One of the most unique things that make Free Fire stand out from the rest of the android battle royal games is its character system. Unlike PUBG Mobile or CODM where there is no character system or if there is one, it is limited to just appearances, Free Fire has one of the most well-developed character systems with each character getting their own backstories and skills. Players have to grind for hours to unlock the memories of their characters.

Many of the recent characters that have been added to the game are based on real-life celebrities. This gets the players more interested in the game itself and also adds a bit of twist in the oversaturated battle royal genre. Characters like Jai for example are based on an Indian Bollywood actor while the character Captain Booyah is based on an Indian-American musician.

These characters have their roles in the game with each of them getting a different type of skillset. Some characters in Free Fire are better for support while others are perfect for rushing towards the enemy. Over the seasons Free Fire devs have been busy giving these characters abilities that perform better in one player’s hand but are useless in others. Some of the characters are not even based on humans but on Gods.

In January of 2019, Free Fire received its Impulsive Shock Elite Pass which brought with it Wukong. If you haven’t heard of Wukong beyond Free Fire then you are surely missing out. Wukong is an Asian monkey God based on the Indian Monkey God Hanuman and there is nothing he cannot do. Wukong is one of the most influential figures in Chinese mythology and Japanese mythology and has inspired many cartoons and tv shows.

In Free Fire, Wukong was not given any stat boost or something minor like that. Instead, Wukong in Free Fire has the ability to turn himself into a bush. The original Wukong too was able to disguise himself into anything he wanted. The ability to change his appearance into a bush lets him conceal his appearance in the match. Wukong can turn himself into a bush for 14 seconds in Free Fire. Once the time is up the bush disappears and there is a cooldown time of 200s.

As far as the backstory goes Wukong in Free Fire has a simple one. He was a monkey that the FF organization kidnapped and did experiments on. In those experiments, the scientists at FF implanted an AI system into his brain which led to Wukong gaining human-like intelligence. When Nikita and Moco who also are characters in Free Fire attempted to hack the FF, Wukong used that opportunity to escape.

Now in order to get Wukong in Free Fire, you need to purchase him. Even though he came in the Impulsive Shock Elite Pass it was a long time ago. Now you can only get Wukong from the Free Fire store for 499 diamonds. Wukong has 8 levels in the game and by crossing each level his ability to turn himself into a bush is enhanced.

Learn How to Use Wukong Perfectly in Free Fire

In order to start using Wukong properly in Free Fire, you need to understand how his ability works. Once transformed into a bush Wukong is not just concealed from the enemy visually but even the enemy’s aim won’t work. That’s what makes Wukong so special in Free Fire. Once turned into a bush Wukong can repel enemy bullets in the game.

In order to activate Wukong’s ability in Free Fire, you need to be either standing up or running, or walking. Any other form of movement or position will not let Wukong activate his ability in the game. Wukong’s ability is to disguise himself into a bush plus his ability to repel gunfire from the enemy makes him the perfect character for solo matches and rush gameplay.

Not many know this but Wukong can use medkits and health packs even when he has transformed into a bush in the game. This comes in handy when it’s the last circle of the match and there are more than 3 players left. Turn into a bush and get your health full and because there are bushes or shrubs everywhere on the map, no enemy player will be able to find you. Crossing rivers is something that no player wants to do. You know there will be enemy players waiting for you at the other end. This is again a place where Wukong’s ability comes in handy. When turned into a bush Wukong is almost invisible in water.

Gloo walls and Wukong’s camouflage are a deadly combination in Free Fire. If you are fighting an enemy in the open then make one or two gloo walls. Enough to make sure that the enemy player cannot see you. Then make sure that you keep an eye on the enemy player and start walking away from your gloo wall. Walk till there is enough distance between you and your gloo wall. Then activate Wukong’s camouflage and turn into a bush. The enemy player will try to find you at the gloo wall or nearby but will never guess that you are a disguised bush. Then find the chance and shoot the enemy player.

Use BlueStacks Macros in Free Fire to Make Booyah Easier

When you’re playing Free Fire you might have noticed that there are two weapons that you can use along with a sidearm and a melee item. Now it’s important that you pick your primary and secondary weapon carefully. When players make a gloo wall in Free Fire it automatically switches whatever the player is holding back to the primary weapon. This is an irritating bug in the game itself go it won’t get solved until an update comes.

With BlueStacks however, you can program a macro that will switch back to the weapon you prefer. Most players keep the Sniper Rifle in the secondary weapon slot. So assuming that you too put a sniper rifle in the secondary weapon slot, all you need to do is to program a macro that always switches back to the secondary weapon slot whenever you make a gloo wall.