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How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

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In many games, the tavern is usually regarded as the place where players go to unwind, share a few pints with others, and learn about the local gossip and rumor. In Guild of Heroes, the tavern is also a gathering point for many, but not as much for chatting and having a good time, but rather for hiring mercenaries and the characters of other players to help you on your missions.

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

If you’re having a hard time with a level or dungeon, you will always be able to swing by the local tavern in Grey Haven to check who’s in and to hire assistance from those who are at a similar power level as yourself. If you find someone that meets these requirements, you can simply click on their names, and select the “hire” option. You can do this for Facebook friends, as well as with strangers that are visiting your tavern. The latter, however, is a very costly alternative, which is frequently out of reach for those that have just started out in the game. The best option when it comes to hiring help is to find Facebook friends that also play the game, which you easily find by joining the game’s group on the social media network. If you invite friends to your group, it will be less expensive, and you’ll receive the same benefits that you do when paying more for strangers.

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

Making Friends

The most important part when it comes to making friends in the game is to find those that are of a lower or similar level to your character. At the very least, you could find those only a few levels higher than yourself. If your friend’s level is too high, in relation to your own, you’ll be able to invite him to your tavern, but won’t be allowed to enlist him on your missions. They, on the other hand, will be able to take you on their missions without any issues.

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

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A good strategy when looking for friends is to invite characters both weak and strong. The latter is important so they can hire your character and take you on their adventures, so you’ll be able to receive a part of the earnings. On the other hand, the former is also important since you’ll always have a repertoire of characters at your disposal for hiring. Keep in mind that your friends will also be able to accompany you into the arena, so try to invite active players that are focused on improving their characters, and which could pull their own weight if a fight breaks out.

As a general rule of thumb, always try to have one or two weak friends in your tavern, that would also charge very little for their services. If you can complete a level without help, take these friends on your mission so they can help you open crystal chests. To achieve this, simply progress through the stage, and summon your friend as soon as you come up to the crystal chest. In this manner, you will be able to score some extra good loot, for a small price.

If you’re looking to join up with some real-life friends that are also playing Guild of Heroes, a good method would be to ask them to join your guild. Once they are in, you could look up their names on the guild roster and invite them to your tavern. On the contrary, if you don’t have a guild, you will need to add them through Facebook.

To connect through Facebook, all you need to do is head to the tavern, navigate the “friends” tab, and look up your friend. If you still don’t have any friends that are playing the game, you could consider joining the Guild of Heroes Facebook group by clicking on the “join community” button. By joining up, you will get access to thousands of other players who will be happy to lend their services to your cause, as well as take your character on their adventures.

The last method for establishing some bonds in this game is by sending invitations to strangers for them to join your group. You can do this by clicking on their characters, and then on the “invite” button. They will receive a notification in their mailbox, which they’ll have up to 48 hours to RSVP. Once they accept, you’ll be able to find them in your tavern. Make sure to take their characters along on several adventures as thanks! By using this method to invite players, you’ll be able to accommodate up to 20 of them in your tavern.

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

By hiring those that are in your group, you will be able to hire their services at a much affordable price. The best part is that, aside from being more cost-effective, your companions will also benefit from your adventures as they will receive 75% of what you picked up along the way. This means that, if you earned 100 gold from a mission, they will earn 75 gold.

When you play with friends, all the parties involved will benefit. In this sense, there are no reasons to venture out alone as soon as you meet up with some awesome people. Try to hire your friends as much as you can!

Crystal Chests

Despite it costing a sizeable sum of money to hire strangers (if you don’t have friends yet), this is usually worth it on some stages as you can only open crystal chests with the help of a companion. These chests look like a blue cube anchored to a hexagonal base by several chains. Once activated, you’ll have to battle a group of enemies, after which you’ll be presented with prizes in the form of mana, gold, and gear.

In order to open these chests, you’ll first have to summon your companion and then click on the cube. If you’re on autoplay, this process will be usually automated, so you’ll never have to worry about manually opening them.

You can find these chests in every area, except in the farmlands and the windmill. Similarly, both the dungeons, as well as the stages where you fight against bosses don’t have any crystal chests. Other than that, you can find these valuable caches of goods everywhere else.

How to Use the Tavern in Guild of Heroes

For the reasons that we have mentioned in this article, it’s very important that you strive to keep a full tavern. In this sense, you will always be able to hire a helping hand, both for completing missions, as well as for opening crystal chests.

Hope you enjoyed reading this guide and found the tips mentioned here useful. Please do let us know what you think of this guide in the comments section.

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