Idle Heroes is a mobile RPG that seems quite simple. After all, how hard can it be to just idle by while your heroes do the work for you? As a new player, however, you soon discover that there are a myriad of things you can do to improve your chances during a fight. From hero upgrades to team selection, positioning, and more, there are plenty of opportunities to strategize while you play this game.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

Yet perhaps the most important thing you have to do is to plan the progression of your account. This might seem slightly counterintuitive, especially since so much of your game will depend on RPG (both in terms of summons and during battles), but it can be done. In fact, any serious player should do it because a plan can help them make important decisions as they move forward and spend their resources more wisely.

Below, you’ll find a few advanced guidelines that you can use to come up with your long-term account development strategy.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Depending on the stage of the game that you’re in, an action might be more advantageous than another. During the early-game, for example, your main objective should be to put together a team of 5-stars and possibly include a couple of 6-stars in the mix.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

At this point, it’s more or less futile to consult tier lists or to torment yourself over which heroes in your collection are the very best. Most, if not all, 5-star heroes are simply bad. It doesn’t really matter whether you level one bad hero or the other because the difference will be minimal in terms of progression. Furthermore, you’ll use most of these characters as fodder soon enough, so it’s no harm done even if you level a few of them and never use them in your line-up again.

As you cross into the mid-game, however, you should already have an E3 hero and work your way towards a few more. You might also consider upgrading a support healer to 10-stars and should decide on which heroes you would like to take into the late-game. Since upgrades become so incredibly expensive as your characters progress further, this might be a good time to consult a couple of tier lists.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

Finally, the end-game goal is to create two separate teams of E3 to E5 heroes that are different for PvP and PvE purposes. We’ve recently put together a guide to the current top 5 best characters for both of these game modes, but you must remember that Idle Heroes is a game that changes constantly. Any new hero might alter the meta substantially and you must adapt accordingly in order to stay relevant during PvP battles and PvE events.

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Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

Gold Is More Essential Than You Think

Gold might seem plentiful to begin with, but that’s just because mobile games like to lull you into a sense of cornucopia and jolly spending. Consider this: improving your guild tech alone will cost you a staggering 75 million gold… per tree! Upgrading just one pet will set you back 800 million, whereas a hero will cost you approximately 200 million. Multiply all this by at least 5, then add the cost per Celestial Stone and you’ll easily hit billions in gold. That’s how much gold you will need over the course of this game.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

The 1 million you made since you started playing suddenly doesn’t seem so sufficient, does it? The idea about gold is to save as much of it as possible. During the early-game, you won’t have access to significant gold-generating means, but even now, every little bit counts. Think twice before you spend gold on blacksmith upgrades, hero levels, and treasure stones for characters that you are not sure you are going to include in your core team. You’ll reap the benefits soon enough.

You Can Never Hoard Enough Gems

If you find that the hoarding of gold is difficult, brace yourself. Gems are absolutely essential during events and events are the single best way for you to progress in this game. In short, you must always have a good amount of this currency lying around in case an event pops. What is a “good amount”, you ask? During the early-game, you should aim for a constant 10 thousand gems, but this should gradually increase to 20 thousand (at the very least) as you push into the late-game.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

We’ve discussed the recurring events in Idle Heroes in a different guide, but let’s take just one example to better illustrate why it’s so important to hoard gems. The Gem Boxes event can drop unique loot – from monster materials to GC rewards and skins – but will ask you to fork out 10 thousand gems at a time. Holiday events are equally juicy, so it’s a good idea to save extra gems as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and other celebrations approach.

Progress vs. Hoarding

As a new player, the most important thing to understand about Idle Heroes is that being successful in this game is a balance between spending for progress during events and hoarding increasing amounts of gold and gems. Events are the single-best way to earn more heroes and upgrade materials and there is an event for pretty much every action you would take normally in the game. The best way to go about it is to save your resources and only spend them during an associated event.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

For example, you should only spend Prophet Orbs, Heroic Scrolls, Casino Coins, as well as 4- and 5-star Hero Tokens during the events that reward you for doing so; never outside of them. Furthermore, you might be tempted to spend on an event just for the sake of competing in it, but if the reward is not worthwhile, you’re actually better off hoarding some more resources for next week. Rather than spending everything you’ve accumulated on a hero that you will never use, you can be patient, bide your time, and wait for a reward that you’re actually interested in.

Idle Heroes on PC: The Ultimate Early and Mid-Game Guide

Of course, you might make the point that spending resources as soon as you earn them, rather than waiting for the associated event, will increase your power faster and allow you to do things you couldn’t do otherwise. This is a correct assumption, but the thing is, patience usually pays off. Yes, you put on hold certain activities for a limited amount of time, but what you get for your resources – once you do spend them – is much more significant.

At the end of the day, your playstyle boils down to personal preference. Although there are a bunch of tips and tricks you can follow to set yourself up for a better game, you also have to remember to enjoy yourself, at least from time to time. If that means spending some hard-earned currency at a less-than-ideal-time, so be it. We won’t mention it if you don’t!

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