Something that is not talked about a lot when it comes to the battle royale of Free Fire is positioning. Positioning is a key factor that can maximize the chances of you winning the fight. You have to think in terms of how you can win each engagement you encounter. The ideal way to do that would be to be the best player in the entire player base of Free Fire and be able to predict the future. Since that is not possible, what you can do instead is use the terrain around you to your advantage. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Learn How to Use the Terrain to Dominate the Game

What this means is being in a location that is much more advantageous to you. Something that is a good rule of thumb to follow in this game is, if you’re in a fair fight then you are doing something wrong. There are no two equal players in this game. Your opponent might have a character skill that will help them win the fight. What you can do instead is position yourself in a way that you have an upper hand in the fight. This guide will try to explain to you how you can find those positions and use them to win some booyahs. 


Something that should be very obvious to players but isn’t is that elevation is a massive advantage. This doesn’t mean that the elevation needs to be as high as the mountains in the Kalahari map. However, even a small level of elevation like the one you can get from a two-storied house is good enough of an advantage. Elevation allows you to have a wider field of view, which is something that is crucial for snipers. When you have a better field of view, you can spot other players much faster and get some free kills. If you are a sniper playing on the Kalahari map then try to use both hard and soft cover to your advantage. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Learn How to Use the Terrain to Dominate the Game

Yes, if you are on the higher ground then you do have a massive advantage but fights in Free Fire are all about maximizing your chances. By constantly peeking, shooting, and ducking into cover you will be able to gain a massive advantage over your enemy. Use gloo walls to give you both hard cover and also to block the enemy’s view. Lastly, just don’t stay at one place even if it gives you a better vantage point. Constantly change your location in the game to mask your presence as much as possible. 


Another big part of winning in Free Fire battle royale is using the location to your advantage. This is where your game sense comes into play. You need to think in terms of which location gives you the most advantage in the game. If you are a serious player then you need to play the map in such a way that you always have the upper hand. One way to do it is to choose your drop location very carefully. Always choose locations that give the maximum chance of survival for the initial few minutes. However, even more important than choosing the right drop location is choosing the right crossroad position. The idea behind crossroads location is the same as the idea behind crossfire. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Learn How to Use the Terrain to Dominate the Game

Choose a location that will get the most traffic of players crossing in the safe zone and get to a high ground. Then start picking off players one by one as they attempt to cross into the safe zone. This is a tip that is not for players who are in the lower ranks of the game but for higher-ranked players. That’s because this tip requires the players to have to lot of game knowledge. You need to know the map and player pattern to make a sound judgement call. For example, take the map Bermuda. On that map, you have three hot drop locations called the Clock Tower, Factory, and Pochinok. A seasoned player will position themselves in a way that they can get the maximum number of free kills by shooting down players who are trying to move between these three locations. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Learn How to Use the Terrain to Dominate the Game

In the same fashion, on the Kalahari map, you should try to choose a location or a hill that gives you an almost 360-degree field of view. Kalahari map in Free Fire has a ton of open spaces through which players have to run. If you use a vehicle to reach an advantageous position in the early part of the game then you will be able to get some free kills. Think about it this way, say you’re playing on the Bermuda map and the last zone is formed in an open area with only two houses inside the circle. Suddenly those two houses are the most important pieces of structure in the whole map since they will be providing cover to the last surviving players. If you understand how big of a deal location is in the game then you would want to be in one of those two houses in the final circle. 


This tip has everything to do with how strong your game sense is in Free Fire. There are these positions or locations on each map that are prime places to be at. Any player who locks down these positions is able to establish a huge control on the overall result of the game. Here’s how you find these locations on the map. Remember the flight path that you saw at the beginning of the game and make an educated guess on the place where most players would have dropped. 

Free Fire Battle Royale Guide: Learn How to Use the Terrain to Dominate the Game

If you’re playing on the Bermuda map then that place could be Mars Electric. This is a very high loot location that is bound to be a hot drop. You should set yourself up near Mars Electric from where you can have a clear view of players leaving. Then start picking them off from a safe distance and get your kill count high. Players who are running out of that hot drop probably also have decent loot on them so you can scavenge them for guns and ammo.