If you’ve just started your adventure at Hogwarts Academy, you have a lot to learn. What do you say to giving your school years a quick start and graduate easily by using our recommendations? You can find tips and advice about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery in this guide that will make your gaming experience more enjoyable.


Read the Dialogs

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a story-driven game. If you try to progress without reading the dialogues, you won’t be able to understand what is going on around you. This will cause you to have difficulty in understanding what to do next. More importantly, because some of your dialogue choices will change the story, you will cause your character to level much slower and fail to build friendships. For example, if you answer randomly to the questions asked by the professors, you can lose house points, which are very important. Or, random dialog selections can prevent you from earning attribute points. This is not an action game and you need to enjoy the story: Read all the dialogues for this reason.



Choose the Duration Carefully

Some tasks in the game offer you an option before you begin: Determine how long they will last. You can set the duration of a task for 1 hour, 3 hours, or 8 hours. The longer the time is, the more energy is needed to complete that task. However, more prizes will be awarded at the end of the task too. For example, you can earn the house point award in only 8 hour-long tasks. You have to decide according to your energy amount: You must have at least 20 energy points for 3-hour tasks. Do not start 8 hour-long tasks with less than 40 energy points. 1-hour tasks should not be preferred as they do not give you any useful awards at all, but you can choose them if you have very little energy and want to continue the story.



Customize Your Character

The personalization options offered at the beginning of the game are rather limited. You can only determine how your character will look. After completing the first chapter, you will get more customization options. You can change your character’s clothing and name. To change the name, click on the avatar icon in the upper left corner. For new clothes and accessories, you can click on the dresser icon in the lower right corner. The name change is free but you have to pay with gold for clothes and accessories.





Do not Spend Gems for the Story

From Chapter 3, you’ll see that you can use gems to advance the story. You can “purchase” the next steps of a task, spending 50-80 gems each time. Do not do this. Gems are only sold for real money, and gems that you can get for free throughout the game are enough to open just a few tasks anyway. This is the monetization scheme of the game which guides you to spend real money if you want a “faster” experience. Instead of buying your tasks, simply wait for them to become active. For the most part, waiting for 7 – 8 hours will be enough. For this reason, play as much as possible before you go to sleep and have the story advance while you are asleep.



QTE Events Are Important

QTE is short for “quick time event”. Some tasks require you to press a specific part of the screen while a circle grows and shrinks. This can be quite challenging for mobile gamers. However, it is not challenging for you because you can use your mouse thanks to BlueStacks. If you can complete the QTE events correctly, you will earn extra prizes.



Resetting the Game

If for any reason you want to start the game from the beginning, this is very easy to do: Do not connect your account to Facebook. When you launch Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery for the first time, it offers you the option to connect Facebook. If you do not do this, your save files are only stored on the device you play. So if you switch to another device, you can start the game from the beginning and give it another go.

But if you connected your account to Facebook and still want to start the game right from the start, you can still do this. Simply put, “un-link” your account from Facebook. You can do this from the “Account” section.



Always Choose Energy as the Reward

All of the tasks in the game give rewards, and these rewards consist of gem – gold – energy points. If this is the case, always choose the energy points option. The most valuable thing in the game is the energy and every resource that allows you to get it for free is of great importance. Gold is almost completely useless, and the gems you can get for free are not enough to do anything. For this reason, your reward preference must always be the energy points.



How to Unlock More Rooms?

During the first 3 chapters, you will see that almost every room in the Hogwarts building is locked. This is a bit of a frustration, but do not worry. As you continue to play, all the locks will be opened one at a time. Since Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a story-driven game, it unlocks the rooms only as the story progresses. So raise your character’s level, complete the tasks, and move on to the next chapter: Locked rooms will only be opened after that.



We also recommend browsing the guides we prepared about Friendship and House points: These features are an important part of the game and deserve to be reviewed in a separate guide. The more you know, the faster your wizarding education will be completed. So keep reading our guides and become the champion of Hogwarts!

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