Most gacha games like Harbingers – Last Survival have a specific flow that makes them stand out among the rest. Whether it’s from their narratives, specific gameplay mechanics, or their hero variety, no two gacha games are ever completely alike. However, one aspect that all these games have in common is the fact that, sooner or later, the players WILL have to use the summoning feature to recruit more characters to their rosters.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

If we ever had to describe the gacha game genre with one word, we’d definitely use “summoning,” because this is essentially what you strive for for most of your time in these titles. Most tasks that you complete, battles you fight, and the stages in which you grind, are just so you can have enough materials and resources to summon more characters. And until you finally manage to summon a full team of powerful heroes, all your actions will be oriented towards saving up for this purpose.

But what exactly is a good team? This concept varies from game to game. In Harbingers, like many other gachas, a good team is simply a squad consisting of 6 powerful characters. While the synergies between the said characters is also important, your top priority, at least at the beginning, should be to summon a full team of S-rarity characters—or at the very least, a team of A-rarity heroes. This is because only heroes of A-rarity or above have access to Ultra skills, which are insanely powerful and necessary for beating the toughest fights.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

But don’t worry if you don’t manage to summon too many A-rarity characters at the beginning; some of the strongest characters in this game are actually B-rarity. Once you summon them, you can upgrade their rarity, unlock their ultra skills, and turn them into powerhouses.

If you’re looking to form a good team in Harbingers – Last Survival, then this article is for you. Especially if you’re a hardcore gacha veteran looking to reroll to pull powerful characters, you’ll want to keep an eye out for these babies:


Combining a stalwart defense with a decent damage output, Leonidas brings the best of both worlds, which makes him a safe choice for nearly any team composition in Harbingers. While only a B-rarity character, he can be upgraded to unlock his hyper skill and unleash his true potential as a support DPS character.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

Leonidas is ideal when dealing against enemies that are overly reliant on magical skills. Considering that nearly all of his abilities has a chance to either shield himself or his allies against magic damage.

Leonidas’ basic attack has a 50% chance initially to give him a magic barrier every time he damages an enemy. His ammo skill, once unleashed, gives the same magical shield to both allies in the same row, increasing their survivability considerably. His ultimate skill is similar, shielding his allies from magical harm, but with a stronger effect than usual.

James Watt

While Leonidas is a hybrid that combines a strong defense with a decent damage output, Watt is completely oriented towards defense. This character is a veritable wall, designed to absorb damage and attract the attention of the enemy team with his taunt skills. Furthermore, most of his skills contribute towards increasing his defense, or reflecting damage back at the enemy.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

His most basic attack deals average damage and increases Watt’s defense by 20% for 2 turns. By itself, that attack is enough to make him a more tanky Harbinger than the rest. However, his ammo skill not only attacks the enemy with the highest ATK stat, it also taunts him and all other enemies in the same row, causing them to attack Watt instead of your other squishy allies. Furthermore, once upgraded, this skill also returns damage back to the attackers. His hyper skill is similar to the taunt, but with a stronger effect.

When it comes to defensive options in this gacha game, you really can’t go wrong with James Watt.

Zhao Yun

If pure damage potential in Harbingers – Last Survival is what you’re seeking, Zhao Yun is your best bet. This S-rarity character has several skills that affects entire rows of enemies, and also works well with Watt since he can deal additional damage to taunted enemies.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

His basic attack is just that, basic. However, both his ammo skill and ultra skill attack entire enemy rows for a truckload of damage. Furthermore, the latter deals extra damage if the target is the only remaining enemy on the field, which makes Zhao Yun excellent at dealing with bosses. Lastly, he also has a skill that prioritizes enemies that have been taunted, and attacks them for 100% of his standard damage. While this attack has a cooldown of 3 turns, it’s a bit of extra damage that will come in handy.

Li Bai

This A-rarity character brings tons of single-target damage as well as support skills in the form of abilities that restore ammo to her team. Li Bai is unrelenting in offense, helping her team to stay attacking at all times.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

Her standard attack is an immensely powerful blow, which also buffs Li Bai with +250 dodge for 1 round, which helps her to both deal damage, and avoid getting hit herself. Meanwhile, her ammo skill deals even greater damage to 1 enemy, and restore 2 units of ammo to an ally, allowing them to use their ammo skills sooner. Her ultra skill is similar, but hits harder and also restores ammo to herself.

Once unlocked, her passive skill grants her +3 ammo at the beginning of the fight, allowing her to use her ammo skill immediately from the start. This skill also grants a free attack to an enemy afflicted by burning. If this attack lands, Li Bai automatically grants +1 ammo to the next allied Harbinger who has a turn.

Alexander The Great

Just like Li Bai, Alexander the Great is a Harbinger that’s all about unrelenting offense. However, while Li Bai also has several support skills, Alexander focuses more on destroying entire rows of enemies.

The Best Heroes in Harbingers - Last Survival on PC

Her skills are pretty straightforward. She can either attack a single target with her basic skill, or a row of enemies with her ammo and ultra skills. However, both of these abilities deal additional damage as there are more enemies in the field. Furthermore, every time an enemy dies, not only does Alexander gets +3 ammo, allowing her to unleash yet another ammo skill, but she also reduces the ammo of ALL enemies by -1.

There are many characters to unlock in Harbingers – Last Survival, with many more on the way as we write this article. Regardless, we believe that the heroes we mentioned above make for the absolute best team for most situations. However, summoning all of them might be a bit tough, so we recommend playing on BlueStacks to gain access to all our tools and have a smoother experience with rerolling and pulling for powerful heroes.

What are your favorite characters in Harbingers – Last Survival? Do you go for maximum performance, or do you prefer to build a waifu team? Let us know your comments and opinions in the section below!