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Harbingers – Last Survival : Team Building Tips

Most of the gameplay in Harbingers – Last Survival consists of taking to the field and defeating hordes upon hordes of zombies. Battles in this game take place in real time, with your team attacking the enemy automatically, while you get to choose when they unleash their ultra skill. Alternatively, once you clear stage 2-8, you’ll unlock auto-battle mode, which will be your go-to feature for farming from then on.

Harbingers – Last Survival : Team Building Tips

As soon as you unlock auto-battle, the way you play Harbingers will change slightly. Instead of focusing entirely on manually doing your best in combat, you’ll rely on the power of your characters as they defeat their enemies automatically. In this sense, winning in combat will be more about preparing your heroes and properly powering them up, rather than micromanaging their actions in combat.

To this end, if you want to win at Harbingers – Last Survival, you’ll not only need to unlock a squad with the best characters in the game, but you’ll also need to consider your team composition in order to clear any challenge automatically, without ever having to intervene manually.

Harbingers - Last Survival On PC: Team Building Tips

To help you out with this objective, we decided to write a guide where you can find some basic aspects about building your team, as well as some advanced suggestions for powerful team compositions.

Team Building Basics

Harbingers – Last Survival is still a new game. Released only a few weeks ago, the game is still fresh and players haven’t created any sort of meta or tier list, which means that this is the ideal moment to power up and create your own powerful strategies.

Luckily, there aren’t many heroes available just yet, which means that you won’t have to give it much thought, nor would you have to spend unreasonable amounts of time rerolling to unlock powerful characters from the start. Furthermore, another awesome aspect in Harbingers is that, despite there being stat differences between heroes of different rarities (B, A, S, and SS), most characters have something unique to offer any team composition. Moreover, once you upgrade a hero to the max, their rarity will increase to SS, anyway.

Harbingers - Last Survival On PC: Team Building Tips

What we want to say is that, when it comes to building a powerful team in Harbingers – Last Survival, you shouldn’t pay much attention to the characters’ rarities. If anything, it’s more important that you play with your favorite characters instead of the ones with the best stats. We find it more enjoyable to play with our waifus rather than with unappealing heroes just for the sake of having the highest numbers, especially since these stats are not strictly necessary for beating the game.

Nevertheless, it’s true that characters come with different skill sets, which makes them excel at certain roles. In our guide on the best heroes in Harbingers – Last Survival, we talked about 6 characters that, while each strong in their own ways, have different roles. From pure tanks, to hybrids, as well as damage dealers; there’s definitely something for every play style in this game.

Harbingers - Last Survival On PC: Team Building Tips

However, those who want to to err on the side of safety will want to add at least 1 or 2 defensive characters to their lineup, and focus on offense for the rest. But why would anyone want to do that when you could go all-out on the offense with proper synergies and a good setup?

Advanced Team Building Tip: Synergies

There’s an important aspect when it comes to creating powerful teams in Harbingers – Last Survival. Namely, the way your characters’ skills interact in combat. The most notable example of these interactions is the “Pursue” mechanic, which allows some of your characters to deal extra damage to enemies when certain conditions are met.

Harbingers - Last Survival On PC: Team Building Tips

The Pursue mechanic revolves around inflicting certain status ailments to the enemy, which then triggers additional attacks from other members of your team. For instance, consider the hero Li Bai, which has a skill called “Drinker’s Game,” which allows her to pursue an enemy afflicted by the burning status. In other words, whenever you inflict burning on an enemy, Li Bai will automatically attack that enemy, even if it’s not her turn. These skills, however, usually have a cooldown period, which means that, with a few exceptions, you can’t get free attacks back to back.

Luckily, there’s no limit to how many characters with these pursue skills you can add to your team. In theory, you could add 3 or 4 of these heroes to your lineup, and create a strategy revolving around these pursue attacks to deal maximum damage. Some of these heroes with pursue skills include the following:

Harbingers - Last Survival On PC: Team Building Tips

  • Li Bai: Burning, 2 rounds of cooldown between attacks.
  • Zhao Yun: Taunt, 3 rounds of cooldown between attacks.
  • Yi Sun-Sin: Debility, 3 rounds of cooldown between attacks.
  • Solomon: Pursues an enemy that is healed, 2 rounds of cooldown between attacks.
  • Akechi Mitsuhide: Daze, 2 rounds of cooldown between attacks.
  • Paris: Chaos, 2 rounds of cooldown between attacks.

These are just a few of the characters with abilities to pursue when certain conditions are triggered. Evidently, the best way to use these characters in a team is by pairing them with other heroes that can inflict the corresponding status effects. For instance, Paris would go well with Helen of Troy since the latter can inflict chaos with her ultra skill.

Harbingers – Last Survival : Team Building Tips

Furthermore, while most of these pursue moves only deal damage, there are some that also apply other status effects. In the same vein as the Paris + Helen combo, when Helen triggers Paris’ pursue by inflicting chaos, Paris attacks the enemy automatically with a chance to cause daze to an entire row of enemies. If you happen to have Akechi Mitsuhide in your team when this happens, then Paris will also trigger her pursue skill through dazing the enemy, and so on.

Of all the synergies that Harbingers – Last Survival offers, we found the “Pursue tactic” to be the most effective method at this point in the game. Have you found any other awesome team setups? Feel free to share your formation in the comments below!

Harbingers – Last Survival : Team Building Tips

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