Free Fire character skills feature has made the game a far more exciting battle royale. Every character in this game has its own abilities and has a huge impact on the outcome of every engagement. The game keeps adding new characters with unique abilities in almost every update. The recent additions include Dmitri and Thiva. These two are brothers who have abilities that help with HP in the game. Dmitri’s ability is called Healing Heartbeat, and it can generate a 3.5 m circle inside which the user and teammates can recover 3 HP per second. Another thing that this ability does is inside the circle user and allies when downed can self revive themselves. 

Thiva’s ability is called Vital Vibes, and it helps with the revive speed in the game. The ability reduces the time it takes to revive a downed teammate and when revived, the user gets some HP as a reward. Both of these abilities are not even remotely powerful in Free Fire, but still if used in a creative way can turn the tide of your fights. That’s not where it stops, the game has 39 characters now and there is a massive difference between their abilities. Some of them have to be activated by pressing a button and have a cooldown timer too. These active abilities are the most powerful ones in the game and decide the outcome of your games. 

Passive abilities work on their own and are more like the backbone of your engagements. Passive abilities are the ones that increase your stats in the game. Free Fire also allows players to make their own skill combinations and up to 4 skills are allowed. Out of those four skills one will be filled with the character’s own skill. So you get to choose the rest of the three. You can add one active skill and two passive skills. This feature makes for a lot of interesting skill combinations. In this Free Fire guide, you will be learning about some interesting skill combinations that can make your battle royale games more interesting. Each of these skill combinations has its own area of expertise, and you need to make them work for you. Just something you should note is that these are not the skill combinations you should be using in your ranked games. These are skill combinations to make your practice scrims more fun and challenging than usual. 

Movement Skill Combo

This skill combination is completely focused to making you as fast as possible in the game. Players who only care about having maximum speed and have their aim and gun control managed should give this skill combination a try. This skill combination will have one active skill from Chrono. His ability is called Time-Turner, and it creates a blue circle around the player that can block 600 damage. The user can still fire from inside the circle and move through it as well. However, this circle is not impenetrable. Other players can also come inside the circle and kill you and even vehicles can go through the circle. 

On the movement part, this ability will also increase your movement speed when active by 15% at level 6. Once the cooldown timer hits you will lose that increased movement speed. This is where the passive character abilities come in to fill the gaps. Since this is a movement skill combination use Kelly’s Dash ability to increase your sprinting speed by 6%. Another thing that Kelly’s ability does is that it inflicts 101% damage on the first shot. This is a useful ability that many players add to their skill combinations. Players who tend to focus a lot on movement tend to be super aggressive in the game and prefer close-range fights. 

Being in close-range fights they tend to take damage as well. Joseph’s ability can use that damage to increase your movement speed. His ability is called Nutty Movement, and it can increase your sprinting speed by 20% at max level. Now that you have maxed out your movement you can add a skill that will help you in your close-range fights. Hayato’s Bushido is made for the exact thing. This ability will increase the armor penetration of your bullets by 10% when there is a 10% decrease in your maximum HP. This skill combination is solely focused on making you the fastest player in your games. 

Health Skill Combo

The above skill combination was purely for speed in the game. This skill combination will be for players who play the role of healers in the Free Fire battle royale. Healers are players who tend to be the ones who have to run in the line of fire when a teammate is downed. As a healer, they need to be a team player so the skills they choose should help their teammates as well. The good thing is that Free Fire has a lot of characters to choose from for this combination. For the one active slot, you can choose between Skylar, K, and Alok. All three of them have active abilities that will help in gaining HP. Skylar has recently landed on the island of FF and his active skill is Riptide Rhythm. 

His ability unleashes a sonic wave that can destroy 5 gloo walls in 100 meters. For a healer, this ability can be very useful for supporting their teammates or when going to rescue them. Another part of this ability is that it rewards the user with 9 HP for every gloo wall used. Since gloo walls are used in almost every engagement you will always have a healthy HP. K is another character whose active ability Master of All can be used. This ability has two parts to it. The first is the Jujitsu Mode and the other is Psychology Mode. Master of All grants its user 50 more EP. Then Psychology Mode keeps recovering 2 EP every 2 seconds and will recover up to 150 EP. 

The Jujitsu Mode allows your teammates who are in 6 meters range to convert their EP to HP at 500% higher speed. Having a constant supply of EP will let you recover HP by holding your position for a few seconds. Then there is Alok whose ability Drop the Beat is still popular in the game. Drop the Beat allows the user to create a 5 m aura that will increase the movement speed of teammates by 15% and restores 5 HP per second inside the aura for 10 seconds. You can choose either one of them. For passive skills, you will be going with Miguel, Kapella, and Maxim. Miguel has the passive ability called Crazy Slayer and for every kill, this ability will award you 80 EP at max level. This way you will have a good health bar and won’t need too many health items that you can give to your teammates. Kapella has the ability called Healing Song and this ability is very useful for rescuing your downed teammates. Healing Song will increase the effect of any health item and healing skills by 10% for you. 

So if you have an ability that recovers HP for your teammates, it will also get a 10% boost from using Healing Song. Another thing that this ability can do is reduce the HP loss of a teammate by 20% which means you will have some more time to rescue them. Lastly, there is Maxim whose ability is called Gluttony. This ability reduces the time it takes to use a medkit by 40%. 

Damage Expert Skill Combo

This skill combination is for those players of Free Fire who want to deliver insane damage and rack up kills. These players are not interested in teams and prefer playing solo most of the time. Players like these tend to use shotguns like the M1887 or M1014 to fight and don’t care much about movement speed or accuracy. So a skill combination that increases damage capabilities to the maximum is needed. For the active ability, you will be using the new character Xayne and her ability Xtreme Encounter. This is a very new ability for players and what it does is give you 80 more HP temporarily but more importantly, it increases gloo wall and shield damage by 100% at max level. 

This means that if you’re using a powerful gun you can easily destroy gloo walls and Chrono’s Time Turner shield. It is a great active ability for brawlers. For passive ability, you can use Hayato, Kla, and Shirou. Hayato’s Bushido ability will increase your armor penetration when your maximum HP goes down. This will be helpful in taking down enemies who are wearing level 3 vests. It is a very much used ability in Free Fire which proves that it is useful in fights. Then there is Kla whose ability is Muay Thai, and it will increase your fist damage to 400% and can be very useful when you’re hot dropping with a ton of players and have to use punches to survive. 

Another new character is Shirou who has the ability Damage Delivery. As the name suggests this ability marks the enemy who takes a shot on you in your mini-map. So now you even will know the position of your enemies. Then this ability goes on to increase the armor penetration on the first shot to 100% taken on the marked enemy. This is a brutal ability to have in a battle royale on your side. 

Solo v Squad Skill Combo

Now, this skill combo addresses the needs of a solo player who is facing 4 man squads in Free Fire. They need a skill combination that can boost their stats in the right places and also give them a level of temporary protection from enemy fire. Taking on squads alone means you will need speed in your movements overall. An increase in damage capabilities will help as well. So for the active skill slot use Chrono’s Time Turner ability. It will create a blue shield around the user which can block 600 damage and increase movement speed. Time Turner is one of the most powerful abilities in Free Fire. That blue circle is very useful in fights since it is see-through and the user can stay inside it to fight. However, it is not impenetrable as many would think. 

A player who’s using Wukong can easily walk inside the blue circle and kill you. That’s where Maro comes into play. This character has the ability called Falcon Fever. This ability increases damage with distance by 25%, and it also increases damage on marked enemies as well. So if you are someone who uses Moco or Shirou then you can inflict more damage on your enemies with Maro. Then you can use Kelly’s ability called Dash to increase your speed and this ability has another aspect where the first shot on your enemy when Dash ability starts inflicts 101% damage. This again is one of those abilities that most players in Free Fire use. Lastly, you have Maxim who has the ability called Gluttony. It is an ability that reduces the time to use health items significantly. In solo vs squad games, you will need to use medkits constantly and this ability makes the process so fast that it is unreal. Do give Maxim a try in one of your games. 

Balance Skill Combo

This final skill combo is going to be for players who like to switch their skill selection often. So this skill combination has been made by keeping the switch-a-roo nature of players in mind. For the active skill slot this time you will be using Wukong and its Camouflage skill. If you have spent any time in the higher-ranked games of Free Fire then you already know how popular Wukong is among the player base. Camouflage ability is very useful in both battle royale and Clash Squad games. It turns the user into a moving bush but more than that, aim assist doesn’t work on Wukong. So most of the hip fire and drag shots will not connect with you. Even better is the cooldown system of this ability. 

To reset the timer all you need to do is get a kill. So the more you kill, the more you can use this ability. You can also use Skylar in the active skill slot with Riptide Rhythm or Alok with his Drop the Beat ability. The choice here depends on your playstyle By using Skylar you will be gaining a few HP every time you use a gloo wall and that will be a lot of times in this game. Then for passive skills again go with Kelly’s Dash ability for both movement speed and inflicting more damage on the first shot. For the third slot go with Hayato’s Bushido if you’re a close-range player. Close-range players tend to take a lot of damage and this ability will turn that damage into more armor penetration. If you’re a sniper then you can go with Rafael’s Dead Silent ability which will make any sniper or marksman rifle silenced without using any attachment. 

If you’re using the AWM then you can add the muzzle attachment and still fire all shots silenced. Another part of this ability is that any player that you down will lose their HP 45% faster meaning quicker kills from knocked enemies. Lastly, add the skill from either Moco, or Dasha depending on your preference. If you’re the type of player that still needs to manage their recoil then go with Dasha’s ability Partying On. This ability reduces recoil buildup and maximum recoil by 10%. This ability also can reduce damage taken from falls and speed up the recovery time as well. Moco is another character you can give a look at and her ability Hacker’s Eye. This ability marks the enemy you have shot for a few seconds on the mini-map for the user and the teammates.