As a classic ARPG, Goddess: Primal Chaos contains only three hero classes. Since modern ARPGs like Mia Online offer nearly half a dozen classes, this may seem like a low figure. However, each of these archetypes is unique in terms of skills and gameplay – you can really feel that class identity. In this article, we will take a closer look at Goddess: Primal Chaos hero archetypes and list their strengths & weaknesses.  But before we continue, let us remind that you can play with all three classes at the same time with the help of BlueStacks farm mode: This way, you can try them all and continue with the one you like.

Warrior: Best For Beginners

This is the classic warrior you are used to seeing in all ARPGs: He wears heavy armor, uses a big sword, and has high health points. Warriors can be either tanks or damage dealers, but if you are playing solo, you should go with the damage dealer. While tanks are useful especially at the end game content (tanks are always in need), leveling with them will be slower – they can’t kill enemies as fast as damage dealers. In any case, due to its high health and defense points, warriors are hard to kill and that’s why they are the best class for beginners. You can turn the auto-battle mode on and leave your warrior alone: He won’t die and keep gaining XP points.

The Elite skills of warriors are as follows:

Enraged Burn For 7 secs, gain +40% damage and -20% defense
Leaping Smash Gain 504% attack power and cause 90% damage to nearby enemies
Seal of Pain Lowers your damage by 6% but restores 1.2% health points every second

You should switch between Leaping Smash and Seal of Pain during grinding, both are equally useful. Enraged Burn gives a flat damage increase but the defense cost is too high, especially if you are not in a party. You can create a Combo Key to quickly switch between these two elite skills and automatize this process.

Summoner: Never Play Alone

Summoner is the only ranged class in the game. She is also the only one that can summon creatures to the battle: Your first skill summons a bat that can attack enemies on its own. In other words, you don’t need to control your summoned creatures, they can fight by themselves. Summoner is the only real AOE class in the game, which means her skills can damage multiple enemies at once. This makes her an excellent candidate for automatic grinding, because she can complete quests much faster. However, due to low health points, she can easily die. If you are planning to play the game “manually”, Summoner will be the best choice. But if you will use the “auto-battle” feature, which you will at some point, you should still go with the Warrior.

And here are the Elite skills of Summoners:

Darkshade Drake Summon a drake that deals 120% damage (40% chance to crit)
Spiritsoul Bones Summon a skeleton that restores 2.4% health every 2 seconds
Underworld Princess Summon a demon that deals 30% damage to nearby enemies (18% CC chance)

Spiritsoul Bones should always be your first choice, as Summoners have low health points. If the enemies are not scattered, Darkshade Drake is better than the Underworld Princess, as it gives a flat damage increase. We recommend going with these two Elite skills for the Summoner.

Bloodline: Best Damage Dealer In The Game

If pure DPS (damage per second) numbers are the most important thing for you, Bloodline should be your default class. They can deal the highest damage and kill enemies much faster than the other two classes. Plus, they look pretty cool with fist weapons. However, all of these advantages come with a cost: Bloodline has the lowest health and defense points. This means he can die pretty fast, and auto-battle is not an option for most of the time. You also need to kite enemies until your cooldowns are over – you attack fast and strong but you are also as vulnerable as a butterfly. Bloodline is the advanced class of Goddess: primal Chaos and should be preferred by veteran players.

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Their Elite skills can be seen below:

Enraged Astrid Start a 16-hit combo attack, reduce enemy defense by 20%
Bloodfury Battle Start a 16-hit combo attack, increase crit rate by 20%
Bloodthirsty Shadows Start a 16-hit combo attack, cause 15% additional damage, convert 10% of that damage to HP

To see bigger damage numbers on the screen, go with Bloodfury Battle. However, Bloodthirsty Shadows will be the better option during solo gameplay and grinding, as it restores your health constantly. In any case, all Elite skills of Bloodline are useful – try them all.

Now, you have a better idea of which class to pick: It is time to start saving the world. Remember to check our other Goddess: Primal Chaos articles too, as they contain additional tips and tricks that will make your job easier. Let’s start grinding and play on BlueStacks together!

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