One thing that has made Free Fire a unique game is its character system. It is a complicated system and to understand all parts of it you need time; time that can be put to better use ranking up in the game. That is why these character guides try to simplify how you can use a certain character’s skill to your advantage. One of the best parts of playing with Free Fire’s character system is the fact that skills can be stacked together. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

So you can mix these active and passive skills together to make your ultimate character combination. In this guide of Free Fire, you will be learning about the new characters and their abilities. So you can understand how it will affect your own character skill combination and gameplay. Since the game keeps adding new characters almost every update, you need to be aware of their skills. 


D-BEE is a new character in the game with a passive ability that is very impressive. According to the game, D-BEE is a 19 year old creator who likes to dance and music. Maybe that is why his ability is called Bullet Beats. This ability is probably one of the better passive abilities the game has seen in a long time. Bullet Beats increases the accuracy and movement speed of the user when you start moving and shooting together. Think of it like the answer to getting an aim lock while strafing. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

Basically, when this ability is maxed out your crosshair will get locked on the enemy. Even at long range, the ability is very powerful. It wouldn’t take long for players who are well versed with the character system to pair this ability with Moco’s Hacker Eye. So not only do you get a target lock on your enemies, but also a location lock too. On top of that, put Chrono’s active ability, Time Turner. That blue sphere is the perfect ability for Bullet Beats. Even with all of that, there is still one more ability that you can add to your combo. D-BEE might be the new favorite among the players. 


Another new addition to the game is the character Skyler. This is a Vietnamese pop singer turned CEO. Basically, according to the game, Skylar is a big deal. His ability, however, is very interesting to say the least. It’s called Riptide Rhythm and what it does is basically create a gloo wall destroying sonic wave that will destroy 5 gloo walls within 100 m at max level. This is the type of ability that a very specific type of player can appreciate, Entry Fraggers. You can run up to enemies who have taken cover with their gloo walls and destroy it. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

Obviously there is a massive flaw in this ability: it’s cooldown timer. It takes too long for this ability to cool down, and that is not a good thing. Riptide Rhythm is not a bad ability, but it is only good for Clash Squad games. When intense fire fights are happening, using Riptide Rhythm will make sure that you get the first drop on your enemies. The ability is not just limited to destroying gloo walls. Every time the user deploys a gloo wall they will recover 9 HP at the maxed out level. So basically the up and the downsides are well-balanced out. If you use a gloo wall you will recover HP and if you use the Riptide Rhythm ability you will be able to destroy gloo walls near you. A great ability for clash squad games. 


Another new character that has come to the game is Xayne. This is a rather interesting addition because unlike the two above, this one is more focused towards battle royale. According to the game, Xayne is a 23 year old adrenaline junkie who likes the most extreme of things to say the least. Her ability is called Xtreme Encounter and is one of the few abilities that is made for solo games. The way her ability works is by restoring HP and increasing damage to gloo walls and shields. An ability like this is made for players who are in the middle ranks. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

In solo games, not only will you be able to restore your HP in the middle of a fight but also take down gloo walls much faster. Especially if you use the double vectors. At level 6 which is the maximum level for Xayne’s ability, you will be able to deal 100% increased damage to gloo walls and shields and recover 80 HP temporarily. The players that should give this new ability a try are solo brawlers. Players who go apeshit in every engagement and tend to attract enemies to themselves. An ability like Xtreme Encounter can be the health boost to get the booyah in your games. 


Another character that has arrived in the Free Fire universe is Maro. This character just like Xayne is focused on battle royale games. According to the game, Maro is a 32 year old who prefers animals over the company of humans. His ability is called Falcon Fervor, which probably isn’t the most exciting name. What is exciting is the power that this ability bestows. Falcon Fervor allows the players to not only take long shots but also increase the damage on those shots as well. In the game when you take a long distance shot, you probably have noticed the drop in damage. The longer the bullets have to travel, the lesser the damage they will deliver. This is the unspoken rule across all battle royale games, and that is why sniper rifles exist. Sniper rifles compensate for the loss in damage that SMGs and ARs suffer from. Here is where the Falcon Fervor comes into play. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

Once equipped, this ability will increase the damage that you deliver, even over long distances. Those shots that used to barely make a difference with the SCAR will start knocking out enemies. An ability like this is perfect for players who play as the designated snipers. Guns that go well with this ability are the sniper rifles and ARs like AK and SCAR. Basically, to get the best out of this ability you need to have a distance of over 50 m between you and your target. Another part of this ability is the fact that it increases the damage even more if you shoot at a market target. So using this ability along with Moco’s Hacker’s Eye or Shirou’s Damage Delivered will make for a sniper kill fest. 


Dimitri is the newest character to be added in the game, along with his brother Thiva. This is a character that is good for healers or basically players who want to have some variety. Honestly, this is a very useless character by any measure. His ability is called Healing Heartbeat and on the face of it seems very unique. The way Healing Heartbeat works is by creating a 3.5 m stationary healing zone. Inside that zone, the user and their teammates can revive their HP. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

The recovery rate is by 3HP per second and the circle remains for 10 seconds at level 1 to 15 seconds at level 6. As good as it sounds, this ability has a lot of holes in it that cannot be remedied. Take the 3.5 m healing zone, it does not move with the user. So that means that once it has been deployed you can only get HP only in one area. That’s all Dimitri brings to the table. If you take the healing abilities of other characters into account, then Alok’s Drop the Beat and K’s Master of All are far more superior. 


Thiva is Dimitri’s brother in Free Fire and just like his brother his ability is also geared towards healing. According to the game, Thiva has a very interesting ability called Vital Vibes. This ability can increase the revive speed in the game. Unlike his brother Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat, Thiva’s Vital Vibes is actually useful when playing battle royale as a healer. Not only can the Vital Vibes speed up reviving which is extremely useful in squad games but also award HP for every revive. 

Free Fire Skill Guide: Maro, Skylar, D-Bee, Xayne, Dimitri, Thiva

So basically, when you revive a player with Vital Vibes you will also be rewarded with up to 40 HP at the maximum level. This is a useful ability that can actually change the way your squad plays. A healer is a player who has to stay at the back of the team and help in reviving their teammates most of the time. An ability that can reduce the revive time by a significant margin can actually change the outcome of an engagement. At level 6 this ability can speed up your revive by 20%. Players should use this ability if they are maining as healers in their squad.