Among the launchers category, MGL140 is slightly better due to faster reload speed. Use it to clear out rooms from
outside – even one shell will be enough to kill everything.

Pistols And Crossbow


Crossbow 90 38 None
M500 67 76 3
M1873 94 8 None
USP 45 29 3
G18 45 36 1
Desert Eagle 53 46 2


Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

 Handguns are generally not that useful in Free Fire, and you should ditch them as soon as you find another type of weapon. However, M500 is the exception to this rule: It is basically a Wild West gun with a scope. The clip size is small as can be expected, but getting this gun at the beginning of the game can be very useful: You can use it as a sniper rifle! We are not kidding, the range of AWM is 91 and the range of M500 is 76 – you will be practically carrying an SR. Other than M500, we don’t recommend using any of the handguns. Sure, grab one whenever you can, they are still better than using your fists. But ditch them as soon as you find a “useful” weapon. Crossbow is another good alternative weapon at the beginning of a match, as it’s base damage is as high as sniper rifles and it has a “dot” effect (damage over time). In other words, once you hit an enemy with a crossbow, he/she continues to bleed and lose health points: This is the only weapon in the game with this effect. However, you cannot put a scope on it so it is useful only for medium-range combat. And AR weapons offer better fire rate and reload speed for that type of combat.

Melee Weapons And Throwables


Bat 63 5 None
Pan 62 4 None
Parang 66 4 None
Grenade Unknown Unknown None

Garena Free Fire Weapon Guide: Updated for 2019

 We have only one advice in this category: Don’t use melee weapons. None of them are useful and worth taking. Pan also counts as armor but that’s it – none of the melee weapons offer anything practical. We are not sure why Garena does not provide grenade stats but it is the only item you should take in this category. Grenades are quite useful for clearing out rooms and forcing enemies to exit ambush points.

You won’t be able to get the “best” weapons in every match, but at least you now know which ones are worth pursuing. Don’t forget that “aiming” is more important than finding the best weapons and BlueStacks has many features that will ease that job, so we highly recommend taking a look at our other Free Fire articles. Now, go out and conquer those islands: Only one player can eat the chicken dinner! Download and enjoy this battle royale free fire game on your windows pc.

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