In new games like Heroes of Crown, the first few weeks are often the most important, as they are when the players are all on an equal level in power, and when there is the most chance of making good progress before the inevitable power creep of future characters and game modes comes into play. This time is also when there are no defined metas which, for those of us who enjoy theorycrafting and thinking about the best characters to obtain from early on, adds to the fun.

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

However, having a good start in these games goes far beyond just recruiting the best Heroes of Crown characters. In fact, there’s a whole host of tips, tricks, and pointers to keep in mind in order to start your journey on the right track. And with that being said, we’re going to be sharing the best Heroes of Crown strategies and beginner advice that you can use to optimize your start in this new idle RPG.

Let’s begin!

Play on BlueStacks and Get Access to a Whole Host of Tools and Features

While this game is designed to be enjoyed on phones, you can get a superior experience by playing Heroes of Crown on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android App player not only lets you play these games on a much larger computer screen, but it also lets you enjoy them using your mouse and keyboard, which streamlines all the menu navigation that comes from fighting, unlocking and upgrading characters, and sifting through all the game modes, missions, and inventory items, among others.

However, the benefits of BlueStacks don’t end there, as our emulator can also help in the rerolling process. By using the BlueStacks Instance Manager, you can play on multiple instances of the game at the same time, which allows you to reroll much more often, significantly speeding up the process and letting you unlock the best Heroes of Crown characters from the very beginning. 

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

Aside from unlocking powerful characters, BlueStacks also lets you automate your story progression by using the Macro Recorder. With a proper macro, you can effectively progress through the entire story, simply by pressing a single button and watching the game play itself.

BlueStacks puts a wide variety of tools at your disposal, all of which are designed to help enhance your experience in gacha games like Heroes of Crown. Check out our BlueStacks usage guide for this game to learn the other ways in which you can use our Android app player for this game.

Consider Rerolling to Get a Good Start

As we mentioned above, it’s perfectly possible to reroll in Heroes of Crown, which will give you the opportunity to unlock the best characters from the very beginning. And in our opinion, we strongly suggest doing so in this game, as not only is the process quite short and fast in each cycle, but also because having one or two Legendary characters on your team can give you a significant advantage over other players, and help you to blaze through the story with ease.

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

For those who are unaware, the term “rerolling” refers to the process of starting a new game, progressing until you get the first few free summonings, and restarting if you didn’t get the characters that you wanted. The idea is to repeat the process until you get what you want, after which you can bind your account to Google Play to avoid losing your progress, and continue playing with the best characters in your team from very early on.

If this is something that interests you, we’ve prepared a handy rerolling guide for Heroes of Crown where we go through the step-by-step breakdown on how to reroll in this game. Check it out if you want to learn more!

Progress Through the Story Missions ASAP

Heroes of Crown is quite derivative of other idle gacha RPGs, and just like other games in the genre, most of its game modes and features are locked behind the main story progression. Because of this, one of the most important things to do at the beginning is simply to clear as many levels as you can. And when you inevitably reach a difficulty wall, which should come fairly early, you can continue progressing by upgrading your best characters, and trying again.

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

We recommend dropping some gold and experience on Alicia, the protagonist, and on Simeilia, the 5-star Legendary character that you get from the first 10x summoning. With these two characters properly upgraded, you’ll easily break through the first few levels. Moreover, once you unlock the other two character slots in your formation, you can upgrade the other three characters in your squad as much as you can, in order to maximize your power. 

And speaking of upgrading…

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment With New Formations and Upgrades

One of the things that we love about Crown of Heroes is the Rebirth feature, which lets us retrieve ALL the upgrade materials that we used on a character, for free. As long as the character question is under level 100, we can use Rebirth on them as many times as we want. This is great because it lets us experiment with many different formations and characters, without the commitment of spending valuable resources on units that might not be worth it in the long run.

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

Since Heroes of Crown is still very new, there’s a good chance that you can come up with good meta strategies and team compositions as you unlock new characters. In this sense, feel free to try out all sorts of compositions, and post your best characters and setups in the comments below!

Collect AFK Rewards at Least Twice a Day

As an idle RPG, you continue generating resources in Crown of Heroes even while offline. However, these AFK rewards are capped out at 14 hours, and you effectively stop producing resources after that point. To prevent this, a good habit is to check in with the game at least twice a day and collect your resources on each occasion. For best results, we recommend checking in the morning, and then in the evening when you have some time to sit down and relax. 

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

Alternatively, by playing Heroes of Crown on PC with BlueStacks you can effectively run a macro that automatically collects these rewards for you every few hours. You can set these macros to loop as many times as you want. In other words, you can effectively have the game running in the background while your emulator is minimized, and BlueStacks will automatically grab your rewards for you. This is because macros work even when the game is minimized or running in the background.

Consider Elemental Matchups and Bonuses When Building Teams

Aside from recruiting the best characters to your team, other ways to improve your chances of winning in combat is by keeping the elemental matchups in mind. 

In Crown of Heroes, there are six different elements. Each of these elements are weak to one, and strong against another. The elemental matchups are as follows:

  • Fire defeats Forest
  • Forest defeats Water
  • Water defeats Fire
  • Light and Dark are outside this main trinity, and simply deal increased damage to each other.

When you use a character with an elemental advantage over an enemy, you will deal 20% increased damage to them. However, keep in mind that they can also do the same to you. 

Heroes of Crown Tips and Tricks for Beginners - The Perfect Guide to Start Your Game on the Right Track

Aside from elemental matchups, you can also get certain advantages depending on the elemental composition of your team. In other words, if you have multiple characters of a specific element, you’ll activate passive bonuses for your entire team. These bonuses usually come in the form of extra HP and ATK, and will vary depending on the team composition you’re using. For instance, our team is currently using two forest-type and two fire-type characters, which activates a 14% HP and a 10% ATK buff for the entire team.

Playing around with these compositions, in relation to the elemental bonuses, can give you the push you might need for beating the most difficult stages. Once again, the key here is to experiment with your formation and find out what works for you.

Heroes of Crown is a deceptively simple game that, just like any other popular idle RPG, has more under the surface than meets the eye. With these beginner tips and tricks, however, you now have all you need to get a good start.