Game Modes Of Goddess Primal Chaos: All The Things You Can Do

Game Modes Of Goddess Primal Chaos: All...

We mentioned that Goddess: Primal Chaos is full of features in our review, and we were not kidding: The game contains more than 5 different game modes, each with different gameplay. Some of them are good for leveling, and some of them can be used to get the rarest equipment. In any case, you should try them all. And this is what we are going to do in this guide: We will explain all of these game modes and give some tips & tricks that will make your job easier.

Dungeons Of Goddess: Primal Chaos

There are two types of dungeons in the game: Star and Nightmare. Nightmare dungeons require special tokens to enter, and you can start collecting them once you passed level 95. Star dungeons, on the other hand, are available freely. Let’s take a look at their list first:

Mist Swamp Level 35 Blue Treasure
Starry Plane Level 45 Blue Treasure
Illusion Forest Level 55 Purple Treasure
Spirit Forest Level 65 Purple Treasure
Gale Canyon Level 75 Golden Treasure
Ruined Mine Level 85 Golden Treasure
Icewind Vale Level 95 Golden Treasure
Prison of Hatred Level 105 Golden Treasure
Lonely Corridor Level 115 Golden Treasure
Hoarfrost Altar Level 125 Golden Treasure

Basically, you unlock a different dungeon every 10 levels and the drops mentioned above can be obtained four times a day. So there is no use of completing more than 4 dungeons each day – you won’t be getting any rewards. Once you have done all four dungeons, switch to another game mode.

Challenges Of Goddess: Primal Chaos

This mode offers more than one game mode: You can complete various challenges every day and get rewarded with loot and XP points. It is possible to play a MOBA match, fight against other players, slay a dragon with your guild, and climb a beanstalk tree, which is the “endless tower dungeon” mode of the game. You can even play a slot machine, believe it or not. During leveling, we recommend doing Arena matches – they are the shortest event and gives you a lot of XP. Once you surpass level 57, start doing Beanstalk missions. And switch to Underground Castle missions after reaching level 77. All of these are short and fast challenges, and you can make them easier by using Combo Key feature of BlueStacks.

A sample arena match – yes, we are losing.

There are more than a dozen game modes under the challenges category – try them all.

Bosses Of Goddess: Primal Chaos

Once you reach level 50, you can start fighting against a boss every day, between 14.00 and 21.00. This feature is also a dungeon, which consists of seven floors. First six floors are filled with “normal” enemies and after killing them all, you can climb the seventh floor and try your chances against the boss. You cannot solo this mode – you need a team. Luckily, you can easily find one by using the world chat. Try to complete this game mode every day, it gives the best equipment in the game.

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Wilds Of Goddess: Primal Chaos

Wilds are actually the “open world” zone of the game. Basically, you are teleported to an open map and complete missions with other players. These are simple missions and mostly require you to fight against waves of enemies. In addition to XP points, Wilds missions give you green magic gems, which is the main currency in the game. So instead of purchasing them with real money, you can grind in the Wilds zone and get them for free.

Events Of Goddess: Primal Chaos

We are not sure where to start, because this game mode includes more than 10 different features and each one is quite different. Each event becomes active at different hours, so you cannot complete them whenever you want to. Some last only for 10 minutes and some last for 2 hours – depends on the context. You can race horses (yes, there is literally a horse racing game mode), fight against other guilds, join a wedding, and join something called Holy Grail War, which is the battle between Angels and Demons. We don’t have a specific recommendation, to be honest: Go nuts and try them all when they become active.

And there you go: Now, know what you can do in Goddess: Primal Chaos and which game modes to focus on. We can guarantee one thing: Between this many options, you will never get bored. Take a look at our other Goddess: Primal Chaos articles and get tips on leveling and combat too – we prepared different guides for all the features of this old-school ARPG. See you on the battlefield!

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