We love good gacha games, especially the ones where you can lose yourself in a seemingly infinite world of content, strategy, and awesome heroes. Once you ding account level 30 on Hero Wars, you get access to titans. What are they? Well, they’re the game within the game that will take just as much commitment as your regular line-up.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

In our introductory guide to titans, we talked about the importance of this mechanic to your regular Hero Wars progression. If you didn’t get a chance to read through it yet, the fundamental idea is that titans will help you further upgrade your heroes through the Gift of the Elements.

Now, given that you can use titans in both Guild Wars (PvP game mode) and Guild Dungeon (PvE), there are a few things you should do to hasten their progression.

Odds of Getting Super Titans

If you didn’t get the chance to summon any of these yet, super titans (ST) are the ones that you care about the most. The problem is that they have a really low drop rate, 0.5%, which means that you’re only guaranteed to get one every 200 summons. In gacha terms, this is not as bad as it sounds. We’ve seen much worse. The good news is that the devs over at Nexters Global LTD confirmed something we were all hoping for: with each titan sphere you open and there’s no ST, your odds of getting one increase.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

Just how much more likely you are to get an ST after failing to land one is anybody’s guess. Many players say that opening more spheres at a time increases your chances of getting good loot. However, this is a mere impression that’s created by the mitigating loss mechanic. One thing that does change is your odds of getting new units. The fewer you have, the more likely you are to get some, which is always nice.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

Lastly, to help newbies move forward as much as possible, every titan sphere summon has a whopping 50% chance to drop one of the three titans you have the most fragments for. This is a pretty straightforward numeric probability that increases with the amount of soul stones you have.

Which Titans to Focus Early On

Given that titans help improve your main lineup through Sparks of Power, you’ll want to keep a steady progression rhythm for these elemental beasts. To maximize the growth of your titan line-up, you need to have a clear list of levelling priorities. Focusing on the stronger ones first increases your titanite farming potential, which we’ll get into a bit later.

If you’re wondering just how much levelling you have to do, you can check out the second part of our titan levelling guide for some raw stats.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

Here’s a short list to titan levelling importance:

1. Super titans

It should go without saying that these rare units take the pole position, since they’re the strongest of the bunch. Hyperion, Araji, and Eden are awesome in both PvE and PvP. Although Araji has the most DPS, Hyperion is the only titan unit that can heal, which is why most players invest in him to begin with.

2. Nova and Angus

If you haven’t been lucky enough to land any STs thus far, Angus and Nova are your go-to solutions. Nova is a fundamental part of most dungeon and guild wars compositions, while Angus is a core component of Earth teams.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

Again, if you’re not yet fully stocked on the best units, Ignis is the way to go in terms of damage. One thing you need to look out for, though, is the combination between him and Eden.

When you’re faced with this pair, there’s a chance that Ignis fires his ultimate at the wrong time and Eden lands a 3 million damage punch, so don’t take Ignis + Eden defenders too lightly.

3. Sigurd and Moloch

If you’re missing Angus, you can replace him with either of these two in guild wars. However, their main use is in the dungeon.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

4. Avalon and Mairi

Their utility is marginal, since people recommend using them in the absence of STs and only as tanks for mixed teams.

5. Vulcan and Sylva

We wouldn’t really worry about them. Don’t invest any upgrade materials in these unless you have mats to waste or you’ve finally reached the last priority scenario.

Titanite Mining Strategy

There are a number of approaches to titanite mining. If you think this part is easy, you have another thing coming your way. However, with the right strategy, you’ll be able to maximize your daily titanite gains and, thus, the growth of your entire collection. The first thing to keep in mind is that mining 150 titanite per day is the sweet spot that the majority of guilds aim for.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

The reason you don’t want to exceed this amount is the fact that your titans don’t get revived the next day. As such, the more you push your line-up to farm and the more units you lose every day, the less you’ll be able to farm. Usually, every guild has an all-out day when everyone gets up to 150, waits for the titanite total reset, and then mines until all teams are dead. However, this takes a bit of synchronization and patience to achieve.

One thing that everyone seems to forget is that you can always retreat. If, at any point, you think that your team is not going to achieve a victory, you can just retreat and try again with different titans. This also applies to regular hero battles in the campaign mode.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 1

So far, this is what you need to know in terms of Hero Wars titan levelling importance, as well as titanite farming. Many players rush to get their line-up enhanced as fast as possible, but our advice is to take it easy and pace yourself. Summoning the right units will take a while and then getting them to reach the 120 cap is a true marathon.