As an ARPG, Goddess: Primal Chaos requires a lot of grinding and reaching the last level takes quite some time – if you don’t know what to do, this process may take months. And like all other ARPGs, the game really “starts” at the last level, as lots of features require you to be as strong as possible. Well, we are sure that we can shorten your leveling time by giving you some tips and tricks: Instead of months, you can reach the last level in Goddess: Primal Chaos in weeks. Let’s start and see how we can do this.

“Questing” Is The Most Efficient Method At The Beginning

Up until level 100 or so, completing quests will give you the maximum XP points. When compared to aimless grinding, story missions are better in every aspect: They also give you equipment, which will further empower your character. And luckily, each quest takes maximum 5 minutes to complete. They all require you to go some specific place and kill monsters: Turn auto-battle mode on, activate your Combo Keys, and you will be done in no time. It is even possible to reach level 40 in 2 hours by completing only quests.

And once you complete all of them (which will happen at some point) you can re-complete the stages. These are part of the main story missions, and you will complete most of them in “normal” mode during questing. However, you can repeat them in “hard” mode, which will increase the rewards. It is possible to complete these stages 5 times each day, and doing so will give you lots of XP points. Moreover, you can completely automatize them by creating Combo Keys: Complete a stage once, record it, and repeat as long as necessary.

Normal and hard modes.

You will be done in 2 minutes – completing 5 stages every day will take only 10 minutes in total.

There Are Daily Quests Too

These are daily repeatable missions, which are not part of the main story. They are very simple tasks: You are asked to strengthen your gear one time or complete a specific event. In fact, you will complete most of them without knowing during your normal gameplay. It is possible to complete 12 daily quests every 24 hours and they award two important things: Lots of XP points and green magic gems, which are the main currency in the game. You can even gain 4-5 levels every day by completing daily quests only.

Complete Dungeons Every Day

As we mentioned in our Game Modes article, Goddess: Primal Chaos has more than a dozen dungeons which award lots of XP points and gear. After completing a dungeon 4 times, you stop getting the gear, but the XP points award is still there. The game automatically creates a party for you in mere seconds, and you can keep grinding these dungeons for as long as you want: They are fun, fast, and easy activities that don’t take longer than 5 minutes.

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Arena Matches: The Fastest Event

Fighting against other players is probably the fastest way of getting those precious XP points. Fights don’t last longer than a minute, and you always find an opponent, no matter what time you are playing. You get XP points even if you lose a fight, but if you manage to win, the rewards will be better. Increasing your PvP rank will further improve the amount of XP points you are getting. If you absolutely cannot stand questing, completing arena matches is the best (and fastest) method of leveling.

No Need To Purchase VIP Membership

You may be surprised to hear this, but purchasing a VIP membership won’t give you any benefits in terms of leveling speed. VIP players do not get more XP points than others – sure, they get lots of free things that will increase the stats of their characters, but XP points are not one of them. You cannot use real money to level up faster: This is one of the good things about Goddess: Primal Chaos.

Even after following these recommendations, you will still need to grind: There is no magical way to increase your level suddenly. However, your overall leveling time will greatly improve and you will be ready for end-game phase in weeks, instead of months. Take a look at our BlueStacks setup guide too, as it contains additional tips that will make this journey easier. Good luck out there!

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