In the first part of our in-depth guide to Hero Wars’ titan levelling, we discussed drop rates, levelling priority, as well as the best titanite mining strategy to maximize your long-term progression. Before we move any further, it will help if you have all of these aspects clarified beforehand.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

If you find that you’re really struggling with titan dungeon progression, one way to go about it is to fill your line-up with damage dealers. We know, it sounds very counter-intuitive, but your heroes’ health will replenish after every fight. Given this, you might as well try to forego the tank and healer positions completely.

It’s not ideal, but it’s something you can try. Now, onto more pressing matters.

What Is the Best Way to Level Hero Wars Titans?

This is a big decision that will have a resounding impact on your mid and late game, since titan levels become increasingly harder to acquire. Here’s an easy breakdown of the costs you can expect when planning your growth:

  • Getting a unit from level 1 to 31 will cost you 7,350 potions or 1,470 gems.
  • Then, from 31 to 51, it will cost an additional 3,660 gems or 18,300 more potions.
  • Overall, from 1 to 51 you can choose to spend either 5,130 gems or 25,650 potions. Given the discrepancy between these, we recommend you do the first levels using gems. It’ll send you off to a nice, strong start.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

Once you’re beyond 51, the true grind begins, so you best buckle up. Depending on how many gems you have, you can go with either gems or potions until 80-82. This is a decision you should take purely based on how many resources you have and/or plan to invest in the account:

  • The total amount of gems you need to level a titan from 1 to 71 is 14,890, while 1 to 82 is 24,988. In terms of potions, this is 74,450 and 124,940 respectively. Many people cut off the gem spending at 82 and work their way up to the 100 solely with pots. If you have enough money to carry you all the way, you can do it, but don’t expect it to be cheap.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

  • The average monetary cost to get a titan to the 80s is about $45. To get a 5-man lineup to this point, you’d have to spend $220. As you can tell, the progression wall is exponentially more difficult to climb the deeper you go in Hero Wars. Playing Hero Wars on BlueStacks helps speed things up, but there’s only so much you can do.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

Many are still confused about which titans to level up. We provide a clear priority list in our first part of the hero levelling guide. In terms of expenditure, players usually level their core titans equally until they switch from gems to potions. Unless you can’t get 150 titanite every day, we recommend you level your 5 main titans, by which we mean Nova, Angus, and the STs exclusively.

Beyond Level 100

For endgame scenarios, it’s generally better to level your titans beyond the 100 threshold with potions. The reason you’ll want to switch after such a heavy investment is because… well, it’s really expensive.  And we mean it. Just to give you an idea of what we’re working with, levelling one titan from 115 to the 120 cap will cost you over $230, which is how much it takes to get them from 0 to 100.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

The most cost-effective way to do it is to wait for one of the events where you get 4x the normal number of gems and 55% off the price of titan spheres. When you level your first unit to absolute star, the titan merchant will be unlocked. From this point onward, spheres will also hand out titan soul stones which can be traded at the merchant for experience potions.

Even if you don’t have an absolute star titan, you’ll still want to promote them as much as possible, since each rank will increase your unit’s strength by the equivalent of 10 to 20 normal levels. There is some variation in terms of level and individual titan, but the rule of thumb is still the same.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

The only thing you want to buy from this merchant (when and if you get him) are potions and sparks. Gold is absolutely not worth the purchase, since you can easily get some from the tower shop, spinning the wheel, or, as a last resort, with gems. Sparks are incredibly rare, while potions, as we’ve just shown, are crucial to titan levelling, even more so for f2p players.

You might be trigger happy and want to buy spheres as soon as possible. Still, waiting for a discount event is the best way to go. You’ll thank us later.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

Hero Wars Titan PvP Strategy

The absolute monster line-up for PvP defense is Nova, Angus, Eden, Araji, and Hyperion. Due to the fact that PvP is fought on auto, Sigurd’s shield is barely triggered. Sorry, didn’t mean to disappoint you, but it is what it is.

For those who attack in manual mode, however, Angus can be replaced with Sigurd. Ideally, you want to hold off on using his ultimate until right before the opponent’s Araji is about to cast. One more thing you need to be wary of is the Ignis, Nova, and 3 STs combination. Sometimes, when you attack these line-ups, there’s a bug where Ignis uses his ulti and then Eden does 3 million damage out of the blue.

Hero Wars on PC: In-Depth Guide to Titan Levelling – Part 2

If you didn’t get any super titans, your best bet is to go with Avalon, Nova, Angus, Ignis and Mairi. Moloch and Sigurd are definitely better than Mara and Ava, but using 3 tanks is an overkill and will cost you valuable DPS.

So far, these are the most important things to keep in mind when levelling your Hero Wars titans. As we’ve shown, the entire process is an arduous and time-consuming one, so don’t try to brute force it. Just find a comfy spot and ration your willpower resources to last through this entire marathon.