Despite featuring intense and chaotic bullet hell stages and combat, Girl Cafe Gun is actually a gacha RPG, which means that your luck is as important as your skill at navigating the stages. This is because, while you can get far with your own gameplay skills, you’ll be much better off if you actually manage to summon a few good characters from the gacha system. However, this is easier said than done, considering that there are quite a few units to choose from.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Luckily, Girl Cafe Gun gives you a summoning ticket after you beat stage 1-6, which gives you infinite 10x summonings and lets you unlock any unit you want from the very beginning. Additionally, players can also reroll and try to unlock another powerful character, which can give anyone the means necessary for getting a great start in their journeys.

Regardless, before you’re able to summon a few good characters, you first need to know which ones are worth summoning. And to this end, we’ve created this Girl Cafe Gun tier list, in which we’ll share our personal picks for best units in the game. In this sense, if you’re just starting out in the global version of Girl Cafe Gun, and are wondering which units are worth leveling, then this guide is just for you.

S Tier Characters

As always, when it comes to our tier lists, the S tier is reserved for the units that shine bright on their own and don’t need any assistance to unleash their full potential. If you manage to get one of these units in your initial summonings, you’re off to a very good start in the game.

Moon (Casual)

This version of Moon is one of the most OP characters in the game, being able to easily eliminate most enemies on the screen simply by holding down the fire button. This is due to her passives increasing her damage and critical rate, which in turn lets her deal more damage with her basic attacks. Furthermore, her active skill further increases her damage and critical rate for a short period, massively boosting her destructive potential.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Shi Wuxia (Tactical Equip)

Shi Wuxia, in her Tactical Equip version, is almost the opposite of Moon. This is because, while Moon relies mostly on basic attacks to deal damage, Shi Wuxia has an absurdly powerful active skill that deals up to 56 instances of damage to the closest target, with each of these dealing up to 41% damage. This destruction is further enhanced with her passives, which increase her damage after dealing a number of consecutive hits, while also amplifying the damage dealt to staggered targets.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

These properties make Shi Wuxia (Tactical Equip) ideal for dealing with bosses and other tough enemies.

Lida (Maid)

Lida is an example of what a great support ought to be in this game. She has skills that don’t really deal that much damage by themselves, but they set up the stage for her allies to dish out the hurt when certain conditions are met. For example, her active skills deploys cutters that continuously deal damage to the enemy, while also doing a ton of stagger damage. This skill can effectively break the enemy easily, which opens them up for further damage by the rest of the team. This is further expanded by the fact that her passives both increase the stagger damage dealt by the squad, as well as further increase the damage dealt to the enemy when they’re staggered.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

A Tier Characters

While not as strong as the ones above, these characters can be very useful in many situations, especially when given the right circumstances. And though they don’t really shine as bright by themselves, these units are great team players that most formations would benefit from having.

Irene (Maple)

With destructive potential almost on par with Moon’s above, Irene in her Maple configuration is a great addition to any team, especially if you’re starved for damage. Though she doesn’t have as much damage boosts as Moon, she has several passives that can deal significant harm, especially when the enemy is staggered. Furthermore, one of her passives increases her attack speed after she hits the same enemy 30 times with basic attacks, which makes her quite useful when fighting against bosses or beefy enemies.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Cornelia (Casual)

This version of Cornelia features very decent AoE damage thanks to the countless explosions that she continuously throws. These explosions not only deal great damage, but they can also contribute greatly to staggering enemies, which in turn opens them up further for additional attacks. Furthermore, one of her passives makes her deal stagger to nearby enemies every 5 seconds. This effectively means that her presence alone can help break foes, which makes her into a great support DPS character.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Rococo (Maid)

A very straightforward character that deals some AoE damage, but whose main function is actually to passively deal damage to nearby enemies. This is because, just like Cornelia, Rococo deals automatically damages nearby enemies. Only this time she deals direct HP damage instead of merely stagger damage. Finally, she can also amplify the damage done to enfeebled enemies, making her into another great support DPS character.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

B Tier Characters

The units in this tier are examples of the things you should avoid when creating your own team. The characters in this section are not recommended at all, either due to their meager damage output, or due to their ineffectual skills.

Rococo (Casual)

Though, in theory, this version of Rococo could function in some setups, it requires much more effort for a comparatively weaker payoff. This is because, in order to unleash her potential, you need to rely on debuffing the enemies with freeze. And while she can freeze foes with her active skill, its use is limited considering that the freeze only lasts for up to 2 seconds, only occurs 4 times per use, and has a cooldown of 24 seconds, rendering it mostly useless. This problem is further compounded by the fact that the damage boost to frozen enemies isn’t even that high.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Yuki (Casual)

While she’s not a bad support by any means, being able to shield and reduce the damage taken by the group, the current meta favors offensive approaches rather than defensive play styles. If future content has enemies that can deal extreme amounts of damage, or stages that are much longer and require defensive skills, then Yuki (Casual) might be more useful in those occasions.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

Shi Wuyou (Official Dress)

A purely-support character whose main trait is to slightly increase the party’s movement speed. She can give a large burst of speed with her active skill, as well as a constant but much lower speed increase with her passives. In other words, she’s just as ineffectual as Yuki, but could see some use later on if future content requires you to have a speed boost to clear it.

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List - The Best Units in the Game

And with that, you now have not only a tier list with some of the best units in Girl Cafe Gun, but you also have an idea of what to look for in good units, as well as what to avoid when building your team in the current meta. Feel free to leave us your own suggestions for best characters in the game, in the comments below!