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Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

In a game like Free Fire, ranks define the players. Any player whose even the least bit competitive about the game and wants to climb the ranks will put in some effort to climb it. The game has a very well laid out ranking system that rewards players for their kills and wins. With that said, reaching the higher ranks of Free Fire and holding on to them isn’t as easy as you might think. Sure, in the early ranks like Bronze and Silver you will not face much difficulty in climbing even if you suffer a few losses along the way. However, things start to get a bit more challenging after players reach Gold rank. Beyond this rank lies a player pool that is well seasoned and vast with at least 70% of them wanting to climb even higher. 

Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

The competition gets harder and almost all players beyond Gold have a good sense of the game and how to squeeze the most potential of what Free Fire has to offer. This guide will try to explain to players who are stuck or unable to climb higher than the rank they’re in how to get out. Getting stuck in any rank based game is very common, and many players go through it at some point in their gaming journey. What tends to hold players back in each rank is different. It could be their bad habits or lack of understanding of basic mechanics. Whatever your situation or rank is, this guide will try to explain how you can make moves to climb even higher. 

Bronze, Silver, Gold Ranks

These are the starting ranks of the game. Any player who starts playing Free Fire starts from the Bronze rank and then starts their climb to the top. When you’re a Bronze player then chances are that getting familiar with the game mechanics should be your priority. Knowing the type of guns that are available in the game and gaining map knowledge is crucial at this stage. At the Bronze rank, you learn about the nascent stages of this game’s character, pets, and skins system. Knowing your playing style in Free Fire and learning how to take drag shots are all part of this early rank. Every player who starts playing the game tends to climb out of this rank in a day at most. Silver rank too is about learning and application. 

Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

Here is where you start to learn how to engage with the enemy and what type of guns suit your hands best. Your use of throwable items like grenades will still be in the developing stages and using gloo walls is something you still don’t understand. Again, most players will not be getting stuck in this rank too. Climbing ranks at this stage is about learning and grinding. Your wins matter but more than that your experience matters. Each game of Free Fire that you play at this stage will be about you getting game sense and not about winning. Most players tend to just fly by these ranks in a day or two without learning about the game much. In your Silver ranked games most players might not even have a pet on their side. 

So don’t sweat too much on losing and winning at this stage. Just keep playing and getting familiar with the game’s system. That’s because after this rank comes Gold and here is where players who don’t give attention in bronze and silver start to lose steam. Most players who reach Gold will have an idea of how to use the character system of this game. They will start using skill combinations and gloo walls in their games with much efficiency. This is the only rank in the early stages of the game where you will have to struggle a bit. Gold players start investing in their characters and many buy season passes too. Many players even use those double XP cards to gain more points in their games. 

Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

The main reason why Gold rank becomes a bit hard to climb out of has to do with lack of game knowledge. Game Sense at this rank is almost nonexistent and most players of this rank don’t run strats and complicated plays. Your game mechanics should be good for climbing out of Gold. So focus on things like Crosshair Placement, Movement, Skill Combos, Map Awareness and you will see more booyahs coming your way. 

Platinum, Diamond, Heroic

These are ranks where players have to start facing their toughest climb and where most of them get stuck. Players at this stage of the game are well versed with almost all game mechanics and only get stuck because of their deep rooted bad habits. Basically, these are actions that they take in the game which lead to their loss because they’re making a mistake at some level. These habits usually develop at the early ranks of the game and stay with the players since they don’t view it as one. For players, these habits are what win them games, and they consider these habits worthy to stick. The only way to get out of a bad habit is by playing the game from a neutral standpoint. Watching your every action and choices made in the game. 

Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

From looting the guns to the angle of approach to the grenade angles, everything is up for analysis. Even choosing the right map to play is important at this level. Many players prefer a longer battle royale game and play on the Kalahari map. This is a map that is made for mid-range fights and sniping. If you’re a player who knows how to move on this type of terrain and which abilities or skills to use then you will have an easier time winning on it. Bear in mind that if you’re playing with other players, then your compatibility also comes into play. A top-tier squad can run a proper strategy around their opponent without even saying a word on comms. 

Free Fire Rank Guide: Different Ranks and Mindset Explained

A well-oiled squad can communicate with just the action of each other on the screen. The only way of getting unstuck from any of these ranks is through practice drills and consistency. You need to have some warm-up drills that you can run through before you start playing an actual ranked game. You need to do this just to get yourself ready with crosshair placement and game mechanics. Also, pay attention to the character skills and pets in Free Fire. Knowing the type of skills to use in your combination that enhances your playing style and play off each other’s attributes is important. For example, using Alok and Kapella or Shirou with Maro is smart since the abilities these characters have can work in tandem with each other. 

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