Those who recently started their journey in Guild of Heroes will notice that there are many facilities in Grey Haven, the main hub, where players go to brew potions, forge weapons and armor, upgrade their skills, and enhance their characters, in general. However, most of these facilities are not readily available as soon as you start since you’ll need to fulfill various prerequisites to unlock them. Said prerequisites often involve reaching a certain power level, or progressing through the campaign.

In this guide, we will go over what each of these facilities can do, as well as what you must do in order to unlock them.

It’s important to note that we are also relatively new to the game, and don’t have access to all of these merchants and services, so that’s why you’ll see that a couple of them are still greyed out in our screenshots. Nevertheless, we have compiled a list with all the services available in the Grey Haven, so you can learn what they can be used for, and what you must do to unlock them, as well as how to use them efficiently.

The Campaign

The person that guards the gates of the town is the one that you must speak to in order to depart on a mission. You can also go to a dungeon by talking to this character.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

The Billboard

Also known as the Events Board. It is the brown billboard next to the brewer. Here you can obtain information about all sorts of events, such as new game modes, and other special occasions through which you may win all sorts of prizes.

The Brewer

The hooded figure to the left of the billboard is the potion-maker. She is available from the very beginning and can help create potions to restore the health of your character in combat. The healer can brew potions in sets of 5, 10, and 20 units. Buying in bulk is always the cheapest option, but it takes more time to fulfill every batch. By leveling up this character, you will have access to better potions. In time, you will realize how important she is for helping your character to stay alive, so try to upgrade her as soon as you can.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

The Forge

Located just across the street from the brewer, the forge is used for upgrading your gear. In order to do this, you will have to sacrifice enough pieces of gear, pay the fee, and wait until the blacksmith completes the task.

Storage and Mailbox

They are both located to the left of the brewer. The first allows you to store everything you’re not using, including runes, mana stones, gems, and gear. However, its space is limited, so you need to use diamonds to expand its capacity. You may unlock this facility upon reaching level 9.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

The second item is where you’ll receive news about new people visiting your tavern, as well as other important events in the game world.


This merchant is available from the start. With his services, you may get rid of all the useless gear that you pick up on your missions. Furthermore, you may also buy all sorts of helpful items that will allow you to level up quickly. However, this character only accepts diamonds as payment. The only exception to this is a booster box that is paid for with mana and refreshes daily.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

Star Altar

This is the structure used for obtaining the materials used for evolving your gear and gems. In order to begin gathering these materials, you must offer all the gear and gems that you don’t use to the Star Altar to recycle them and transform them into raw materials. Each ritual requires two materials of the same category, as well as defeating a group of enemies in the Star Arena. If you win, the materials will be deposited in your Altar. You can then use them at the forge and white mage to upgrade your gear and gems, respectively. You can also sell these materials for a lot of money.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

Arena and Tower of Trials

Once you reach level 10, you will gain access to the arena, which is located to the left of the Star Altar. Here, you and your teammates will be able to go up against groups of opponents for a chance at winning (or losing) trophies.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

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The Tower of Trials is unlocked upon reaching level 14 and consists of a 100-story tower packed with challenges. The floors are divided into 25 sections, each of which you must complete in order to challenge the next. These floors offer unique rewards for the first time you beat, as well as decent prizes for beating them on subsequent occasions.

White Wizard

The next character on our list, located just beside the arena, is the White Wizard. This character takes the mana you have extracted through the jeweler and uses it to upgrade your skills. It is one of the most important characters in town. By default, your wizard will have 5 skill slots for each class, which allows you to both upgrade your skills for each, as well as store the skills you’re not using without taking up space in your inventory or storage.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

Event Obelisk

We don’t know if it’s actually called like this, but it resembles an obelisk, so we’ll leave it at that. This structure is located just behind the wizard and is used for consulting all the active events at the moment, as well as for accessing the game’s social networks.

The Tavern

One of the best aspects of this game is the tavern, in which you can meet new people and hire the services of other characters so they can help in your missions. If you befriend other players in the game and add them to your group, you will find their characters in the tavern. If they are at a similar level than yourself, you will also be able to hire them as mercenaries to help you out on your missions. Similarly, those who you become friends with may also hire your character, and you will receive a portion of what they earned during the missions where you were summoned.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

It’s important to make friends in this game since hiring characters that are not in your group is very costly. Also, it is only possible to open crystal chests with the help of a teammate, so make sure to keep some low-level characters in your tavern, so you can hire them when you need to open a chest without having to pay high fees. You may want to read our detailed Tavern Guide for more strategies related to the tavern.

The Rune Master

The elderly gentleman floating off the ground just past the tavern is the runemaster. This character can insert runes into your gear, as well as remove them for a fee. He can also use unwanted runes and rune fragments to upgrade the ones socketed into your gear. You can unlock this character early on by progressing through the campaign.

The Jeweler

Standing on the top of some stairs just to the left of the runemaster is the jeweler. This character is unlocked by progressing through the campaign and can provide his services to extract mana from the mana stones you’ll find along your travels. This mana is used by the white wizard for upgrading your skills. By upgrading the jeweler, you will increase his mana capacity, allowing you to extract mana from stones of better quality, as well as gathering enough mana to upgrade the gems that require significantly more resources than those you start with.

The Guild

When you reach level 17, you will be able to join a guild and gain access to the guild store, which is found just past the big wooden gates at the end of town. In this store, you will be able to find some great gear, which can only be bought using the coins obtained from felling bosses.

A Guide to the Grey Haven In Guild of Heroes

These are all the structures available in the Grey Haven. With the help of these facilities, you will be able to prepare for the upcoming battles and challenges that the game will throw at you along the way. Good luck!

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